Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On I'm in rare form today. Tropical Storm Irene passed directly over us eleven days ago on Sunday 8/21, the current on the island is still on what it should be. Up until yesterday our condo complex with still running on generators. OK

Since the storm we have been having trouble with our fridge. It is not cooling. We spoke to the Property Manager but there were so many problems with the current we thought that might be it. We didn't want them to have to pay a service man for a repair call to come out and say the fridge was fine it was the current. So we waited. Yesterday I noticed that the things in the freezer (which we had lumped very closely together) were starting to thaw in earnest. I called the Property Manager and said "we gotta do something now".

You just gonna love the solution. She gives me the key to a unit in C building (I live in A) and says that I can put my food down there and she will call the serviceman. As of today she hasn't gotten a hold of the serviceman. Are you kidding me? I have a great new diet plan. It's called I live in A building and all of my food is in C building.

We had spaghetti last night and there was a lunchtime serving left over, but at lunch I was busy working and couldn't or wouldn't take the time to walk down to C building to get my lunch. I ate a piece of bread instead. In the morning I got the frozen fruit for a smoothie and forgot the almond milk to add to it, I used water instead. Ah, think of the calories I'm saving,not to mention the exercise.

Just another "Just Shoot Me Moment",herein the Caribbean. Today is one of those days when Thinking is definitely options.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Today is Rick's and my thirty-second wedding anniversary. Wow, what along strange trip it's been.

We went out to Cane Bay for a sunset dip at the beach. When we were in the water, Rick asked if I ever dreamed that he would take me to the Caribbean for our thirty-second anniversary. I did remind him that we don't necessarily vacation places, we just move there. It doesn't really matter though, cause we are spending our thirty-second in paradise.

We had dinner at "eat" one of our favorite restaurants. Shrimp with Linguini and some wonderful sauce. and Desert at Rowdy Joe's, some of the best homemade ice cream on the island.

If I had to do it all over again, would I? You bet. After all five years later, or twenty-seven years ago this past April, I did marry him again in the Salt Lake Temple for all eternity. Have to say, "I am looking forward to that".

Packing up my manuscripts today to send to the editor. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ok, I know I look like a real derelict but I have an excuse, probably not a good one, but an excuse none the less. Yesterday, I'm trying to work on the computer printing out my manuscript to get it off to the editor and the printer keeps stopping and refusing to start up. I gave up and went downstairs.

Next, I decided to watch the last fifteen minutes of "Pirates of the Caribbean" that I missed the night before when I fell asleep. I could only get the DVD player to go for about ten minutes and it kept turning off. Wondering about the gremlins in my electronics, I gave up and decided to read.

Laying across the bed, under the ceiling fan, I fell asleep with the book on my face. I woke about ten minutes later sweating and wondering how it had gotten so hot, when I noticed the ceiling fan was no longer turning. I came upstairs and noted that their was no power, the clock on the stove was off, no lights and no fans, but then I opened the refrigerator and the light was on. I checked the dryer and it started up. Creepy.

I went out on the deck and noticed that the generator was not running. Came back in and tried to call the condo office. Their phones are not back working yet, due to the storm. I had walked down to the office once already, so I just hung out on the deck until someone came out of the office and hollered down to them about my shortage of current.

That is when I found out that a "shortage of current" is exactly what I had. It seems the power company got the power back up. Once the generators sense this somehow they automatically switch back onto the grid. Unfortunately the power company is not putting out enough current, so we were experiencing and effect similar to "brown outs" all day and then it just quit, except for one or maybe two lines running into each unit, hence my fridge and dryer were working, although not a full efficiency. Apparently, the building never anticipated this and they have no way to override and turn the generators back on. A repairman is supposedly on his way to do just that. Lovely.

I was so frustrated I could have screamed. Thinking I would be better off to go down to the pool and work off my frustrations I headed downstairs to change when a squall moved in and it started raining. Perfect.

