Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spent most of the day cleaning the other half of the condo. I have to admit that it's not to hard to clean here and I actually could clean the whole place in about 2-3 hours except for the dripping wet factor. Therefore, I do a little and come out on the gallery(deck) and cool off and go back for more, so in 4 or 5 of these sessions, I get one floor cleaned. If I do 1 floor a day every few weeks, it's not too bad.

Rick spent most of the day revising yet another resume for a teaching position at one of the private secondary schools on the island. I know it's something he would really like to do. I think th4e hardest part of leaving Idaho for him, was to give up teaching at BYUI, but even if hired tomorrow, that position probably won't start until September. Aaarrg, we need work now. Patience, patience, patience. I can be patient. I hope our finances can.

We had Brother and sister Babcock over for dinner tonight. Really enjoyed ourselves, they are good company, Really nice people, but also the Spirit is strong with them and that is always special.

Keep praying for us to find work and for our friends and family.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

After the rain storms moved out last weekend it got incredibly quiet. By quiet I mean there was no wind at all,not the slightest breeze and then it really felt hot. We were still able to sleep at night and all but we really needed the ceiling fans. The ocean was really calm, just the slow roll of the current no waves, it was almost a little eerie. Then this morning there was a quick shower and the wind is back and it really helps to cool our place off. It is pleasant to sit on the gallery(deck) again. I wave a fond goodbye to the doldrums.

Had a pleasant visit on the phone with Rachel today, unfortunately it was because she was home from work. Her back in bothering her. Tomorrow she will see a chiropractor. Hope she can get some relief, it's a long way to the end of November and the birth of her new baby for her to wait for freedom from pain.

The news tonight about our dear friend's grandson is not good. He has cancer throughout his little body. They plan to treat him with chemo. Our hearts break for them and this brave little guy who has to endure so much.

Keep praying!

Monday, June 28, 2010

I was having a bit of a difficult day today, don't know why. Two weeks ago a bridge fell out of my mouth, I had to find a dentist to cement it back in. I think I got some food caught under the bridge, because today my mouth around it was all swollen and sore. This made me crabby, really crabby. Then I was too hot and got more crabby. Hence, a difficult day.

We did sell our '91 Subaru, back in Idaho, today. Didn't get as much as we were hoping but we did get a fair price for a 19 year old car. A friend (actually our former Bishop) went over to the dealer who bought it and picked up the check and put it in our bank for us. All of this and I was having a difficult day. I have since repented and realized how blessed we are.

We got some difficult news last night. The three year old grandson of some good friends of ours, back in Idaho, apparently has cancer. The initial diagnosis does not sound too good(what could be good about a 3 year old having cancer). We are just sick about this news. Our prayers are with them, but being so far away we feel so helpless to even offer comfort. These are people who have strong testimonies of how much Heavenly Father loves them, but this still has to be a very heartbreaking thing to deal with.

No matter what, keep praying!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another Sunday and after church we really took it easy, both of us took naps. for the rest of the day we just lazed around an read. Did SKYPE with Rachel and Macy later in the day, it's so good to talk to them and to be able to see them. It was more of a novelty with Macy in the beginning, but it's still fun for us.

Got some sad news about friends of ours in Idaho tonight, need to keep them in our prayers. It's hard when you know those that you care about are having trouble and your so far away.

This next week we get a job. Keep praying.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Finally had a real Saturday, in other words we just goofed off. Went to the pool first thing in the morning to work out. Then came home got ready and went to the beach to play. Went to the beach at the Divi Carina Resort. There is no such thing as a private beach on St. Croix, so all of the resorts have to open their beaches to the public. They have parking and generally a walkway through to the beach. It was really nice. Rick snorkeled quite a bit, I just played in the water and sat on the beach, but all in all a real relaxing day. Later we went to K-Mart for some much needed cleaning supplies, so you know what I'll be doing on Monday. Looking forward to church tomorrow, Rick is speaking in Sacrament Meeting, it should be interesting. It feels good to go to church and get the Spiritual Batteries recharged.

