Friday, December 31, 2010

What a beautiful day we have had here. The sun was shining and the temperatures have been in the mid 70's. We are lovin' it. Only about thirty minutes left of 2010 here on St. Croix. Being the furthermost spot in the US (Territories that is) we will be the first to ring in 2011. I stopped making resolutions years ago, instead I like to set goals. Probably not a whole lot of difference but somehow goals sounds more positive to me, there was always something foreboding about resolutions. Anyway...I still have a lot of goals to work on, a lot of self improvement and a lot of dreams to realize. It really isn't hard, you have to be willing to take that first step.

I was surprised when we were in Idaho at how many people said things to us about being astonished about our move to the Virgin Islands. It really doesn't seem so astonishing or spectacular to me, you just have to think it and do it. It really helps to know that your doing what your are supposed to do.

Life is a gift and everything that we are given has a purpose. I truly believe that in the scope of eternity, this life, that we make so much of, is just a speck and yet everything we do here determines where and how we will spend all eternity. Like my daughter says; "make it count". The most important thing in this life are our relationships, or how we treat others. Do we really love them as we love ourselves?

My prayer is to realize my full potential. To be more in tune with the Spirit. To be living where and as I should be. I also pray that I can help others in any way they may need it.

I have such a love for my family, especially my children and grandchildren. Having had this past Christmas with Rachel, Macy and little Rozalyn was most special and gave me a new appreciation for them. It's been awhile since we have had a baby in our family, so being able to spend time with Rozalyn, holding and cuddling her was really special.

Being so far away, Rick and I have really learned to depend on each other in ways that we haven't since we were first married and I like it. I would say that we are closer than ever. I could not believe how much I missed him when I was in Idaho for three weeks without him. I'm really grateful for the opportunity to realize this.

So for 2011, I say; "bring it on, I'm looking forward to it and hope it will bring much happiness and prosperity for myself and my family, it wouldn't be bad for the whole world".

Thursday, December 30, 2010

In the immortal words of Dorothy; "there's no place like home". It was exciting to finally get home. The trip was grueling. We actually outsmarted ourselves this time. The original plan was to have Rachel, Macy and Rozalyn drive us down to SLC on Tuesday, where we had rented a hotel room. Our flight was to leave at 10 to 1 in the morning, so we planned to arrive in SLC around 4:00PM, relax, play in the pool with the girls and then have the hotel shuttle take us to the airport. Rachel and the girls were to spend the night and drive back to Idaho in the morning.

Well... the weather report was for a monster storm heading into Idaho and Utah late Tuesday and early Wednesday they were calling for up to a foot of snow. We couldn't bear to think of Rachel having to drive back in any storm, let alone one like this, with the two little girls, so we opted to take the Salt Lake Express (the bus) down to the airport. it was a last minute decision and probably one of the better ones we made, although the good byes were tearful it happened so fast nobody had too much time to think about how much we would miss each other.

We got to our hotel about 3:30pm had a nice relaxing evening and then headed out to the airport. The check-out clerk at the hotel looked a little sideways at our "6 hour nap", but, Oh well... Plane left on time, made all of our connections and all in all the trip went real smooth but we did not land on St. Croix until almost 7:00PM the next day, so from the time we left Idaho Falls it was almost 28 hours. We both slept on the ride from SLC to Atlanta, and then even a little on the flight from Atlanta to San Juan but we were still exhausted. We had long layovers in both Atlanta and San Juan. In Atlanta we found a plane leaving two hours earlier and asked if we could get on it, we were told that because it was an International Flight and we had checked baggage we could not, it's a rule that you must fly with your bags (that is unless the airline screws up). Since I'm not a terrorist, it was a bummer but all in all probably a pretty good rule, because I really don't want to fly with the terrorists bags (not that it seems to matter to them).

