Monday, May 31, 2010

Today was our last day at the Palisades Ward, there are a lot of people there that we are really going to miss. We have made some good friends, who feel like family, over the past seven years.

Went back in the evening for the Gallup Twin's Eagle Court of Honor. It was really special, and I'm glad we could be there to share that with these good people.

Macy was excited to go to church and she had a really good time in the evening with all of the other kids. She says some of the most precious things. I am going to miss her terribly. I did ask her if she could be really bad over the next few days so I wouldn't miss her so much, but no matter what I don't think that will work.

Tomorrow we go to Yellowstone. Meeting Don and Rachel in West and then going into the Park together. Macy is so excited, it should be a fun family day.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Did get a lot done yesterday. Sold a few more Rodeo Queen Clothes (if you don't know, don't ask) and got my phone set up properly. Did some errands in town and even had time to play a game with Macy in the evening.

Don and Rachel are out of town for the weekend, so it's just Rick, Macy and me. Have to admit Don and Rachel have been very gracious about having us here in their home, but this place is crowded with the 3 of them, adding the two of us, makes it pretty hectic some days, so this weekend with just the 3 of us, it's a lot easier to get things done.
Rick is off at the storage unit this morning, adding our horse tack and saddles and doing more organizing, it seems to be good for him. I'm trying to pack up the last of the boxes for early shipping and spending a little quality time with Macy.

It's cold and rainy here and I wouldn't be surprised if it snows later in the day. Getting real tired of this weather, real ready for some Caribbean Sunshine.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Just another day of sorting and packing and getting ready to move. We are in the process of packing our luggage with the things we will take on the plane (each paying for an extra bag) and packing the other things that we will need asap into boxes to be shipped, as soon as we have an address to ship them to. Right now we're at 10 boxes, averaging $25 apiece to ship. Looks as though there will only be 2 or 3 more but this is still going to be expensive. Like what about this move isn't!

Finally starting to feel like we'rte making some progress. The stress factor is rising to about the crazy point. I'm trying to keep my anxiety under control cause Rick is stressed out enough for the both of us. Hope we can keep it together and not be at each other's throats.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spent most of yesterday moving our horses to a friends ranch. He is going to try to help us sell the three we are ready to part with and keep the other two indefinitely. It was a bit of a pain and took time that we could have used to be doing other things but it felt right and we are at peace with this decision and know that our horses are where they are supposed to be.

Also, yesterday, we sold our hose trailer. The fellow is coming around to pick it up today. that worked out really well for us and it's one more thing going down the road.

Rick taught his class at BYU-I, it was a bittersweet experience I'm sure. He has really enjoyed his time as a professor but, it's one more thing checked off the list that will bring us closer to finally making this move.

With all the running around yesterday we didn't get home until about 11:30 pm and we fell into bed exhausted.

Today Rick had to go back to Swan Valley to finish up a survey for a neighbor and I need to track down the title for the horse trailer and spend some time with Macy. Just busy getting things done.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

When you are on a certain track and things just keep getting in your way you know one of two things; either you are right on with what you are doing and going in the exact right direction or you are completely off course. The trick is to know the difference! Well I have no doubt that we are on the right track and doing what we are supposed to be doing. I have to say with complete confidence that; "I know what I know, and I can't turn aside from it". We have had so much support from so many of you and then we have had a lot of opposition from some of the people who are most important to us.

Yesterday was a particularly hard day. Rick's father passed away. Although we were as prepared as we could be for this, it still hurts. I really felt bad that he could not be there, but he knew that it would be this way and he accepted that. The family isn't planning a funeral or any memorial service right now, so we are not traveling to PA. For us that is probably best, but there really won't be closure until that happens (probably later on in the summer).

Our son-in-law, who really doesn't understand or support this move, has become very agitated about keeping our horses for us and now with everything else we have to do we feel the need to move the horses. Thank goodness for really good friends who do understand and support us and will take them and trust that all will work out. Now we have one more move to make, to get the horses settled.

It seems as if we take three steps forward and two back. I do feel as though we are making progress but it is so slow. Both Rick and I are anxious to be on our way to St Croix and done with the stuff here. Not to mention the fact that some nice warm weather would be appreciated, it snowed here in Ririe, ID yesterday. I hope I can remember this when it's hot and humid and that I won't complain.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday again and thank goodness, I really need the rest. We had THE LAST garage sale yesterday and aside from a few larger items that didn't sell everything leftover went to donations. We are done with it. We have two dressers, three file cabinets, a weed eater and a step ladder to sell and then that's it. Haven't sold out piano yet and that is a worry, but maybe we are not supposed tos ell it yet.