I really have the feeling that Rick will have some employment this next week, just keep praying.

Friday, June 25, 2010

We got over one more hurdle. Late last night Rick worked out the deal on the Dodge Durango. We are going to rent it from this guy for less than one weeks rental costs, from the rental car agencies. We will take care of minor repairs(it may need a new battery) and he will cover the registration, inspection, insurance, etc. Of course we have to keep our insurance up for his to be effective, but while we still own the Honda, we need to do that anyway. He hopes to have it all taken care of by next week, so we still have one more week on the rental car, but this is finally coming together. So grateful for Brother Octiavianni, for his help with this.

Now we're free to concentrate on a job. Keep praying.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

More job searching today, more contacts, nothing definite yet. We may have found a car. A member of our Branch Presidency is keeping a car for a friend who went back to the states, he got us in contact with the guy and he can't really sell the car(used it for collateral for a loan, for more than it's worth) but he's willing to rent it to us for less than half of what the "rental" car is. It needs some minor work, so we're going to offer to pay a little less than he's asking monthly but take care of the minor repairs. Hopefully within 90 days we can get something of our own, but this will work in the meantime. Unfortunately the car is a Dodge Durango, my least favorite car, but hey, it's a deal that works, I deal with that.

Praying for that job opportunity. Have the potential for an entrepreneurial deal that we need to check out tomorrow, not too excited about going back into business for ourselves, but if this is the path the Lord has for us, we don't want to be stupid. We'll see what happens.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A cloudy rainy day today, it's actually kind of nice for a change. We may have found a car, we're going to go and see it tomorrow. It's kind of a strange situation and I won't go into it unless it works out but it may be the answer to our prayers. Unfortunately, it is my favorite kind of car, Dodge Durango (note the sarcasm). But for now a car is car and we really have to turn the rental back.

No job yet, but Rick has made a few more contacts and the Landmark Society called to say that they were reviewing the applications and would be calling for interviews next week. Since that's the most interesting job out there it was real good news. One day and one thing at a time, if we can get a car that will be a big obstacle to overcome. He did have an interesting conversation with a realtor who offered to help him open his own business, aarrgg... I was hoping we were through with that. If it's what we are supposed to do, I guess we'll have to buck up and do the job. We'll see.

Oh,oh lightening, since I'm out on the deck, it's time to shut this down and go inside!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spent the day doing mundane things like laundry and balancing two checking accounts for two months each. Then I look up and out the patio and there is the Caribbean Sea and Buck Island and palm trees and it's not so mundane anymore.

'had the Missionaries for dinner tonight. There are 3 right now. 1 from IF, 1 from Peru and 1 from Honduras. The young men from Peru and Honduras are going home tomorrow. Neither of them are too excited to be going home, they both would like to stay and do more. We had a nice visit. It is always so good to feel of their spirit.

Still no job, but it feels like we're getting closer.
Watched the movie "Dear John" last night. Leave it to Nicholas Sparks to grab your heart and twist hard. The movie was a real tear jerker. Sparks is the eternal optimist though because he always gives his characters a second chance(I should qualify that, because I was hoping to read the book before I saw the movie but didn't get the chance, so maybe it's Hollywood that gave them the second chance and not Sparks). Anyway.....that's not always true in real life. We make choices and we don't always get a second change or do we. I like to think that it's all up to us.

I believe that one of the greatest gifts that our Father in Heaven gives to us is the right to choose. And in other than extreme cases we have the right to choose over and over again. When we make mistakes we can put them right through another choice, unless of course, we are too proud or stubborn. Sometimes life hands us situations that are hard, and we feel as though, due to someone else's choices ours are limited, but ultimately we have the most important choice, and that is, of how we will handle that situation.