We had such a nice time with the kids. Christmas was wonderful. I was having a hard time adjusting at first (I must admit, I was pretty cold most of the time) but once I gave up the complaining and settled into enjoying all the time with the girls it was great. Once Rick got there on the 18Th of December the time seemed to fly by. He was disappointed that he had to spend so much time at the storage locker trying to organize, find and get things ready to ship. We decided that he should have done more of that on the front end and left the last few days to play with all of Macy's new toys, but then there is never enough time to play with the grandchildren.

Macy is growing up so fast and when I think of how much bigger and stronger Rozalyn will be the next time we see her I get kind of teary. Time marches on and waits for no one. Our next plans to get together are for a trip to Florida in April (Disney World for Macy's 5th birthday) trying hard to get it together, it will be less expensive for each of us to only come half way and we have a free two bedroom condo in Orlando. We gonna try real hard to make this work out.

We truly had so many wonderful experiences in Idaho during this trip. I was able to attend the Stake Conference of our old Stake and it was wonderful. It was incredible to be in that conference with about one thousand Idaho Saints, the Spirit was so strong, I felt as though I was wrapped in a warm blanket. Also, got to attend both the Rexburg and Idaho Falls Temples. Visited our old Ward in Palisades for two Sundays and on our last Sunday we had Rozalyn's Blessing in Rachel's Ward. Rick blessed baby Rozalyn and it was beautiful.

the best thing about the trip back to Idaho was the complete confirmation that we are right where we are supposed to be here on St. Croix. I was a little worried that either Rick or I would become all nostalgic and feel like we wanted to be back in Idaho, but except for missing our children and grandchildren we know for sure that we were done there and it really was time to move on. We have so many wonderful friends and it was great to visit with some of them, but we are really hoping that they will visit us here so we can give them our undivided attention, in Idaho the priority is our family.

In the States the Holiday Season is on the downside with Christmas over and tomorrow being New Year's Eve, here on St. Croix the Holidays last until Three Kings Day, January 6th, so things are still in "Full Swing", it's exciting to be able to be a part of that. Looking forward to the festivities this weekend and next week. Came home to enjoy the wonderful Christmas cards and letters of our friends and family, trying to decorate a little and keep the festivities alive in our home. Rachel had such a beautiful tree and did such a wonderful job of decorating her home, I didn't miss not having any of it in ours.

It's late and I'm tired but tomorrow I'll download my pictures and post some here. Goodnight Moon and also my dear daughter and sweet granddaughters!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Today is our official last full day in Idaho. The plan for tomorrow is for Rachel, Macy and Rozalyn to take us to SLC, we have booked a room so we can all relax for the evening, then we will take the shuttle to the airport for our 1:00AM flight to Atlanta, the girls will spend the night and return to Idaho in the morning. Hopefully this will happen, due to a big storm in the Northeast things seem to be a mess at the airports, we will e checking later if this will affect our flight to Atlanta.

Macy and I are spending the morning at home. Rick is at the storage locker trying to get things ready to ship. Don, Rachel and Rozi went to Rexburg for Rachel's six week check-up. Hard to believe that Rozi will be six weeks old next Monday and that Rachel is due to return to work next week. I do so wish that she didn't have to go back. I witness her being a wonderful mother, and I know how hard it will be to keep up with everything with two little ones, not to mention putting Rozi in Daycare at such a young age. I know that she doesn't want to leave them, so I'm sure she will figure something out.

We have had a great time. Christmas with the little girls was so much fun. I know I have said this before, but since Rick got here the time has just flown by. We really didn't get to do everything that we had wanted but we did spend most of our time just hanging out with and playing with the kids (not to mention the eating, I'm almost anxious to get back on a diet, I'm really anxious to get back to working out, have been way too sedentary).

Going too try to make the most of this last day, it's got to last for awhile. The plan is to get together in Florida in April or May, I think I can make it that long.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

We had a positively wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It is so marvelous to see Christmas through the eyes of a child. Macy was so excited, it was contagious, we were all a little silly and excited by the time we went to bed on Christmas Eve and I was up at 4 am and could not go back to sleep.

Wonderful dinner Christmas Eve and our traditional Cookie diet on Christmas Day.