We leave for St Croix in 11 days and still have a lot of last minute prep to do. Gotta close out bank accounts, sell two cars and one horse trailer, get things organized that are coming with us and what will be shipped right away by Rachel. etc, etc, etc. Got a few boxes to move from a friends house to storage and got to get our generator located in a friends shop. Then we're ready to go.

Been staying at Rachel's and that is working out quite well, just wish we had more time to relax and enjoy one another's company. Oh well, maybe that will come.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Finally feeling a little caught up. Was supposed to go to town yesterday and run around like a nut but Macy didn't feel good and I was a little "off" myself, so we stayed home and just took it easy all day. Rick and I went into town in the evening and took a few more things to storage and organized a little there. We sold the junk Isuzu and returned the borrowed trailer it was sitting on. I did sell the 27" TV and am slowly working on the rest of the furniture. Today Macy and I do need to go to town and run our errands, but I at least feel rested and ready to go. There is still so much to do before we leave for St. Croix, I only hope we can get it all done.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm back! The phone was turned off on Friday and we were absolutely crazy in this move for the entire weekend. We were not officially out of the house with everything cleaned up and done, finished and rolling down the road until 12:30 am Tuesday morning. Spent all day Tuesday at Rachel's house doing laundry and trying to find the things that we need. Both Rick and I are absolutely exhausted and trying to recover. Rick has to teach his class today, work at the "site" on Thursday and Friday and then we have another garage sale to host on Saturday. Next week we're off and running again. I can hardly wait until June 3rd when we leave for St Croix. Trying to have some fun with Macy but there is always so much to do. It's also really hard to be in someone else's house. Last night had to do one of the really hard things about this move; give away our dogs. Panama, the Golden Retriever went to a really good home, his new dog parents are probably better dog parents than we are and they will love him and make him a part of their family. Scout is staying with a friend until we can find him a home on a ranch or farm where he can have the run of the place. It's really hard to give them up even though we know it's for the best. Had the realization yesterday that we will have to give up the last of our horses sooner rather than later, even the two that we had hoped to keep. It breaks my heart of think of giving up "Baby" but I have no doubt that it's what I need to do. It's hard when you feel as though no one supports your dreams, but that doesn't make them any less real for you.

Friday, May 14, 2010

It's official, we leave for St Croix, USVI on Thursday, June 3rd. Bought our tickets tonight. Now if I can just make it through this move and sell the rest of our stuff. I'll be more excited in a few days, right now I'm too tired.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Too dang tired to write last night. Rick got called out to work at the "site" on Tuesday and we couldn't pass up the
$$$, but he had to get up at 4:00 am, of course, I was up then too. Spent the day packing, running to town for more boxes and, meeting some guy to sell more stuff. Rick got home around 7, we packed things up until 10 and fell into bed.