We have the choice to make the best of a bad situation or to turn paradise into a nightmare, it's all in how we choose to handle it. We choose to be offended or let remarks that may or may not have been intended to hurt us roll right off. We choose joy or sadness, happiness or misery, we can choose to repent of our errors or to wallow in them, in short we can punish ourselves or treat ourselves kindly.

I am so grateful for the ability to choose and the knowledge that I have that ability. I try to live my life without regrets and that means you need to weight each choice carefully and once made live them to the fullest. I am grateful for the guidance that I can receive from the Holy Spirit when making those choices and for the patience to listen to that guidance. I am particularly grateful for a Testimony that these things are true and for all of you who help me to stay on track through your Testimonies.

Life isn't easy but it isn't as hard as we make it, sometimes. If we truly will turn our burdens over to the Lord and trust him, I mean really trust him, and not try to take those burdens up again on our own, what joy and freedom we can have. Them we can get on with the business of living.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Finally met the Property Manager who rented us our condo. We've been in this condo since 5 June and just signed our lease and paid our rent today. Really nice people, very helpful and we really like the place we are renting.

Kind of another boring day. Rick still looking for work. Waiting to hear back from some folks where he has resumes in and trying to make new contacts. Boring Monday activities, laundry, cleaning, bill paying, etc, etc, etc. Just another day...but then at least I am here in Paradise.

Saw an amazing video someone sent me today of a young woman riding a horse through reining patterns, bareback, it was truly amazing. The music that she was riding to was Tim McGraw's "Live Like You Were Dying". It did remind me how fortunate I am to be able to actually "live Like I Was Dying" after all, we all are, so it's up to you to take control of your life and live it to the fullest, every minute of every day.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another Sunday, our third here, and I'm getting used to the flow of things in the Branch. Today Sister Dula spoke on Alma's talk to Helaman regarding the joy we gain from the fruits of our labors. I really enjoyed her talk, it was mostly about the joy we gain, or can gain from our children. Last night we gave sister Dula a ride to the church dinner(she doesn't drive at night any more) so we got to know her a little, she an interesting lady, originally from Trinidad. The talks in church are a little different here, but the Gospel is the same.

The Branch President asked to meet with Rick and I today(separately) I think he is looking for guidance in issuing callings to us. He told both of us that he knows we are here for a reason and that this little Branch needs us. I wonder if he also knows how much we need them. It is a humbling experience to be so far from home and yet feel so "at home" as you can in the Church.

The 3 Elders are coming over for dinner on Tuesday. Two of them will be going home on Wednesday, so I suppose it will be a farewell dinner as well as a get to know you dinner. They will return to Peru and Honduras respectively. Elder Radford(the only one whose name I can spell and who is from Idaho Falls) will still be here, at least I hope so, I suppose he could be transferred. We'll have to wait and see.

The Branch President told both Rick and I that he will submit Rick's name to the Mission President as the Elder's Quorum President for the Branch, somehow I have a feeling that Rick will actually be the Mission Leader again here in St. Croix, but we'll have to wait and see what happens. Whatever they call either of us to do, we will do our best for them.

We had a nice Father's Day. Haven't talked to our kids yet, but it's still early in Idaho. It was rainy again so we just had a nice lazy afternoon. I gave Rick snorkel gear for Father's Day, so now he can't wait to get in the water. Rachel, Don and Macy sent nice gifts that came on time, also great cards. Rick has to hit the bricks tomorrow and seriously look for work. Someone at the Branch, knows of a car that we might be able to get for cheap. Things are looking up. Now if our cars in Idaho will just sell.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Last night we had our first "storm". A Tropical Wave, passed through. This is what they call an unorganized storm system (organized is would be a Tropical Storm and further organization would be a Hurricane) anyway it way something to behold. The wind was blowing, you could hear the waves crashing and it was raining sideways. The driveway to the condo was running like a river. I really don't want to see no Hurricane.