Today Papa blessed little Rozalyn in the Ririe 3rd Ward (don & Rachel's home Ward), it was beautiful, she looked like a little angel. Macy wanted to stay for Primary so Don and Rachel took Rozi home and Macy, Papa and I stayed. It was really nice. One more experience to being with so many saints, only makes me more anxious to return to our little Branch. I want to do my part that the Saints on St. Croix may one day have the opportunity to sit in meetings as I have for the past few weeks.

We are definitely on the down hill side of this visit. The time has really gone fast since Rick got here. It will be hard to leave the girls, I wish all three of them could come with us. We'll just have to start planning for the next visit.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Never officially got dressed today. Rachel and I spent the day mixing, baking and making. Mixed up some cookie dough that will need to be baked tomorrow, make some rice krispie treats and made the Polish pierogi for our Christmas Eve dinner. Then Rachel made fancy cupcakes to take to friends for a Christmas treat. We had a dinner of leftovers from the turkey dinner we had last Sunday and Rachel, Don and Rozalyn went off to deliver cupcakes, while Macy, Grandpa and I watched Santa Clause III. A nice day all in all. It was fun to work on baking and cooking with Rachel. It was nice not to have to do those things by myself.

We are pretty much ready for Christmas, it feels good. I'm really hoping that we can relax tomorrow and on Christmas. Some years it has felt so hectic, this feels pretty relaxed. I have done a lot of complaining about the weather and about being cold. It was real hard for me to be away from Rick for so long, but now that he is here and Christmas is a day away, I'm real glad we came and can spend this time with the kids. Both Macy and Rozalyn will grow up so quickly that I want to capture every possible moment with them. I wish I could take them back to St. Croix with me.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Busy day finishing up some odds and ends in town. Had lunch with some good friends and spent a little time catching up. Everyone in Idaho Falls seems so stressed, I know it's two days before Christmas but you can smell the stress. Best to stay home and enjoy Christmas. We are finished with all shopping and that kind of stuff. Tomorrow is cookie baking day and playing games with Macy. Rick probably needs to spend some time at the storage locker but hopefully I can avoid that altogether.

Tonight Rick, Rachel, Macy, Rozalyn and I went to see "Yogi Bear", it was cute and fun. It is great to see Macy enjoy a movie as much as she does. Made for a late night but hopefully we can all sleep in tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Settling in to enjoy Christmas with the family. It finally seems like Christmas. The tree is decorated, the presents are wrapped and we're getting ready to bake cookies. We have been eating way too good, I can see a diet in my future. Actually what my future needs is some serious exercise. I miss my pool time and can't wait to get back to that, not to mention that I really need it.

Rick and I went to the Rexburg Temple today, it was good. I really felt at peace, somehow it wasn't relaxing, not sure what that was all about, but I felt the Spirit and I did feel at peace. We had a nice time. It was good to be in the Temple together.

Talked a lot today about making it real. It is so important to have the Spirit with us every minute of every day. It is so important to keep making forward progress and getting better each day. It's not easy, but it sure is worth it.

I now have a more clear picture of what we need to do. I hope we can be valiant and prove our integrity and move forward. I pray constantly for my family that they too can progress in the Gospel and keep moving closer to our Heavenly Father. Learned some things today about gratitude and how important it is. Also, learned just how much I have to be grateful for.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Rick finally did get here,late Saturday night. The shuttle from Salt Lake was running a little late because the weather had turned ugly. Rachel, Macy and I went out to Rigby to pick him up, of course, he told me the wrong place and neither Rachel or I had taken our cell phones, so he had to get the shuttle driver to bring him over to the place he told us. It was a little bit of a circus, but we got him.

I have now officially been moved down a notch on the Macy scale because she has her Papa. She is so excited that Rick is here, that she wants to show him everything and do everything with him the first day. The three of us did go to church together at the Palisades Ward. It was their Christmas Program and we had a nice time.