Wednesday - Had an antique dealer come today and we sold a lot of stuff, unfortunately the market is down for this stuff just like everything else, but it's gone and we did make a few $$$. Rick had two "young" guys come and help today and we got a lot packed and a trailer load taken to storage. The kitchen is almost packed and the appliances are being picked up tonight. It really looks like we are moving now. Just gotta keep putting one foot in front of the other, the end is in sight.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Just another day of packing and sorting. I did sell our Lawn Tractor today and got the price I wanted but other than that it was a little frustrating in that I feel very scattered and as though not much got done. I suppose it is my goal orientated nature that isn't seeing a lot of completion. Rick has to work at the site tomorrow and I'm getting anxious about the time running out. Must be calm and grateful for what did get done and the money brought in by selling that tractor.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Taking the day off for Mother's Day and Sunday of course. Going on down to Rachel and Don's to spend it with them. Having a difficult time with a lot of things; First, I really miss my Mom, after 30 years it doesn't hurt any less. Second, it's a little scary to be selling all of our things, some of it, it feels good to be unburdened by, but some of it makes me think that I will never be able to have some of those things again and some of them I really enjoy. I suppose this is a lesson for me, to think about what is important and it is not THINGS. Third, I am really tired and I really am sore and I really feel old and I really, really don't like that feeling. Oh well.....Happy Mother's Day to all of you reading this, I hope you will spend it with the people you love and enjoy and cherish the time you have with them.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tired, exhausted, pooped, these words have no meaning, I am so beyond all of them. I did make it out of bed at 6:00 am this morning, Rachel's crazy click~klack sleeper sofa being surprisingly comfortable, and spent the whole day outside in the cold and the wind. Guess it paid off cause we made almost $800 at our garage sale and I only sold two of our bigger, higher priced items. The beating I took in the cold and wind has completely knocked me out. It's a good think tomorrow is Sunday, I really need a day of rest. Can't help but think of my Mom on this Mother's Day Eve and how almost 31 years later I still miss her.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Now this is really Friday's post. We have taken 2 1/2 horse trailer loads down to Rachel's (well actually the last load, is loaded and sitting in the driveway) and we're are as ready as we are gonna be for this Garage Sale. Hopefully it won't be a mad house, but then hopefully we sell everything, cause none of it is coming back here. The place is starting to look kinda empty, even the basement. Hope I can roll out of bed tomorrow at 6:00am, oh well hope I can crawl out. Exhaustion doesn't even describe it. Wish us luck and keep us in your prayers, we're gonna need it.
Just so we all know we are on the same page, Thursday's post was really for Wednesday and this post is really for Thursday. Have I lost you yet, I fear that I am losing IT! Just gotta get through this garage sale. It's a little scary to be selling so much stuff. We have priced everything at about half of what it costs new, so that we can sell it, but soon we will have NO STUFF, and although we will have a bag of money, we really can't afford to replace even half of the STUFF we are selling. So the question is; How important is this STUFF? I hope not too important. I'm not selling anything that has real sentimental value, but then most of that stuff doesn't have any real monetary value. I suppose you can see just how exhausted I am. Well once we are through the garage sale, I think I can return to temporary sanity. Still haven't purchased our airline tickets yet, but that takes way to much focus. Hopefully by Monday.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spent Wednesday morning packing up things out of my office and sorting out garage sale items. Then headed into town for my usual Wednesday errands, mostly for more packing supplies and tape. Picked up Macy came home finished up a few things. Rick loaded the trailer for an early morning run to the storage unit. Put Macy to bed and fell into our own bed, exhausted again.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I am beyond exhausted. We didn't leave the house today, we just sorted and packed and moved things to the garage. We do have one whole section of the basement cleaned out and a lot more done upstairs. We ran out of packing tape, so we couldn't pack anymore. Still sorting for the Giant Garage Sale. I sure do hope I make some money. Off to have pizza and go to bed early.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Packed and moved and packed and moved. Our storage locker was facing right into the prevailing wind and we have been getting so much rain that it was coming in under the door, so we asked to be moved. The Manager was very agreeable and even gave us a little bit bigger space at no extra charge, that was the upside. The downside, we had to move everything we had already put in there to the new unit. This definitely isn't as easy as it used to be. Did get the phone and the power scheduled to be turned off on the 14th of May. We're getting closer. I sure hope we're gonna make it.

Had some real good news toady. Found a home for Panama. Some real good friends of ours who are probably better dog parents than we are agreed to take him and love him and make him their own. I am so relieved. I know I'll be sad when we actually drop him off, but I know he's going to a good home and he'll be happy.

Think I'll fall into bed and be asleep in moments!
The weekend was a blur. Saturday started early 6:30 am the phone started ringing, 8:30 am people started showing up to help with the fence. The short of it was that we got about 3/4 of the fence taken down and sold all of our horse panels, gates and the household appliances.
The good news it the appliances get to stay for about another week so we can still eat. Then about 3:00 pm we shut down the operation here at the house to head to Rexburg for Macy's dance recital. It was spectacular. Macy is such a little performer. Her first number was perfect, she knew the dance and performed with such a perfect sweetness I was in tears. 'The second number has us all in tears but of a different kind. Nobody in the class knew this dance real well so they were improvising and Macy was front and center most of the time. We were laughing hysterically and had the tears flowing. Probably the best dance recital I have ever attended. It was bittersweet also, with Rick and I knowing that we won't be able to attend all of these performances in the future.

Sunday we pretty much colapsed after church completely exhausted. Our good neighbors invited us over for dinner so we headed over there in the late afternoon for a wonderful meal a good visit and a short game then home to fall into bed.

Monday morning and we have to hit the ground running, still a lot to do to get moved out of this place and only two weeks left to do it in. More stuff to sell, garage sale to get ready for on
Saturday and packing, packing, packing.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

How in the world did we ever accumulate so much stuff! Spent the day going through things in the basement, deciding what gets thrown away (very little), what gets packed up and sent to storage (again very little) and what goes to the "garage sale" (mountains of stuff). We are making progress, garage sale is next weekend, hope I can get through the rest of the "stuff" by then and have it categorized and priced for sale. Listed lots of items for sale on Craig's List, phone has been ringing off the hook, now if some folks will just show up with cash! Tomorrow is the great "de-fencing" project. We have acres and acres of electric fence that needs to be taken down and sold. Please let it stop snowing.