Monday, December 12, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Yesterday, the 11th of December we broke one of our long standing Christmas Traditions. We put our Christmas tree up. From the first year Rick and I were together we have not put the tree up and decorated it until Christmas Eve. His idea, not mine. But it kind of grew on me. We always cut our own tree around the 22nd or 23rd, so it was nice and fresh.Then we usually left it up until our birthdays in February.

This being our first Christmas in the Tropics (we lived here last year but flew to Idaho for Christmas, so I escaped having to decorate), we needed some encouragement to get in the mood. Also, it would be weird here to leave the tree up until mid-February.

I have a lifetime collection of beautiful ornaments and other Christmas decorations in a storage locker in the States. I purchased everything new and decided to go with a blue and silver theme. It's pretty but not as nice as my homespun tree of yester year. Oh well someday, maybe. See what you think.

There it is up close.

This shot got Rick's vote. He likes that seaside boat picture on the wall and our tropical print furniture in the background.

And there are the stockings hung with care, on the railing to the downstairs. No chimney here. No snow. Temps in the low eighties, and lots of wide open blue sea. We be ready for Santa.

Tomorrow over at we behavin' a Cruzan Christmas. I'll post the pictures from the 'Boat Parade and Party on the Wharf" It was extraordinaire! See you there. Remember to 'keep your thinking optional', this Christmas season.


  1. So were you able to find a live tree? Sorry, can't tell if it's real or fake.

  2. Naw, it's fake. You can buy live ones here, but they are expensive and real dry. Don't last too long. We bought this last year when we came back from the states (after Christmas) for $25.Not exactly the same as some of the live 15 footers we used to have in the a-frame we alived in, but it will do.

  3. It is a beautiful tree!!!! We really like the dolphin (macy and I. Macy is requesting to see sponge bob though! Stockings are very an effort to get Christmas Spirit going we put out our Christmas last night, except tree! Nativity looks good....however we had an issue over your stocking....tell you about it on the phone. Miss you