I was feeling pretty sorry for myself when a friend called to give Rick a message. He asked me how my day was going and I started complaining abut the current situation. He said, "Yes, I know how it is. We have had no current at my house since five o'clock on Sunday (that was only 48 hours at that point)." that kind of put things in perspective for me.

Perspective~it's that funny little things about feeling bad because you have no shoes and seeing the smiling man who has no feet. One man's ceiling is another man's floor and all that. Glass half full vs. glass half empty. Need I say more.

Rick came home from work today to tell me that the part of the island he works on still has no power. That's only 72 hours after a minor Tropical Storm. Hold onto your hats New York, your looking at a Cat 3. We are back on the generators.

Pray for all those who are still in harm's way.

This is an awful lot of thinking at a place where thinking is always optional.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Trying to give a little update on the storm and it's aftermath. Please bear with me. I have had an incredible headache for about twenty-four hours now. I can get it to back off with drugs, but it will not go completely away. The barometric pressure dropped really low, as it normally does with a hurricane and I, unfortunately, am susceptible to that, in the form of extreme headaches.

Anyway...We survived the storm. It did turn into a hurricane, either directly overhead or between here and Puerto Rico (that's a distance of approx. 75 miles). The winds were coming out of the NE at first and although they were pretty strong, it was nothing like the wind we experience once they shifted to come out of the SE. Those babies where howling for most of the night. We are still in a stiff breeze with some pretty strong gusts coming from the SW.

Not near as much rain as we had last year with Hurricane Earl,but enough to keep things pretty soggy. The rubber strip under our front door is rotted away. We told the property manager about this months ago and they are supposed to be working on it. As long as it's not raining and blowing from the SE we all forget about it, but I had a giant lake in my entry hallway this morning, as water was just flowing under the door. Lovely.

The generators are still running at our place and when you look out over the island it's pretty dark, so I'm guessing current(that's what they say for power down here) had not been restored to most of the island, it could be days. The Internet is back up and working pretty good and the TV is back on.

Apparently, there were a lot of downed tree branches and other debris in the roadways. We didn't venture far from home today. Rick didn't have work due to the high winds. Hopefully he goes back tomorrow. All in all we fared pretty well. Rick was able to call many of our friends on the island and everyone he was able to get a hold of was doing good. The local cell phone companies were down for most of the day, so there were some we could not call.

From what we see on the news, it looks like Puerto Rico took a beating similar to us, but so far it appears most of Hispanola will be spared the really bad stuff. It does look to be taking a direct bead on the Bahamas and that will be rough on those little sandbars. The weather channel seems to be hoping to a major event on US shores, but we are praying it gets dragged out into the Atlantic where it can do no harm.

Last night we got into bed about nine thirty or so and I didn't even try to stay awake (My headache was so bad, I just wanted to escape into sleep). If Irene did become a hurricane over St. Croix, I apparently was able to sleep through it. I am not complaining.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

They say Tropical Storms do NOT have an eye. Sure looked like it to me. A lot of wind and rain and then dead calm and the sky even cleared a little. Wind has now changed directions (that should mean circulation) and is picking up. The Weather Channel seems to be saying it has stalled out right overhead and is picking up steam. Praying it moves on before becoming a hurricane. It does not look good for Puerto Rico or Hispanola.

Power is out. Running on generators here. Amazingly, I still have an Internet connection. More later or when I can. It's really howling out there. We may need to close the Hurricane Shutters up again.

It's a good time to NOT be thinking too much. Praying is NOT optional.
OK two days down, I have been busy with Book II and frustrated with this sticky keyboard. The space key barely works, so unless I type real slow and really whack the space key hard, each sentence is one long word.

Tropical Storm Irene is heading our way. Should be here later today. We're heading out to church in a little bit and the power probably won't last through the day, so this may be it for awhile. Our building has generators, but I get a little nervous about using the computer with "shaky" current.

Praying this storm passes us and the other islands by. Hurricanes are a natural phenomena that serve a purpose to cool things down, but they can do their job just as effectively over the seas leaving the land masses alone.