We came upstairs and put the TV on just to see the Tropical Update on the Weather Channel to see if it was directly over us...duh... and as soon as we did the power went out. It took a few minutes and the generators at the condo kicked in, so we went back to bed. Rick was asleep immediately, but I had to read myself to sleep, listening to that wind. Power outages seem to be pretty common around here. This is the third one we have experienced since we've been here (2 weeks) and the other two we're even during any bad weather. The one last night apparently was the entire island. This could get interesting.

Today it was overcast and cooler, quite a bit cooler, not like you needed a sweater or anything but cooler (like in the 70's). Went to the Church Father's Day Dinner tonight, it was really nice, good food, some things a little different than what we're used to (no Tots) but really good. It was nice to actually socialize with the Saints and get to know some of the people better. They are so friendly and accepting, it's really nice.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The longer we're here I find this place more incredible every day. The beauty is astounding. Today we woke to clouds, which broke to reveal a gloriously beautiful blue sky. Then later on this afternoon the winds picked up and it cooled off. The sunset was overcast and cloudy and still beautiful as the rays of the sun were coming through the clouds reflecting off the water. An hour after the sun has gone down the sky is still painted pink from it's reflection deep over the horizon.

The color of the sea is beyond description, but you know I'm going to try. It changes with the sky and goes from a beautiful deep azure blue to that incredible turquoise that exists only in the warm waters of the Caribbean. I have to admit that I haven't been in the ocean yet,(in the pool daily for a workout, but not into the ocean) we are planning a beach day tomorrow but we'll have to see what the weather brings. Their is a "tropical wave" predecessor to a "tropical storm" but never fully organized on it's way so they are predicting ran for the weekend.

It's raining tonight, and although it seems to be a pretty light rain, the parking lot at the condo is literally running with water. They were predicting "flash flood" warnings for the island and from some of the swales we have seen in the roads, I believe it. We're starting to understand why 4-wheel drives are so popular here.

The rain smells so clean here. Different than in the mountains, but really good. It also seems to bring out the colors in the foliage and has a beauty all it's own. I'll try to post more pictures as I'm sure they do more justice than my descriptions.

Rick has several good interviews today, hopefully a job offer next week. Keep praying for us.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another day around the island. Rick had a resume and some paperwork to deliver on another job and I needed to do some shopping, so I went along.....aagh....turned into another all day event out and about, primarily in the car. Anyway, it's over now and we're home. This particular job could be real interesting and actually a lot of fun, so we are praying hard. It's with the St. Croix Landmark Society. Overcast this morning, it was interesting to actually have a change from the blue skies and sunny weather we have had for the past two weeks.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Today I took the day off. I think all of the moving, jet lag and general excitement caught up with me. I didn't sleep very well last night and I was dog tired today.

Rick spent the day working on his resume and several writing projects for a job application with the St Croix Landmark Society. This is a very interesting position. Rick's overall life experience has him well qualified for this position but we'll see what they think at the very least we will drive out to the Whim Plantation (apparent headquarters for the Landmark Society. The Plantation is kind of a museum of historical significance plantation life on the island. We have seen pictures on another blog posted by the full time Missionary couple here on the island and it really looks interesting.

We did get our first mail today. A package of mail sent to us by Sister Lundquist and a Father's Day present from Rachel. Funny how the little things, like mail at a new address can be so exciting.

Keep us in your prayers. We need to find work and make some arrangements about a vehicle.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Got into bed last night and when we put a movie in the computer I realized that I hadn't blogged. It was probably just as well. I was tired and crabby from riding in the car most of the day. Rick had to go to the airport to the TSA office for a TWIC card and I went with him, only to find out that the TSA office was closed on Monday. Nobody seems to work around here. Anyway we were almost to Fredricksted so we took a drive. I really wasn't in the mood. Came back went to the pool to work out, had dinner, watched Pi rates of the Caribbean and fell asleep. Not too exciting.

