Saturday, October 30, 2010

Off to Fredricksted this morning, it's Cruise Ship Day. The Cruise Ships come into Fredricksted every other Saturday, (soon to be every Saturday and a few times during the week), so there are all kinds of vendors and festival type things in the streets for the cruise ship passengers. It's kind of fun, generally some entertainment in the street also. Did some shopping and stopped in to visit some friends then we went to the Deep End for lunch, yum, crabby patties, this is my favorite place to eat lunch. The branch had Trunk or Treat tonight, it was fun, we had a good time joking around and just being goofy. That's what Halloween is for right. They were looking for a CD of "spooky sounds", so I downloaded something off iTunes and put it on a CD for them, Rick was playing it at home to make sure it transferred and it was creeping me out, who buys this stuff? oh yeah, right that would be me.

Teaching tomorrow in Relief Society so I had better go and prepare. also, trying to watch the second half of "Robin Hood", I was really enjoying it last night, but it just got too late and I dozed off. Going to watch the second half tonight and maybe catch the whole thing again tomorrow. Getting ready for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I, I can hardly wait, reread the book a few weeks ago and just finished reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone ( I found it at one of the local restaurant's book exchange) and looking for the others, getting into the mood.

Hurricane Tomas is heading into the southern Caribbean, so far we are not "in the cone", keep praying that it pass us by. Also, pray for Haiti, some of the models have it making landfall at Haiti, they really can't take a direct hit.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Spent a good part of the day at the computer working on my assignments for my Creative Writing Class, it's fun but exhausting at the same time. Some of the writing exercises seem a little silly, when you start out, but it is amazing how they have you connecting and coming up with new ideas. We have assignments that we post in a discussion area on the classroom site, so we can read each others, some of these people are so directed, they have all their ideas lined out for their final projects, me, I'm still in the basic brainstorming stage. The image of a storm in my brain seems really dangerous. Anyway...sometimes I feel a little intimidated by the things that some of the other student post for assignments. Maybe I'll get brave one day and post some of my assignments here. Maybe I'll let you see the final project (only if I feel really good about it). I did mention in the discussion group that I write a blog and some of the other students have requested to see it, I'm not so sure about that yet, it's kind of personal, and yet I really don't block anybody from it, but I guess it gives me a feeling of being over exposed to students in a writing class. YIKES! What if the instructor read it.

In this class we have to set and state specific goals. I really think everybody's secret goals to be published, but nobody has the guts to say it in print. I wonder if I eventually will, have the guts to say it in print, I also wonder if I eventually could be published. Of course, it's one of my "secret" goals.

Rick's passport came in the mail today, now we can travel to other islands that are not a part of the US. Although that is a goal that both of us have, it's not necessarily in the near future, but then who knows.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Didn't post yesterday, but you already knew that, went to bed about 8:30PM, the sinus thing was back, plus yesterday afternoon my dental bridge fell out, again. Not one of my better days.

Being as that I went to be so early last night, I was wide awake at 5:00AM. Stayed in bed for awhile though and read. Testing out the sinus condition to see if I was still in pain or had any pressure. So far so good on that count. I did get in to see the dentist and get my bridge cemented back in, but he assured me it wouldn't last, apparently I need a new bridge, to the tune of about $4,000, OK , just shoot me! I will be in the States for the whole month of December and I am going to see if I can't get something done a little cheaper there, also going to check back with the dentist who originally did this work (I never was happy with it, which is why I changed dentists) and see if he can't do something. Aside from a nice workout in the pool and some paperwork, that was my day. At least I felt better, that is until I went to the dentist and got the bad news.

Praying for my grandchildren to remain healthy. My two good friends both have grandsons currently in the hospital. One has been in for a full week now and he seems to be developing complication after complication, he just can't seem to shake off, whatever is the problem. This little guy is only five years old and the current complication is that his lung has collapsed. The other boy is eleven and apparently has a severe virus, I haven't heard yet today, so maybe he was able to go home. Then another good friend has a grandson dealing with cancer and cancer treatment. It seems so unfair that these little guys are so sick. Need to keep praying.