I had the realization that I have offended some of my Idaho friends by not being thrilled to be back here. We all have to remember that "one man's ceiling is another man's floor". Rick and I both feel that the seventeen years that we spent in Idaho were wonderful, but we are done here. Other than coming back to see our children and grandchildren and some friends there isn't much here for us. It is time for us to move on. I have to admit it is a special experience for both of us to be able to come back and have that confirmed. There have been other times that we "moved on" and sometimes there would be a little nagging doubt, especially when things weren't easy in the new place, but I hope that this confirmation will get us through the "hard times" because we know it was time to move on and we know that we are where we are supposed to be.

Now it really feels like Christmas and it's a good thing because it's the 20th of December. My shopping is done and all but one or two of my presents are wrapped, we need to start baking and cooking but I'll leave it up to Rachel when we begin that. I'm furiously working of Rozalyn's blanket for the Baby Blessing, which will be on the 26th, trying to finish it up before Christmas, but other than that I'm in pretty good shape. This is the first Christmas in my entire life that I have not been in my own house on Christmas, but you know home is where your heart is and mine is definitely with my family so I guess in a sense I'm home. I thought it would be weird not to be in my own place for the Holidays but it ain't so bad.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Friday, our day started early. We had to get up and make cupcakes for Macy's Dance Class Christmas Party. Made the cupcakes ran around to get everyone ready and out the door on time. Dance class was fun, Macy is so into it. Santa came and even danced with the girls. The cupcakes were a big hit.

Next up wrestling with the storage unit to get my Christmas wrap out. It was interesting but we did get one more thing accomplished. Now off to Wal-Mar, finally got out alive and with a few dollars left. Stopped to feed Rozalyn and off to Johnny Carino's for our "lunch out with the girls". It was fun put by this time we were all pretty tired.

Back in the car with quick stops at two stores, then we're all into Sportsman's Warehouse. Well it's official Rozalyn hates Sportsman's Warehouse, she started screaming in there and nothing would comfort here. That got us out of there pretty quick. Just because we haven't had enough we decided to go into the other Wal-Mart in Idaho Falls (two in one day, I can hardly stand it), by this time Rachel and I were beyond tired and being pretty silly, of course that's contagious to the kids so were were all real goofy. Finally on the road home, where Don had to have leftovers because we were still full, then we all fell asleep trying to watch a movie.

Exciting day, right, but we did have a good time together. Just waiting around today for Rick to get here. He is supposed to arrive tonight in Rigby at 10:15pm, a long day for him, but we will all be glad to see him.

Unfortunately, yesterday I had two phone calls with bad news, I want no more of that. sure does put things in perspective at this time of the year.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Man, I hate people who lie. then I really hate it when they try to make it your fault that they didn't tell you the truth. There is no excuse for bad behavior, people.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Finally made it to the Temple last night. It's sad that I have been here for two weeks and this is the first time I was able to go. Being dependent on others for a car or a ride is a humbling experience, one that I'm sure is good for me. A friend and I went to the Idaho Falls Temple, it was very peaceful and familiar again I felt wrapped in the Spirit. I must admit that I had the rewarding experience of feeling that I could not wait for the day that I could stand in the Temple with my daughter and I really felt that that day would come.

Just spent the day at home with the girls yesterday, it was pleasant, I am hoping that we can get out and do something together, we'll see how everyone is feeling.

Last night on our way home from Idaho Falls it was snowing and blowing, small drifts where starting to form in Rachel's driveway, just a reminder that it's still winter here, even if I has been pretty mild since I arrived. Got a hair appointment today, I kind of hate to spend a few hours in the salon but I must admit I really need it.

Last night Rachel finished decorating for Christmas, so it really feels like the Holidays are coming. Rick will be here Saturday and that should make things complete.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trying to get my blog done before Macy got up this morning. I didn't make it. She just came out of her room, so I'll have to make this short and hopefully sweet. Last night Rachel, Don and Macy decorated their Christmas tree, I watched and held baby Rozalyn. They did a real nice job. I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow. I have to admit I felt a little blue watching them decorate the tree. This will be the first Christmas in 59 years (my entire life) that I was not in my own home, it feels strange. It will be better when Rick gets here because then I'll have my home with me. It's good to be with family at these times, but it's hard to be so unfamiliar.