Tuesday...I decided I wasn't getting into the car unless it was for something really cool. Nothing really cool came up so I didn't get into the car. Rick did have a good interview with another Survey Company, no offer, but it looks promising. He did go to the Airport and got TWICed. The TWIC card is an identification/clearance from the government for anyone who works on or around the docks in any capacity, even the surveyors want it. It's issued by TSA or at least through them, costs $132. Even the TSA officers thought Rick would be a slam/dunk because he had similar security clearance from DOE for his work at the SITE in ID. I did some work at home, worked out in the pool and really enjoyed my deck. I think all the moving is catching up with me, I just feel really tired today.

Monday, June 14, 2010

On Saturday we took a drive to the "Rain Forest", yes believe it or not this island has rain forest. Anyway...along the way we came to Cane Beach, where people were swimming with thir horses in the surf. Also, some divers heading out, probably to drive the Wall, a 3,000 ft underwater cliff. sounds exciting, if your into that kind of stuff.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

OK, next picture, new post. Last Thursday I started working out, managed a full 45 minutes every day for 3 days, took Sunday off, will be back hard at it tomorrow. The gym is right here at the condo complex. 'Take a look for yourself.

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. Go to church and get the batteries recharged and have a wonderful day of rest. After church we had naps and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening on the deck. Skyped with Rachel and Macy, it was great to see and talk to them, had a real fun visit.

Have some pictures to post, took these over the past week, most of them yesterday. I'll see if this site will cooperate with me and let me post them all with captions.

First; "Oh look a chicken". The wild chickens of St Croix, this picture is taken in "downtown" Christiansted, in the very touristy section. These guys are everywhere!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I hate car shopping. Even under the best of circumstances I hate it, and we are not under the best of circumstances. What we can afford is really kind of scary and it's scary having the meter running on the rental car, so the dilemma is which is scarier.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Sunday. I need a day of rest and I sincerely hope the Spirit will guide us to a car that we can afford and is NOT scary.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Well we have been here one week today, sometimes it feels like a lot longer than that and sometimes it feels like we just got here. Trying to find our purpose, trying to be useful, trying to do what we are supposed to.

Found a car yesterday that we could afford, it was pretty ugly but we convinced ourselves that it would be OK, went to take it out for a test drive today and it really felt "unsafe", passed on it and moved on, found another one , same thing ugly, but we could afford it and it too did not seem like the right thing. Feeling a little confused, trying to buy what we can afford(which really isn't much) and trying hard to be practical but it doesn't seem to be the right thing, not sure where to turn on this one. We did get some advice, from more than one person actually, and tomorrow we are going to act on it and see the local Ford dealer and see what they can do. The rental car is expensive and we feel the need to turn it back but really can't be without transportation. Hopefully we will be presented with something tomorrow that will feel right.

Still trying to work out the phone situation and the computer thing, both are a little better, found that we can call forward our cell phone into the land line at the condo, so we can receive calls inside, but still need to go out to the pool to make calls (I know it's a hardship). Computer is better, just a little slow.

Working hard on being calm, listening to the Spirit and allowing ourselves to be led.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Finally we are settling into Island Life and Island Time. Things move slower here and for the most part that's good and we enjoy it, but then when I want something to happen, I want it right now. Well..............that's not how it works and you can have a way better time if you just accept it and settle in.

Went car shopping today and it looks like we can afford a real island car, at least for the time being. We need to sell two cars back in the states and then maybe we can get something "nice" here, for the time being it looks like it will be a beater for us. I just pray for a beater with air conditioning.

Rick has his first formal job interview today and it looks very promising. Of course, this too will happen on Island Time so there is no need to worry. Believe it or not I am getting better at this.

Had dinner tonight with Elder and sister Babcock, the couple missionaries here on St. Croix. It was a very pleasant evening. It's so nice to have "friends and family" where ever you go.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sometimes paradise can be frustrating. Did get a checking account opened yesterday at the Bank of St. Croix, they did NOT need an act of Congress for us to open an account. Still having issues with the cell phone. It does not want to work in the condo. Today we started having issues with the computer. Tonight, out on the deck it is working just fine, it will be a real hardship if we have to come out on the deck to be on the computer.