Some good news, it looks like Rick's job might be extended through December, hopefully not so long that it will mess with our plans for him to come to Idaho at Christmas. Also, a few new prospects starting to come around. Keep praying for work also.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Yesterday I had terrible sinus pressure on the whole right side of my face. Felt awful, slept most of the day. Too out of it to blog last night. Today, I felt much better, was up and about, worked out in the pool and then Rick and I went grocery shopping, ugh!. Have I mentioned I hate grocery shopping, too bad I like to eat so much. Anyway, after we got home, put everything away and got a phone call, I was laying down and talking to my friend and then thought I needed to get up and finish up some things, when I got up, the ugly sinus pressure was back. I think it's time for bed.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Don. I can remember the first birthday we celebrated with Don it was his 30th. He and Rachel had only been married a few weeks and she wanted to give him a party. It was a surprise, of course, Rachel's favorite thing to do. The guests were all waiting at the Outback Steak House for about an hour, cause they were late, imagine that. Well anyway it was fun and I think Don was surprised, even though he wouldn't admit it. I think he really enjoyed himself too, I know everyone else did. Funny how some of those things stick out in our minds. Well this is 38 for ole Don, I guess he's really getting up there. How did that happen that my son-in-law is so old. Come to think of it, this March Rachel will be 30, now that's a "make you sit down and think" experience.

I don't really mind getting old, except for the body parts that don't work too good, but it makes you think when you realize how old your children are. Then consider the ages of my grandchildren and before long there will be great-grandchildren. I would like to see and hold great-grandchildren. That would be so cool. Considering that Morgan will be 12 in April, it's potentially not too far off. Of course, who know if I will ever see or have any type of relationship with Morgan again. Sometimes life takes turns and twists that we never could have anticipated. Some of them fun and exciting and some not so.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Tonight we went to Times Square for pizza. Times Square in Christiansted, St. Croix that is. Times Square is a block of old buildings, including an old theatre that is "slowly" being renovated. When I say slowly, I mean slowly for the islands which is slower you can imagine, anyway it's a quaint street with pavers and everything. This great new pizza place (actually not new to the island, their are two other locations) just opened here. The only problem is this street is a main thoroughfare and there is no parking, stopping or standing. We had to park illegally on the sidewalk across the street, with me waiting in the care, while Rick went to pick up the pizza. But this pizza was so good it would have been worth the ticket, if we had gotten one (besides everyone on the island has told us that the police issue parking tickets but never turn the stubs in so when you go to pay them, they have no records of it and although it's always wise to check, nobody every pays parking tickets...go figure).

DIET ALERT - I am about to describe pizza so good that you could gain three pounds from just reading this. We had the extra large, 18 inches of hot, gooey, yummy extra sauce Hawaiian pizza, mainly because Rick has eyes way bigger than his stomach, and besides, he says; "it was only $2 more than the large". Anyway it had a lot of sauce that was go good and Italiany the scent was enough to drive you wild. The cheese was melted perfectly and just the right amount. I hate it when they skimp on the cheese, but I'm also not fond of having so much that you feel like your biting through an inner tube before you get to the crust. The crust was the perfect thin crust with just the right amount of crispiness, but not at all burnt but baked to a perfect golden brown. The ham was diced up so you had the yummy, smokey flavor but didn't have to fight the normal half dollar size Canadian Bacon that so many pizza places use, you know how you can't really bite through it so you end up pulling it and all the rest of the topping off you crust. I just hate that. The pineapple was diced fairly small too and was so sweet it tasted fresh. Considering they grow pineapple here on the island, it might have been. When we got there our pizza wasn't ready, so Rick got it fresh out of the oven and it stayed piping hot all the way home. It was oh so good.

For anyone reading this can you tell that my current assignments in my Creative Writing Course are "free writing" in descriptions and detail. Was it over the top? Could you just taste and smell that pizza? Did you gain the 3 pounds? I probably did, but then I got to eat it as well as talk about it.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Working on my writing assignments for my Creative Writing Course, it's actually kind of fun. Can't wait for the next assignment.