It looks like another cloudy day. I think I'm vitamin D deprived. It is amazing to me that I lived for so many years enduring winters like this ( with days on end of not seeing the sun). I guess you don't know how bad it is until you move away from it.

Looking forward to going to the Temple tonight. I thought it would so easy to get to the Temple, once I was so close, but it has proven not to be so. Hopefully once Rick get here we will be able to go a couple of times.

Monday, December 13, 2010

I guess the week caught up with me yesterday, I was exhausted. I was kind of trying to take a nap, but got a phone call, then Macy got up, then I realized that it was late and I should call Rick. Some days go by so fast. Rachel and Don went to a movie yesterday afternoon and took Rozalyn because they couldn't find one that fit between her feedings, Macy stayed with me.

Yesterday was Stake Conference in the Ririe Stake. The Spirit was so strong you could feel it envelope you. I was absolutely overwhelmed with all of it, but then when we stood to sing the intermediate hymn I turned and looked behind me (some friends had saved me a seat in the third row) and I was completely overcome by being in a room with so many Latter Day Saints. Some of the things that we took for granted for so long. The speakers were incredible. The Stake President of only one year, President Foster, is a friends of ours and the kindest, most compassionate man I can think of, needless to say his talk was wonderful. All of this made me all the more anxious to return to my little island and try to share some of that Special Spirit that I felt here in Idaho.

When I talked to Rick later in the day and he told me about the Primary Presentation in the St Croix Branch, it made me all the more committed to work harder to bring the Spirit to the Saints there, so they can someday have the same experience that I had yesterday. It will happen, I know it, we just have to work hard on ourselves and be patient. Last night as I was falling asleep and thinking about the day, I felt my Saviors love wrap around me like a warm blanket, it was another incredible experience.

Woke up this morning with incredible siatic pain in my left side, it was hard to get up off of the "little bed", but I couldn't do it fast enough to get some Ibuprophen, sitting on a hot pack now and it feels a little better. Not sure what the plan is for today. Rachel has to take the baby to the doctor later this afternoon and I'm not sure if she wants me to go with or if she wants me to stay home with Macy.

Have plans to go to the Temple with a friend tomorrow, finally. Rachel seems to be doing pretty well and if she can go to the movies she can be alone for a few hours while I go to the Temple. Actually, tomorrow I'm going in the evening with a friends who works during the day, but I have another offer to go later in the week in the afternoon with another friend and I think I'm going to take her up on it.

Rachel and Don put the lights on their Christmas Tree last night, and "it's starting to look a lot like Christmas" around here. I have wrapped all of my packages but still having a hard time getting in the mood. I suppose that's because I'm away from home. Rick will be here on Saturday, so that should help.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I can't believe how stupid I have been. For a long time my motto has been "Attitude is Everything" and here I have been having a bad attitude, well as soon as I realized that, I started to turn it around and things have been better. Yesterday, I took Macy to her dance class, it was fun to watch her, she is so into her dance. Then we went shopping in Idaho Falls, there were a couple of things that I was looking for and I had gone everywhere (all the stores that we don't have on St. Croix) anyway, yesterday Macy and I ended up at K-Mart and I was able to find everything I needed, Go figure. I promised her lunch at McDonalds, so we went and had a nice lunch. It was a very pleasant day.

This morning her parents went out to do horse things, so I was here with the girls and we had a fun morning. Macy wants to do everything I do and be with me all the time. I do love it, but I also hope it won't be hard for her again when I leave.