See you on the flip side (hopefully), where thinking is always optional.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I keep forgetting. In a blog post a few days ago or maybe a few weeks ago, I asked for in put on book titles. To all of you who responded a big Thank You. Finally I decided on a title that was not one listed in that blog. It is Sea Star. A Sea Star is a starfish. It's the new name scientists are trying to get us over to because starfish are not really fish at all.

Keep that in mind. Hopefully a publisher won't want to change it. Sea Star
Book II is flowing. It is amazing how good it feels to be writing again instead of editing. I know the editing is important,but it was grueling. I am wondering, if maybe Book II is coming so easily because of all that editing. I mean I know Book I so well, that the rest of the story is just streaming right into my head and out onto the screen. Interesting concept.

Next challenge is to get to Greece. A large part of this book takes place on the island of Ios. If I can just get there for a week or ten days, I know I can write it so much better. Working hard on this one. Rick keeps directing me to Google Earth. It's just not the same.

Spoke with Rachel yesterday and I feel so bad for Macy, she is having a hard time adjusting to the whole school thing. This is the kid who is so"social" and excited to learn new things that I mistakenly thought she would have absolutely no problems. I can sympathize though, I hate it when somebody else sets my pace. I know I march to the beat of a different drummer. I can hear him, why can't you?

I'm sure it will come together for her somewhere along the line. I just feel bad that it has to. Conformity never has been my thing. Rachel did enroll Macy in a Charter Montessori School. That had me hopeful. I thought they were a lot more "free form" that the normal school systems. Maybe that's the problem. Whatever...My heart breaks for her. I want so badly, for every experience to be a good one.

Heading back to my world where thinking is optional.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Finished the self-edit today, printing it out for the editors and now my printer and my computer are conspiring against me.

Started on Book II and the ideas are tumbling out of my head (that's a scary thought,what will be left rattling around up there). I have got to go to bed. I hope I can sleep. Apparently, thinking is no longer optional. More on the flip side.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Yesterday, the fantastic new, higher than high speed, let me do everything I ever wanted to on the Internet and more connection, disappeared. It was simply gone. I started to wonder if I had dreamed it. Guess not, sometime after nine this morning it reappeared.

So..out of the cosmos here we are. I'm feeling a little lonely out here,no comments all week, no new followers (the contest is still one, one we reach 25 followers, we'll draw a name), even if the hits to the site are picking up again. See there are lots of you reading anonymously. Anyway....

Yesterday at church I witnessed a miracle. It was during our Branch council meeting. The Branch President actually asked the opinion of the other council members. Of course, there is no guarantee that he will actually listen to our opinions but he asked. We are making progress. I presented the goal of the Young Women to go to the Dominican Republic to the Temple sometime in the next twelve months and the Branch President as well as most of the other council members were all over it. They are behind it 100%. No scoffing, no debating, they believe, as I do, that it is possible. Oh yeah, that's a miracle. From yesterday on, I am on this like "white on rice", it will happen.

Talked with my little "apple dumpling" Macy yesterday. Today is her first day of school (kindergarten) and she can hardly wait. This will NOT be the child at the door clinging to mom's leg and crying to go home. This will be the little girl who suggests Mom stay in the car, so as not to embarrass her or get in her way as she sets off on this great adventure (a lot like her mother was). I am so excited for her, sad for her mom and incredulous for myself, at how this happened so fast.

According to Rachel, little Rozi is starting to pull herself up on the furniture and I'm sure she will be walking by the time I see her next. Time really does move faster as we watch our children and grandchildren grow up. I pray that they will grow up strong and healthy, in more ways than one. I pray that they will listen to their parents and lead their parents in the things that they have not forgotten. I pray that they will be the very best that they can be.

I know that my children never believed me, and they probably still don't, but I didn't really have a course in mind for them. I just wanted them to be the very best they could be at whatever they truly wanted to be. You know that old "heart's desire thing" from the fairy tales, it's true. You can have your heart's desire, if you never give up on it. You have to know that it doesn't happen in twenty minutes (like most of us would like) but it will happen, if you keep at it and do not let yourself be distracted. Of this I am a firm believer.