Check Spelling
Talked with my friend Karen on the phone several times today. Her grandson has been hospitalized with what was first suspected to be pneumonia,now the doctors are not so sure. The poor little guy is only 5 years old, in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and currently on a ventilator. How scary this is for everyone. It has really made me thankful for the good health of my grandchildren, it would be so hard to be so far away from them in a serious situation such as this. I really feel for Karen, she is so worried about her grandson, and her daughter and her two other granddaughters.

We all take so much for granted,like our good health and the good health of those we love. It is so important to safeguard your health, and be vigilant in safeguarding the health of our children and grandchildren. I believe strongly in preventative care, it is so much easier to keep the body healthy than to try to restore good health. It is especially important to give children a good start on having a healthy body. We need to teach them good eating habits, so they don't have anything to correct later on in life. We need to teach them the importance of not putting harmful substances into their bodies so they can be strong both physically, mentally and spiritually. We need to do everything we can to protect them in every way. We see their resilience and something think that they can bounce back from anything, it's not always the case and why would we want them to have to "bounce back" from anything, if we could prevent it.

I had a conversation with my daughter, when she was here visiting about her daughter and how trusting and friendly she is. Rachel was saying that she fears that she would go with a stranger very easily and she wasn't sure what to do about that. A friend of hers told her that she should start to warn her daughter and scare her if necessary, Rachel felt that she really didn't want to do that, but I hope she has.
Things can happen so quickly and if the best way that you can prepare a child to be safe is to scare them,
I think you should do it. Some healthy fear of things that could be bad for us is NOT a bad thing.

I pray daily that my grandchildren can be happy,healthy and safe. Maybe we all need to pray daily for this for all the children of the world. Tonight along with my grandchildren, little Trevor Glass will be in my prayers, as will Oakley Gallup. Too many children with serious health issues!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Started my Creative Writing Class today, now prepare for me to be rally obnoxious. Actually I hope it will improve my blog. Sometimes I have so many ideas jumbled up in my mind and they don't quite come out right. Did two assignments on "free writing" today, talk about the jumble just falling out. It was almost scary. Enough of that.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Off to a good start today. Finally signed up for my first college course in a few years and I was able to do it online at the University of the Virgin Islands. I start tomorrow, I am excited, can't hardly wait.

Went to the Ward Family Activity Night tonight and had a really good time. Rick was in charge,we had a short Spiritual Message and then we played charades, it was hilarious. Bro. Gordon brought treats, banana bread and ice cream. Had fun, just joking and visiting.

I'm adding a picture of my one and only Halloween Decoration, "Mr. Pumpkin". He's kinda cute! got a Halloween "care package from the Thorp's today. 6 cans of pumpkin, can't wait to make some spicy pumpkin soup, Rick got a bag of his favorite candy, Brach's Creme Pumpkins and I got some Jack-o-lantern earrings. A great card that Macy had decorated and a few other fun things. It's always exciting to get a package in the mail. Gotta get to bed early, I'm a student now.
Last night when I was writing about gossip, I wasn't sure if I wanted to record more of my feelings or not, but I have since decided it is important to help me remember how harmful gossip can be. This part is how gossip has hurt me and my family. We have moved a lot and are always the "new kids". This tends to lead to a lot of speculation (gossip) by those in the areas where we have moved. Instead of getting to know us and learning the facts people tend to speculate on the why, where and how we have come to be among them. I think most of them think this is "good gossip" and really don't mean any harm but I have personally experienced it costing us jobs, friendship, church assignments and peace of mind. There have been many times when this has been especially hard on our children, even since they have been adults and not living in our home. It's so easy for one person's speculation to become someone else's fact. I will remember how this feels and put myself in the other persons shoes before I speculate (gossip) again and pray for strength to resist.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Got the Internet back up and running, I have decided that I must have "no life" if the Internet has become that important to me. Actually maybe that's not a fair assessment of the whole situation. since moving to St. Croix, I have gone over to paying almost all my bills online, and doing quite a bit of shopping there also. Then there is my Kyani business, of which about 70% is done online, so it's not just the "social" thing. Finally there is this blog, which I do primarily for myself, my way of keeping a Journal, and I have started to feel bad if I miss too many days. Not to mention that if unable to get to the blog I might lose some really profound thoughts to the inner workings of my brain. Ok, getting carried away there.