One week from today Rick will be leaving to come to Idaho. I can't wait, I really miss him. Actually I'm a little surprised at how much I miss him, must be the fallout of being so together for the last six months. I have come to realize that we were really done here in Idaho. Rick thinks that we probably stayed at least 6 months longer than we probably should have, but that's what comes from being stubborn. I keep telling people that we are in St. Croix because that is where we are supposed to be at this time in our lives, and I really believe this to be true, but now I also know that we were done in Idaho. It was a wonderful place to be for 17 years and the last 7 on Antelope Flats in Swan Valley being a part of the Palisades Ward were awesome but it was time to move on. Strangely, it's a real comfort to know that. I miss some of the people terribly and hope that they will visit and we can stay in touch but I don't miss living in Idaho and I figure we probably won't ever be back, to Idaho that is.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Went with Rachel, Macy and Rozalyn to see Tangled today, it was spectacular and we had a nice time. Went to do a little shopping afterward and that was a mistake. Some days it seems that no matter what I do, I do it wrong. I go on and on about how tightly wrapped people are here and that everyone seems really stressed but I'm starting to think it's me. I know that the first thought is always that is must be the other guy, but the reality of the situation is I'm the misfit. I don't seem to even understand what people are telling me or what I am trying to tell them.

I'm going to try real hard to stop complaining and just "grin and bear" it, I really do believe that once Rick gets here I will feel better, at least someone will understand me.

Thinking today how important it is to have the Spirit in or lives, I have been struggling to feel that here. Once again I know that's my fault. It really is hard for me to maintain that. Must pray harder and be more diligent.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just another "just shoot me" day in Idaho. I wanted to have pictures of the girls taken, especially Rozalyn, in her blessing dress. I was hoping that Rachel could have a nice collage made up, like the one she had of Macy. Trying to avoid the "second child syndrome". Anyway, I suggested we go to Sears and have them done, just as we did with Macy. What a disaster. The little girl who was the photographer didn't seem to know what she was doing, we had to suggest poses and keep the kids happy. In the end, she did get some nice pictures but the cost was exorbitant. Rachel was so frustrated or something, she didn't get the collage and the pictures we did get, although nice were not exactly what I was hoping for. One more thing that Grandma wanted to do and have workout that was a bust.

Had trouble getting through on the phone to Rick tonight, the cell service with Sprint was not good at Rachel's house. Yesterday it was great and today crap. I did manage to tell him that I think we got out with our lives just in the nick of time. I have realized that I can no longer live the way people do here. It is incredible. The gray and cloudy days are getting to me. I have to look for the positive, I am enjoying the girls. Rozalyn is so precious and Macy is a lot of fun. I have to just focus on that and enjoy my time with them.
My friend from Swan Valley, Carol Gallup, called me last night and asked if I wanted to go to town today and do some shopping with her, I jumped at the chance. We didn't leave until late morning, so I could be sure I got up with Macy and that all was well with Rachel. We shopped right on through lunch and I got all of my Christmas shopping done, except for Rick. Boy, does it feel good. I was getting nervous about finding the things that Macy wants, but it's finished. Now if I can pick up the few things that I want for Rick and one more small thing for Rachel and Don, I will be completely and totally done.

I have to admit, while shopping at Toys R Us a young sales clerk was so helpful, she took me from aisle to aisle helping me find everything I was looking for. Makes me take back my comments about nobody being helpful.

It was amazing what Carol and I could get accomplished in a few hours. We managed to make it into four different stores and get everything we needed.

Spoke with Rick tonight and he sounds pretty lonely. I have to admit that I really do miss him too. We have never been apart for this long, or this far apart before. Rick reminded me that at least I'm with family he is all alone. On well only 11 more days and he will be here.

Tomorrow we are taking the girls for pictures and to see Santa. It should be fun. Macy is so excited. Have to admit, I am too.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Well here are some observations that I have made since I've been back in the states. There is a lot of stress in the air. You can actually feel it just going about your business. People are not relaxed and they are not friendly and helpful to one another. One of the first things that we noticed when we moved to St.Croix was how helpful everyone was, here people don't seem to want to get involved.