There is one more thing that I am a firm believer of and I might as well get it out here today. That is the importance of FAMILY. I believe that these are the ties that should not be broken. I believe that children are precious and should be treated that way. I believe that true love can conquer all. I believe that you have to do your part.

I remember something from my life. We were at a particularly low point. Rick had been out of work and he was working at a Taco Bell (he was in his mid-thirties at the time) and I was working "front desk and reservations" nights. We never saw each other and had no quality time with our children. We went to a "fireside" at church on Sunday night. It was a broadcast, President Benson talking about the roles of mother's in the home. We were on the verge of moving to Florida and once we committed to that move we also committed to me being a "stay at home" mom. It wasn't easy. We had no money and a lot of debt, we could not see a way out. Our vehicle was on it's last legs. We were in a strange place(we had moved to the gulf coast of Florida) and I would have had a much easier time assimilating if I had gone to work and met people. But we both held firm to our conviction that nothing was more important than raising our children and being there for them during this difficult transition.

I will never be sorry for that. The kids did great (better than I) with the move and really enjoyed the time we spent in the Sunshine State. I got closer to them and had a much better idea of what was going on in their little heads. Rick's and my relationship flourished. We had no money, but we had each other and what mattered most; Love and happy home.

When we moved back to the West, we held to our commitment of my being home with the family. Rick has never complained or thought that I should be "pulling my weight" financially for the family. He tells me that he is grateful that we made that choice and have stuck with it. Our children are precious to us still as are their children. I pray for them all continually.

Well...there you have it a lot of thoughts from someone who's motto is "thinking is optional".

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My condo, like many in the islands has ceramic tile floors throughout. Pretty slick (no pun intended) and easy to keep clean. Except...to really clean you have to move all the furniture. anyone who knows me well knows that happens on a weekly basis. NOT. Thirty years ago, maybe. Today, not a chance. Anyway... the process is pretty easy, use my handy little vacuum sweeper to get the dust bunnies and then mop. It's moving all the furniture first to one side of the room,mop,let dry,move back repeat on the other side, times six and your done. Anyway...about once a month when we do the whole floor thing, Rick helps me out. We did this, this morning, finished up by about noon. Only took about thirty buckets of sweat apiece (it was really humid today). Sat around a cooled off and then we went to the beach.

My kind of Saturday. Even I can be coerced into cleaning house, with a promise of a trip to the beach.

At the beach thinking is always optional but, for me I think best in the water. Started writing the second book, in my head, of course. Big part of writing this second book,is that a large part of it is going to take place in Greece on the island of Ios, so I need to get there for at least a few weeks to get the feel of the place to write it properly. Help me if you can, think of a way to make this possible. I know it can happen.

Tomorrow in Young Women I unveil my goal for the Young Women and myself over the next twelve months. That is to make a trip to the Dominican Republic to Santo Domingo to attend the Temple. The Mission Presidency is "on board" with this, so I have some big support behind me. More important than that I truly believe that this is what the Lord wants me to do. That said, I have no idea how it will happen. It's about $400 for a RT plane ticket to the DR. Everyone needs a Passport, because it's another country. I have one, but I don't know if these kids do that another $125 each for a US Passport(the people here are US citizens even if we do have limited rights). I will present this in the Ward Council tomorrow and I'm sure there will be a lot of "scoffing" but I'm going to ask them the same thing I'm asking anyone who reads this. Pray for us. These kids need this in their lives. As Latter Day Saints, we are a Temple going people, it is what our beliefs are centered around. I'm not smart enough to figure it out, but I know that the Lord knows the way and he will open up a path for us. Anyone, who wants to support one of these Youth in this Temple trip, I can tell you how to make a donation through the church, so let me know, but also know that I'm not really asking you for money, just your prayers that we can see this dream fulfilled.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Nice quiet Friday. No personal rants. No one called and irritated me. Nice phone visit with Rachel this morning. Nice swim this afternoon. Nice dinner out and a new Blue Grass Band at our Friday night dinner out place. A nice day all around.