The other day I had wanted to write a little bit about gossip. Over the years I have seen gossip do so much damage. Of course, I have indulged in it, I'm sorry to say. I have often justified it by saying well it wasn't mean or malicious gossip, in other words I suppose it was good gossip? Is that like a good tooth ache or a good head ache. It's apparent that gossip has done it's share of damage in our little Branch here on St. Croix. Somehow I feel that most of that was considered to be "good gossip" or at least not the mean or malicious type, but after all one man's ceiling is just another man's floor, so who is to say. I have made a decision to do my best to refrain from all gossip(now I'll probably really be boring), today I was talking with Rick and we promised each other we would work hard to refrain from all gossip and about 20 minutes later I heard him engaging is some "good gossip", I was on the phone when I overheard a portion of his conversation with some others and I rudely called him on it, but later he did thank me and remark how easy it was to slip into it without even thinking. Maybe instead of being boring because we didn't gossip, we would actually be more interesting because we found uplifting topics to talk about instead of talking about others. Just a thought!
We haven't had the Internet at home for 3 days now. Had to come to the Internet Cafe so Rick could send his reports and pictures off for work, so I came along to check email, Facebook and my blog, you know the important stuff. Had a really good weekend. Felt the power of the Spirit yesterday at church, as I was called on to teach in Relief Society ( it wasn't my normal week to teach, so I was completely unprepared). I hope it actually went as well as I thought it did.

Rick is still looking for work, so we keep praying. I keep praying that he can find a job that will pay at least as much as this one has, we are getting used to being able to pay all our bills. There actually seem to be jobs out there, it just takes so long for anything to happen here. Oh well, it looks like the current job will extend a little bit (they are having to redo some things). It would be nice if we could get through to the end of the year, we'll just have to wait and see what happens. Patience is my new middle name.

Rick is waiting his turn at the computer, since his time is money, I better quit fooling around.

Friday, October 15, 2010

What a difference a day can make. Feel much better today, still planning on taking the day off tomorrow and going to the beach, but a few explanations and a better understanding of several things and maybe everything isn't soooo "over the top".

Things have taken a real different turn on Rick's job requiring him to be on the site a lot more. On Thursday between overseeing things at the site, picking his boss up at the seaplane dock and a conference call meeting, he was gone "at work" for 8.5 hours. Only a normal day for anyone else, but not what he has been used to. There will probably be a lot more of those before this project is finished. Really can't complain, the money is still good, it's just an adjustment for us. After having some things explained and others set in order, there should be a whole lot less stress. Now the only stress we have "work wise" is, finding the next job.

Feeling like we can also settle into our church callings a little bit better. We had the Missionary Zone Leaders here for three days. They came over to teach the Senior Couple the things they should be doing in the Branch. Because the apartment that the Senior Couple live in isn't a good set up for having house guests, they stayed with us. It was kind of nice to have the Spirit that they bring in our home, but it's also nice to have the place back to ourselves.

We're trying hard to settle into some sort of routine, something that seems like "normal life" and it just doesn't seem to be happening. Maybe that's because we are still in awe of living on an island in the Caribbean, maybe we're just not good at being routine people, I'm not sure what it is. Maybe I just shouldn't stress over it so much!

Keeping Rachel and her new baby Mavis, in our prayers. They only have about 6 weeks to go and we're praying that everything can go smoothly for them. Maybe I'm being dramatic and maybe it has to do with the fact that I feel "so far away" but, it seems that this pregnancy has been filled with complications. Maybe that will mean that labor and delivery will go smoothly.