Here is an example: Late Tuesday night at the Salt Lake City Airport, while I was waiting for the shuttle from the hotel to pick me up a lady and her two kids were also waiting to be picked up. The kids were getting impatient and said to the mom, "where is he," Mom replied, "I'm not sure he has got to be here somewhere", so the kids said "call him", Mom then says, "I can't my phone is dead". I'm thinking that's easy, I take my phone out of my pocket and say to the lady, "here use mine", she was shocked. So she says to me, "are you sure?" "Yes I told her, I have unlimited coverage, so it's no big deal, just call". She did and couldn't get her party, but the thing that really took me back, was the fact that she was so shocked that I would offer her my phone.

Today as I was doing some Christmas shopping with Rachel, you could literally feel the tension in the stores. People were definitely stressed. We were in Kohls, and they must have been having some gigantic sale, because it looked like Black Friday, there were lines at the check outs and people everywhere. We didn't have any particular experiences with people but nobody is courteous and they really seem to be out for themselves.

Now the really sad part is that I find myself getting anxious and feeling stressed just being in that environment. I start to get impatient and really would rather not talk to people. Fortunately, I'm still at the point that I feel it happening and can "snap out of it", but I'm wondering how long does it take to become second nature. I don't like it.

I'm homesick, I want to be warm and I want to feel more comfortable out in a crowd. It's funny, because when we first moved to St. Croix, I didn't feel real comfortable. I wondered how long it would take before that would happen. I didn't really notice it happening but apparently it did, because I feel more comfortable there than here.

Rachel told me yesterday that people keep asking her when we're coming back, assuming that our time on St. Croix is real temporary or some kind of a lark. I explained to her, again, that we have no "exit date" and for all we know we might stay there forever. I wonder why people still haven't taken our move seriously.

Also, I thought that once I was back in Idaho, I would slip right back into old habits and maybe feel homesick for Idaho. Well that has not happened, I'm looking forward to spending Christmas with the girls and having our family together but there really is nothing here for me but my daughter and her daughters. Well that's all I know for tonight, I'm babysitting and I'm tired and would like to go to bed and read. Macy is down for the count but I have Rozalyn in her swing and I don't want to leave her alone in the living room so I guess I'll stay up and wait for Mom and Dad to return.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Been a little out of commission when it comes to posting. I'm borrowning time on Rachel's computer so it's not always convenient and I have been wiped out (last night I fell asleep at 8:30 while we were watching a movie). Finally caught up on sleep last night, did spend the day running around with Rachel doing some shopping and running some errands. Don and Rachel went to a movie tonight and Grandma got to stay home with the girls.

I have to admit poor Macy is having a rough time adjusting to her new baby sister. Probably she is having a rough time adjusting to not being the center of everybody's universe. I have seriously been trying to give her most of my attention, but tonight when Mom and Dad were gone I had to spend more time with Rozalyn and Macy was not impressed. I feel pretty bad for her, but at the same time she has got to adjust. It's rought to be four.

I guess it's time to recount the trip. I was so stressed but I ended up being pretty preoccupied during the flights that there wasn't much time for stress. We left St Croix a little late but not enough to make any difference. I sat next to a nice young woman and we chatted it up the whole trip. Visited with some nice folks in the San Juan airport so that time flew by. I got my seat changed to an aisle seat but it was at the very back of the place. We were ready for take off, right on time, when the pilot said we had to go back to the terminal due to some mechanical failure. They got the problem fixed and we were on our way only one hour later, but since I only had an hour between flights in Dallas, it didn't look too good for making my connection to Salt Lake city. I was flying American Airlines from St. Croix to Dallas and then switching to Delta, American had booked the entire itinerary so I'm not sure why they switched me to Delta, but they did. When we got to Dallas and hour late they were calling for all passengers who were going to Salt Lae City (they had a van on the tarmac to take the passengers to a plane) I started down the stairs lugging my carry on when someone noticed my itinerary sheet that said I was booked on a Delta flight and he says, "this is only for American Airline passengers, you can't go", I was then told that I had to go back to the gate to get rebooked. When I got to the gate they said, "why didn't you get on that shuttle?" so they proceed to tell me to got to the gate that this SLC plane was leaving from and said that they would call them and say that I was coming and to hold the plane, well it was way across the airport and I'm running up escalators onto a train and then down escalators to find that gate and Oh yeah, the plane had left. I went to the next gate and they clicked on their compute for about ten minutes and then said that they couldn't help me and I would have to go outside security to the ticketing desk. So I went down another escalator outside security to ticketing and started to get another run around. I firmly told the woman there what had happened and that I was not happy and could she please just take care of this. At first, she said that they could not do anything to get me out on that night but that they would gladly put me up in a hotel in Dallas. I told her I really did not want to stay in Dallas but would rather stay the night in SLC, they booked me stand by on a flight leaving in two hours for SLC. I was told that I had missed the last flight from SLC to Idaho Falls but that they would put me up in SLC. I was told to go to the American Ticketing desk in SLC and that they would get me a hotel voucher and all set up.