Job hunting is proving to be frustrating as everyone wants you to do the paperwork online, see computer issues above. The next big obstacle is to buy a car. We still haven't sold the two cars in the states and money is really tight, but the rental car is expensive and has to be turned back on Friday, so tomorrow we will hope to have the same type of blessings in purchasing a car that we had with housing.

Still know this is where we are supposed to be, but sometimes it's a little scary!

Monday, June 7, 2010

That picture with the previous post is the balcony off our bedroom. This one is the balcony off our living room. The island you see is Buck Island, a nature preserve!

Early this morning about 4:00 am a thunder storm passed through. There was a flash of lightening and a crack of thunder that had us about two feet off the bed, the the rain came down in a deluge. It was awesome. Moved on a quickly as it moved in.

Tried to open a bank account today. I'm tired of keeping a portion of our cash in my bra, while Rick has the rest in his boots(while on his feet). Thought we would play it safe. The banks seem to need a letter from the Pope, or someone explaining that your not a drug runner or some other type of criminal, if you have even a minimal amount of cash. Hopefully tomorrow we will have all the necessary paperwork

Rick made some preliminary job inquires today and tomorrow he is going to get serious. We need to buy a car but need some more cash. Pray that our old Subaru, left with Rachel in Idaho, sells quickly. Hope the Honda sells before we have to make another payment. Still feeling confident that things will continue to work out.

Got to take a dip in the pool at our condo this evening, it was wonderful!

If I can figure this out there should be some pictures attached. They are the views from our two balconies, one off the living room and one off the bedroom. Both balconies are basically in the same direction(two story unit, bedroom below living room).

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just another Sunday in Paradise. It is so incredible here. The skies have cleared (it's been partly cloudy) and with the blue sky the water is more blue and turquoise. I am in AWE!

We went to church this morning and it too was incredible. There were about 30 people or less there, including the Missionaries, but the spirit was so strong. On two different occasions a sister got up to bear her testimony, and she sang a verse from a hymn, Capella, it was beautiful. When these people down here pray, it is powerful. I really don't know how to explain the difference but it was powerful. The Gospel is true and the same and yet it is somehow very different, maybe in the coming weeks I will be able to put my finger on that difference and explain it better. They talk a lot about being Christian and I suppose that a lot of people here are not Christians, that is unusual to me. We are definitely not in Idaho anymore.

Drove home from church a different way and saw the South side of the island, a little different and still beautiful. Looking South over the ocean we are pretty close to South American (only about 500 miles), it's farther to the States. Still can't get used to the idea that we are out of the country.

Glad to have this day of rest, I can't believe how tired I am, the last 48 hours have just been a blur. Tomorrow it's onto the next thing, Rick finding a job and then buying some kind of car. I hope that can happen quickly and we can turn the rental back early, it's sooooo expensive. Hope we can get the cell phone working at the condo tomorrow too.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

First the good news, we rented this really cool 2 bedroom condo. they would accept a month to month lease, so we'll see how it works out. the view out the living room and master bedroom is of the Caribbean Sea, we are right on the waterfront, short walk to the beach, great pool and other nice amenities. It is furnished really nice and pretty well equipped.

The bad news for the moment anyway is we did not get the code to get into the pool and my Sprint cell phone doesn't seem to work at the condo. I'm sure we can get the pool code tomorrow ( I really wanted to go for a swim this evening) and if there is no Sprint coverage here at the condo, I had a 30 day no questions asked get out of my contract clause with Sprint and then I can go with AT&T( that would be the case just as I'm getting my new phone figured out). So I'll have to check all of that out on Monday.

The condo does have free Wi-Fi, so I'm up and running. Today was a little hectic again. We went grocery shopping, we looked at rentals and drove all over the place. Had Crabby Patties (they were incredible) for lunch and by evening both Rick and I turned into "Crabby Patties" ourselves. It's a little bit hard to be in such a place, where you just want to hand on the beach and play tourist, and take care of business.