Patience, prayers and trust in the Lord, that seems to be what it takes.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

So many things "over the top" lately, wouldn't know where to begin. On Saturday, I think we are going to the beach and just marinate in the salt water and sand. I don't want to think about anything, just float around in the water and be completely out of range and off everyone's radar. I may have crossed a line in the last few weeks of "just a little too much humanity" and I need a break. The only people I hope to interact with are Rick, my kids and grandkids. Does that sound kind of grumpy or what?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We have house guests for a few days. Actually about the best kind of house guests you can have. They are two young men (missionaries from our church) one is from Boston, MA and the other from Hawaii. We don't have Missionaries (Elders) assigned to St. Croix, these are visiting Zone Leaders who travel around to the different islands, therefore they don't have an apartment to stay in, so they are our house guests until Friday morning. They are busy all day and in the evenings, so we see them in the morning for breakfast and they they aren't back until about 9 or 10 at night. As we have an extra bedroom with it's own bathroom it is absolutely no hassle to have them, it's actually kind of nice.

Been busy the first few days with just regular things. Rick has really been busy with his job. The numerous government agencies involved are bumping into each other and it's one crisis after another. He has a big conference call tomorrow which should prove interesting. So goes the battle.

Still looking for more work when this job runs out. Got a lot of resumes out but not much happening.
We just keep praying that something will come through. I keep hoping it will be something that pays as good as this job, even though I realize that it will probably be more full time.

Storms have passed for now and it's back to absolutely gorgeous days, it really has cooled off and is most pleasant. Still lovin' it down here.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Haven't been here for a few days. Been absolutely exhausted lately, most evenings going to bed early and just to tired to blog. Most mornings unable to get on to the Internet. Maybe too many things that I should not record. Have felt like a "magnet for crazy" lately. Looking for a little peace. Apparently not quite yet, a few more days to get through. Major headache this evening. Done (yeah, done like a cake) for now.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just too tired to blog last night. If was on and off cloudy and rainy yesterday. Both Rick and I were really getting bored with this stuff. Today, Saturday it has been absolutely glorious. Beautiful blue skies and the sun is shining. Slept in late (almost 9:30) then spent most of the morning and early afternoon cleaning. Tackled a few larger projects because I had Rick to help. Typical Saturday type chores. Spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool, it was wonderful. I'm up to teach in R.S. tomorrow, so I gotta finish up my preparations.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Maybe I shouldn't blog tonight, having a real blah day. Rain and more rain, Rick was able to work today, but just to check on the project. Tomorrow he has a meeting with the contractor, so I guess he will be counted as working even if it keeps raining (the forecast says it will). There is a lot of flooding and erosion on the island. We went out earlier this evening and in many places the road are just barely passable and in others running like rivers. Now there is a danger of mud slides. It's kind of hard to be motivated and I'm getting a little cabin fever.

Still on this returning to school thing and it's really getting frustrating. I'm going to have to walk away from it for a few days and see what happens. Praying for some direction. I have always told my children and others that you can never have too much education and we should always keep learning, but maybe it's just not my time for more "formal" education. Don't want to "jump off a cliff" on this and be sorry.

Talked to Rachel for a short time this evening and it sounds if she's getting things squared away with her doctors on this diabetes thing. Now they are having trouble with a neighbor complaining about their dogs. I really wish people could just leave her alone and let her have this baby in peace, this hassle is the last thing she needs right now.

It seems that most people are only concerned about their own immediate wants and needs and don't look into the lives of others and take a minute to see, if maybe, they aren't doing the best that they can, at that particular moment. Some things are so easy to work out if your dealing with rational thinking human beings. It makes me wonder what is happening to the human race. Nobody wants to consider what the other guy might be going through. People are so quick to sue someone or bring on other legal charges instead of trying to work things out. It seems the whole world is getting frustrated with the general "state of things" and they are bound and determined to take it out on each other. Hasn't anyone thought about the possibility that maybe we could all work together to make "everything" better. As the economy and general feeling of security seems to be slipping through the fingers of our society, our society is slipping into the abyss of selfish petty grievances, against their neighbors. Wake up people, we are really in a "you go, we all go" situation here. Like it or not, we are the "brotherhood of man", meaning we are all brothers and sisters and if we don't pull together, all just might be lost. Sadly, it is generally the very people that you hope would know better, who are at the heart of the problems.