Anyway, as I'm waiting for the plane to SLC they announce that the flight is overbooked and say that they need three people to volunteer to take a flight in the morning. I'm sweating this out because I was told I was booked as a stand by. Anyway when we start boarding and when they scan my boarding pass it gets kicked out, so I'm thinking great when the woman at the gate says, "who is that, is it Byrem, here is her new oarding pass". when they lady hands it to me, before I can say anything she sayd, "your very welcome". I'm thinking what?, then I look at the boarding pass and I see that I'm now booked in First Class. That was nice. I was able to ride all they way to SLC with my feet up. They offered a nice meal, but I had eaten a sandwich at the airport, so I wasn't hungry. anyway, I was actually able to sleep some on this flight.

When I got to SLC, I went directly to ticketing to get my hotel voucher and guess what? there was nobody at ticketing, it was closed up tighter than a drum. I was about to scream, there wasn't anbody around except for the TSA people at the security checkpoint. I went over and asked one of the TSA officer if they knew how to contact anyone from AA. They asked what the problem was, when I told them they sent me to baggage and said their should be someone there, but if not to come back and they would find someone to help me. At baggage I found a women who told me that she coldnt help me, she suggested that I got to a hotel and save my receipt and deal with the airline later, I told her that wasn't happening, so she finally agreed to go to ticketing and see if she could squeeze a voucher out of the computer. After about a half an hour she did get a voucher and call the hotel to send a shuttle to pick me up. Got a good night sleep at a decent hotel and was back at the airport at 9 the next morning.

The flight to Idaho Falls didn'tleave until 11:20am and got into Idaho Falls at 12:15 but it was a nice flight and finally I was there. By the way, I never saw anyody getting a body scan and the only person I saw being patted down was me. In Salt Lake I had on a large baggy sweatshirt with no t shirt under it, when they asked if I could take it off, I told them no so they told me they had to call a female agent to pat me down. It was no big deal, she was just checking the sleeves and things like that for weapons. What is the big deal people? Do you want to be on the plane with the guy with exploading underwear? Not me.

Exhausted, but happy to see the girls.

I have to admit that I can't fault the airlines for the plane being late out of San Juan but the whole screw up in Dallas over whether or not I could get on that van to get that plane to SLC, really got me going. The First class seat did buy me off a little and the hotel room at absolutely no charge wasn't too bad but I sure was disappointed. The trip ended up taking 25 hours instead of 13.

Been here two and a half days and I'm freezing, the skies are cloudy, I had forgotten how dreary that made things. Went to the storage locker today to look for some things and that was overwhelming and depressing. Are we having fun yet?

Well at least I'm not stressed anymore, I'm just complaining like a baby. I think my biggest problem is that Im homesick. I'm loving having some time with Macy and enjoying getting to know Rozalyn and Rachel and I have been enjoying each others company but I miss the sunshine and warm weather. I miss Rick and I hate wearing shoes, my feet are well adjusted to flip flops.