Came to grips with some things today and I'm not only ready to send the book off to the editors I'm anxious. I think I have turned a corner. Ready to start on Book II. Working hard on a way to get to Greece.

See you on the flip side, where thinking is always optional.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Property Manager calls me this morning before 8 to say; "oops, I forgot to call you yesterday,but there is a realtor who wants to show the place at 11." Are you kidding me? I'm supposed to get 24 hour notice. Well I told her the place was a "pit" and they could come if they wanted to but it wasn't going to do the place justice. I suggested she put them off until tomorrow. Then I got up and started cleaning. Forty buckets of sweat later the downstairs is clean and they decided not to come tomorrow or ever. Oh well, the place really needed a scrubbing. Tomorrow, I tackle the upstairs.

Working on the final self-edit of the book and I can't believe how many boogers still exist. Most of this isn't rewrite by typos and junk like that. It's amazing what you miss. Hopefully by Monday, I will be sending it off to the editors. Finally, today I got some positive feedback from one of the"writers sites" that I posted my first 250 words on. The first comment I got was from a woman who questioned my technical aspects of drowning. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? After that I had three additional posts that were positive offering some constructive criticism. Sheesh!

Didn't make it down to the pool until late in the day, boy,did it ever feelgood. It was a hot one.

Watched the movie "Red Riding Hood" last night. They turned it into an interesting love story. The kind I like. My question to Catherine Hardwick (the director) is; why does everything you do have to come across so dark and brooding. Sure this was another story about werewolves but can't anybody smile. I mean these two people are so incredibly in love and they could look happier, at least when they are together. OK, ok, OK it wasn't a smiley friendly movie, but come on.

That's me on me. From a place where thinking is always optional. (I love that by-line).

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You know me; no TV, no newspaper, ah but I do have the Internet, purveyor of truth and news. Yeah, right. You also know I read a lot. Actually I read anything and everything. I read a lot of YA (Young Adult) primarily because that's the genre I'm currently writing. A lot of that is about Dystopian Societies (you know what the world will be like after the apocalypse), think Hunger Games.

My thought for today is: "Are we already there?" and "Would we know if we were?"

I mean checkout the news: Riots and looting in Great Britain. The worst drought and famine in East Africa where thousand of children, yes people, CHILDREN are dying daily. Another headline that says, "Taliban who shot down Helicopter carrying Navy Seals is dead. Like now we should feel OK, justice has been done. Countries going bankrupt, including the US. Politicians sexting -- Oh yeah, that's better than lying cheating and stealing. Are you kidding me? People in Haiti STILL living in tents (well not really tents, more like a drop cloth thrown over a few tree branches. Actually, I've seen a few makeshift homes like that here on St. Croix). Foreclosures, Joblessness and Wall Street Investors losing their shirts, pants and socks. Giant meteor, asteroid or some other space debris heading toward Earth (I kid you not that's on AOL, with an expected arrival date of Oct 2012)

Are you scared yet? You should be. Well maybe not. It's all a part of the plan, well not exactly the plan but at least the prophecy. I'm a firm believer that "if you are prepared, you need not fear". Just how do you prepare for some of these things. Spiritual Preparedness is the only answer, at least, in my opinion. I mean think about it, each and every one of us is living under a death sentence, it began the day we were born. Oh yeah, you think you can escape it, prolong it, make it easier, less painful or whatever, but the end result is still the same, you will be dead. Now me, personally, I believe in the Resurrection, which means that as inevitable as death is, so is Resurrection (as in the reuniting of our spirits with our bodies, as far as I know it has only happened once so far, but that was an example that it will happen for all of us). Just so we're clear on this, that Resurrection is for everyone who ever lived on the Earth, not just the "Good Guys". Hah, you were wondering who gets to decide who the "good guys" are, well that will come after the Resurrection, that's the part you want to be worried about, that's were you get your reward or lack thereof.