In a day or two, I'll work on posting pictures and videos, can only take so many new and frustrating activities per day.
We made it, we are on St Croix. Yesterday was hectic. We had a hotel reservation, one of Ricky's specials and I promise you it was (we checked out this morning) but we had not reserved a rental car. That was interesting seeing as how we had 8 (5 extremely heavy and large) pieces of luggage, but we finally got it figured out, and to the hotel. Had dinner on the waterfront and went back to the hotel and fell into bed(more than exhausted). Woke up this morning to the rooster crowing and the sound of a weed hacker(told you it was a Ricky Special).

St Croix is totally amazing. It's like Pirates of the Caribbean come to life. Very old and colonial looking, around every corner is a new surprise (literally, driving is a trip as you drive on the left, I may not drive here for a very long time). The ocean is incredible, the everything else totally awesome. We started looking at rentals and I think we can actually afford a really nice 2 bedroom condo on the water, they will rent to us month to month, so if we can't we'll enjoy it for a month anyway.

There is so much I want to say and so much more to do right now. We're "using" internet hot spots at restaurants and such for now, so once we get moved into our own place we'll get set up and I can write more and post pictures. Let me just say this is the type of place I'm glad I never came for a vacation; cause I really wouldn't want to leave!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Here I am sitting at JFK Airport in New York City waiting for my flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico wondering how this happened. I'm still in a daze. It was really hard saying good bye to Macy, Rachel and Don last night at the airport in SLC. Macy was crying; Grandma I'll miss you and I was crying and so was Rachel. It was awful. But, none the less here we are in NYC and in a short time we'll be on the next leg of our journey and this is the big one...leaving the country. More to come.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

This is it! Tonight's the night. At 11:30 pm we get on that big bird in SLC to take us to the next adventure. Whatever doesn't get done today isn't gonna! We are leaving Rachel with a few things to sell for us, like our Subaru and piano but otherwise most of the things that are going are gone. Once we have an address and a car, she will start shipping the 15 boxes of essentials to us. 15 boxes? Are those all really essential? Well I guess we'll see.

Got to admit I'm starting to get excited and nervous and a little anxious. We are really going to St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. The weather here in Idaho is more like November than June so it will make it easy to leave, but I hope I'm ready for that blast of hot humid air when we get off the plane. I'm also hoping that Macy will be really bad today, so I won't start missing her right away. She is my little girlfriend and it is really going to be hard not having those hugs and kisses. We have had so much fun the last few weeks, this will be the hardest part.

Well I'll sign off now. It may take a few days until I have a connection, but the next post will be from the Caribbean. See you on the beach!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Waiting for Rick to come home so we can really get nuts with the final packing details. Did do some packing myself today but then in the afternoon Macy and I took and break and went to the pool at Heise Hot Springs. We had a great time and it really felt good. Finally some fun!
Tuesday was a really really really busy day. Hit the ground running and didn't stop until 10:30 pm. Macy and I spent most of the day in the car running errands all over two counties. Then I had to meet Rachel to go for a "girls night". Actually after all the running, I thought this will be fun...NOT...but we went and had a nice massage and then got some was fun and very relaxing, it was also nice to have some time for just the two of us.

Today another busy day but not so much running around. Two days and counting. Can't believe that we actually fly out to St.Croix tomorrow. Can't believe that we'll actually be ready.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Had a great day in Yellowstone National Park. Probably the last time we'll be there for awhile. Rick, Macy and I drove up and met Don and Rachel (who came from Bozeman, MT). We drove up to Old Faithful and took a very small hike, saw Old Faithful "go off" and had a great meal at the Old
Faithful Inn. This is our traditional "Mother's Day" Celebration, we had to put it off until Memorial Day this year due to the move. A great family day.