Makes me reflect on how I handle things and how I look at others and how I do or do not judge them. I recently got myself into some trouble by over expressing my feelings to people I really didn't know as well as I thought. I should have know better. There are so many things that Rick and I discuss, when we are "solving the problems of the world", that are really only our opinions, and those opinions being based on limited knowledge, that we promise each other, we would never say to others. Then when I go and say these things to others, especially people who don't know me well and love me, boy oh boy, do I ever put my foot in my mouth and sometimes get into real trouble. I certainly hope I don't look like that guy with the selfish petty grievances, who is just trying to feather my own nest. I have really got to get better at this. I have really got to get better period!

My hope and prayer tonight is that Rachel can find a peaceful and happy solution to this trouble with her neighbor. I hope her neighbor will look at her life's situation, of the moment, and think about how he would want his wife or daughter to be treated. I really can only pray for the both of them and hope that they will feel the Spirit motivating them each toward a peaceful solution.

It's not even 9:00PM and I'm exhausted, it must be all the thinking, I haven't done much else today.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It rained almost all day today. We had approximately two 30 minute breaks, during the second one, I put my suit on and went down to the pool. I'm not as nuts as this sounds, I actually work out in the pool and if I don't work out for two consecutive days, I'm so stiff, it's hard to move. I do feel better. Back to the rain, we are in the draw of what has just become Tropical Storm Otto, it's really not going to affect us other than to drag all this moisture up and onto us. Rick and I drove up to his job site this afternoon, in what we thought was one of the rain breaks (actually we were barely out of our condo parking lot when it began to pour again) and the roads on the east end of St. Croix are all flooded. After we came home and watched the news, we learned that the schools and some government offices were closed today due to the flooding, guess it was even worse than we thought.

Because I was stuck in the house all day, I figured it would be a good time to pursue my recent distraction of returning to school. This whole online degree thing is really kicking my butt. The University web sites aren't that easy to navigate and once you get into their online programs, you have to practically be signed up for the course before they give you the prerequisites and the costs. Holy cow, is it ever expensive! Also, they all want you to sign right up as a full time student and commit to going on through and getting your degree within a specified time, of course, they want you to commit financially too. There is a part of me that understands the logic to this, after all I am one of "those students" who is currently on the 40 year plan, and still doesn't have a degree. But after all this time I really need to ease into this thing and I really need to pay as I go and not incur debt, particularly when you figure that at my age this really isn't about a career move.

Back to my best option, BYU. I can't sign into an online degree program with them, but I can take continuing education courses, for college credit. I'm thinking I'll sign up for one and see how I do and see if I can complete it within 8 to 10 weeks and not be completely nuts. If this works out I'll sign up for another one or maybe even two at a time and see how it goes. If I can accumulate 12 to 15 credits, I'll start talking to someone about a degree and see what we can work out. The three best things about BYU are: 1. I trust them. 2. They offer a wide range of courses, that are both general education and core classes. and 3. They are affordable. I really want to get on with this and not drop the ball, I'm afraid that if I don't do this now, I probably never will. Of course,leave it to me to finally decide, after I have left the country and live in the Caribbean.

Talked to Rachel today as she was on the way to a Dr's appointment regarding her diabetes, diet and insulin. The more information I get the less confidence I have in her doctors. This is definitely an area that needs more prayer and faith. I need to pray for her to be in the Lord's Hands, because her doctors seem to be pretty distracted.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rain, rain go away! It has rained on and off (mostly on) since very early this morning. We have flash flood warnings and it's really cool and soggy. I couldn't make my workout in the pool today and that makes me grumpy. We have one "Tropical Wave" just about past us, but there is another in the western Atlantic on it's way into the Caribbean. Looks like we're gonna get a lot more soggy before this is over. Keep praying that they don't turn into anything more than the soggy mess they are now, we don't need no more Hurricanes.