Me, I'm looking for my mansion,the one that has been prepared for me. I don't really care how big it is or how well appointed, I'm just hoping it's in the right neighborhood. I want to live next door to my Father. Actually, I'm building that mansion, board by board, shingle by shingle. bought a few nails today -- Visiting Teaching (also received a big bag of mangoes from my companion)--hopefully a few more boards tomorrow, not sure how, but I'm sure the way will present itself. Worry about the World, it's all we've got. Worry about your neighbors, they are your brothers and sisters. Do what you can to help the children, they are the only future we have.

High Tide Low Tide by Bob Marley, give it a listen and see what you think.

In case your wondering, edit is complete. Just killed a few more tress and printed the whole thing out one more time. Now I'll sit down and read it through, just like anybody's book. Then I'll fuss, and fret, and stress over it for a few days and send it off to my two kind hearted editors. Working on a title. Let me know if you just saw the title which one would you be more intrigued by and be likely to want to read: 1. Tidal Pool 2. Ebb Tide 3. Spring Tide 4. None of the above.

Just a few thoughts from my world, where thinking is always optional.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wanted to post this yesterday, but it got late. spent most of yesterday thinking about some things I learned over the weekend. We all feel good when people turn to us for advice or answers. When they think that we can really affect change. But, trust me, it ain't that easy. It's nice when others have that kind of confidence in you, but do they think about what it might take out of you to even try.

I'm a sucker for those people who are so effective at getting others to fight their battles for them. After all these years, I'm finally learning to concentrate on my own battles. Actually,what I have learned is that most things are not worth battling over. It is so much better to walk away.

This brings me to the important thing that I learned over the weekend. It is: The Spirit testifies of truth. Teach truth and trust the Spirit to testify of same. Once people have a testimony of a truth, it is much harder for them to fall away from it,they are more likely to stick with it and live it. In the end isn't that what all the battles are over truth and untruth (that sounds so much nicer than lies, but alas, it's all the same).

Someone is always asking me to "stick my neck out" and promote their method of teaching, when in fact all I am going to do is to teach truth and trust the Spirit. Then, those people who do not want to learn, or who deny the Spirit, or who hear the prompting of the Spirit and turn from it... Let it be on their head. To those people who want me to "stick my neck out", teach truth yourself and you don't need me. Remember there is only one truth and if we're both teaching the same thing, we'll only reinforce each other and the testimony should be that much stronger.

I'm trying so hard to keep contention out of my life and this "truth teaching thing" looks like the way to do it. After all, it was taught to me by people who are much smarter than I am and by the way; the Spirit whispered to me that these teachings were true.

On another page...I finished the self-edit yesterday. If feels good and scary at the same time. Good because it's finally done. Scary because now it's time to turn it over to the "editors". What if they hate it? What if they think I write at a third grade level? What if I stink in general? I guess I have to find out.

Last night for FHE we went to the beach and then had dinner at "eat" (my favorite restaurant on the island. When you come to visit you'll know if I really like you, because I only take people there I really like.). Rick told me he had not had this much fun since 1978. I'm taking that as a good sign. The beach is a place where I solve a lot of my problems. Some days any water will have to do, but the beach is the best.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ah, Sunday. Because church can be pretty stressful around here, Sunday isn't as relaxing as it should be, but it is still a day of rest. I taught Youth Sunday School today(not my regular calling, but I substitute for the Sister who normally teaches when she has drill - she's in the National Guard) and those kids always refresh my soul. I hope they are learning as much as I am.

The kids were using my scriptures and one of my "cards" from my Godson's funereal fell out. They wanted to know who that was and the whole story. I was able to tell them about Michael without breaking down. They were genuinely sympathetic,it felt good. The Sunday before the anniversary of his death is always a hard day for me. As long as I live, I will never forget that call from his mother on that Sunday morning telling me that he was killed. One of the top ten horrible days in my life.

I probably haven't told Rachel in a long time, how grateful I am to this day for her going to Chicago with me for that funereal. Especially for her financial help with that whole ordeal. I love you Boo Boo. I am grateful for you in so many ways. This is only one.