Did spend the day doing paperwork, paying bills and looking into online degrees. I am seriously thinking about going back to college, again. Maybe the third time will be the charm. If Rick can land another job paying as well as this one, we really don't need me to work, but I need something stimulating to do. There is a lot of work to be done here in the Church, but that seems to be a slow process, therefore there is only so much you can do. Rick is encouraging me to consider school (he really doesn't want me to work outside the home) and I'm starting to think maybe it's time. So.....I spent the day exploring online options. I need and want to be able to go at my own pace and with some online Universities that is not an option (at least not an option that they encourage) and some of them are really expensive (another reason to go at my own pace and pay as I go) so far those are the two factors narrowing the field. Not surprisingly the best option so far seems to be BYU. I sent an inquiry to them today, so we'll see what happens. It's kind of exciting and scary to think about, all at the same time.

Started reading the New Testament recently. I decided to read it like I have the Book of Mormon recently, that's to say to read it like a novel(not just a chapter at a time). It is amazing how the stories come together when you are reading 5, 10 15 or 20 pages consecutively. It's amazing how visual it is to. Of course, all of these components have always been there, it's just becoming obvious to me. I'm still in the Gospels (Luke to be precise) and it is exciting to hear the Savior speak from the pages, it make it so real. I'll write more, I'm sure, as I go along and definitely when I finish. I do find that it helps to pray before I begin, each day (imagine that).

Keep praying for Rachel and her unborn baby, Mavis (not her real name, just the one I have made up so I have something to call her). This gestational diabetes has really thrown me for a loop. All I want is for both of them to be OK and to come through this unscathed. Prayer helps, I know, and for now it helps be to remain calm and know that Heavenly Father will watch over them.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Plain old boring Monday. Laundry, workout in the pool, start cleaning the house, cooking dinner, Family Home Evening (not so boring, actually fun) getting ready for bed. Of course, all of this takes place on the absolutely beautiful island of St. Croix. Four months later and I still can't believe I live here. Each morning I roll over and look our the patio doors at the Caribbean Sea, indescribably beautiful. I can't believe how blessed I am.

Reflecting today on General Conference talks of the past weekend. They were awesome, I can't wait to get next month's copy of the Liahona so I can read them again. How do these guys know exactly what I need to hear?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Well you know that saying, "the best intentions" and all that jazz. We had intended to go to the church to watch Conference with the other members this morning and didn't quite make it. I didn't feel well. I kept pushing and pushing trying to go until we finally decided it was a little silly, when we could just stay home and listen to it over the Internet. Sometimes I don't know when I just need to lay down.

Conference was really good (like it ever, isn't). It is so comforting to me. So much to absorb and ponder.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

This weekend is General Conference. I was thinking how hard this would be for me because sitting for several hours is really uncomfortable, because of the problems with my right leg. I was thinking how in Idaho we could stay home and listen to General Conference or if you had TV you could watch it on TV. Here you would have to rely on broadcasts through the Church satellite system at the church. Then Rick said, we can listen to it on the Internet, just like we did in Idaho. DUH!!! Through you can get the video or audio stream of Conference. This is exactly what we did last year(because in Idaho, although the local TV stations broadcast Conference, we didn't have TV). We don't have strong enough broadband to get the video signal but we got the audio just fine and were able to listen to Conference in the comfort of our own home, just like we did in Idaho. We do plan to go to the church tomorrow, just to be with the other members, I will probably only be able to last through the morning session (that's 2 hours) and then we can come home for the afternoon session. It was great! Looking forward to tomorrow. One of those little things that make living on St. Croix "not so different".

Last week Rick treated me to a movie. We went to see Eat, Pray, Love. My choice, I was curious. I had read the book and really didn't like it (go figure why I wanted to see the movie), but for the first time I can say this is a movie that was actually better than the book. Interesting perspective for me. Anyway, just wanted to get that in (I had kept forgetting to post this).

Worried about Rachel and the "gestational diabetes". She told me yesterday that she has to start taking insulin. I really feel bad for her. I know that this will go away as soon as the baby is born and there should be no lasting effects, but it would be really hard for me to deal with, not to mention having to give myself a shot every day. We are praying continually for her safety and good health, as well as that of "little Mavis:.