We watched"Rio" this afternoon. I bought it the other day. I love that movie. This is the second time we have seen it and now Rick is on his "let's go to Rio"kick again. I would love to. You produce the $$$ and I'm there.

In truth, I have been thinking that I need to get off this island for a few days. I love it here, but everybody needs a little get away. I would love to go to the Dominican Republic. Santo Domingo in particular, so we could go to the Temple, but I may have to settle for Tortolla in the BVI, if I want to go sometime soon. The DR is on our radar for sure, primarily for a Temple trip, but I would also love to see that country. They have 10,000ft mountains. And since they start at sea level, those are real 10,000 footers (unlike in Colorado or Idaho, where the base is 5 or 6,000ft). Anyway...I think we can get to Tortola for cheap. Good thing Rick finally got a passport.

That's it, that's what I think.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fireside and Meetings last night, after we went out for a bite to eat, got home late, went to bed, you get the idea.

The fireside was wonderful. Sometimes,here on St.Croix, it's easy to wonder if you zigged when you should have zagged on the way to church. The members are so kind and loving. They have such a strong spirit. The leadership is so tough and judgemental that there are many days that it's really hard. Last night having a General Authority come to teach us was exactly what Rick and I needed.

Rick had the good fortune to be counseled and taught by Elder Anderson in a Branch Presidency meeting and I was able to meet with Sister Anderson and Sister Alverado to be taught, counseled and express my concerns for the youth. It felt so good. Now the question is; Can this carry us through the next six months? I hope so.

Rick finished his portion of the edit on my book this morning. I have 24 pages of corrections yet to enter in the computer and one glaring error to correct (it's more than an error. I will need to rewrite a section to add some important details) and then I can sit down and read it through like a "real book". I can hardly wait. I'm also anxious to send it off to my "editors" and see what they think. That ought to be interesting.

We're having a lazy Saturday. Rick is currently taking a nap. When I'm done here, going to wake him up and we will head out to the beach. I need some time bobbing around in salt water.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Last post said "I'm back". wow, that was short lived. What happened to this week, it's Friday already. Make that Thursday. OK, it's not as bad as I thought. I think your getting the picture of what's going on with me. I'm losing it.

Good news of today. The company Rick works for got the bid for phase two of the project they are working on at the National Guard Armory. Hopefully, this means two more years of work. Yes.....

Rick has settled into this job and likes it well enough and hey, in this economy; It's a job. Things are looking up.

Still editing the book and going just a little bit more insane with that project. On one hand, it's hard to let go and on the other I'm ready to move onto book two. The new ideas for the second book keep coming at me and it's hard to concentrate on working the kinks out of book one.

Auxiliary Presidency Meeting this morning. I don't even have the words. I know I need to be there and to keep plugging along, but it is a frustrating experience. We aren't even taking baby steps, it's more like the slime trail from a snail.

We have a special Fireside tomorrow night. The Mission President and a counsellor in the Area Presidency will be here to talk to us. I'm sure it will be wonderful. I could use some Spiritual Nourishment.

We went to see Cowboys and Aliens last night. It was interesting. In my opinion, Daniel Craig makes a better cowboy than James Bond. Harrison Ford, is well, Harrison Ford. Interesting premise and it was fun, but then I always did love a good western. I have to admit there were a few too many things jumping out at you (that really scares the snot out of me) for my taste.

The other night we rented The Adjustment Bureau. Now that was an interesting movie. It's based on a Sci-Fi Short Story. Some incredible insights about "Free Will" and knowing when it's important to follow "The Plan". It made me feel like,maybe I'm not crazy after all. I love movies that make your think. Well, most times, sometimes, I just want to be entertained, thinking being optional.

There you have it my exciting life, where thinking is always optional.

Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm back. For those of you who think I'm a major slacker (that would be anyone who knows me well), NOT this time. I have not had Internet service since early last Thursday. It seems that the condo association decided to go with another provider and they have been in the process for four days. Finally,today I called and said; "Hey, what gives." They gave me my new "user name" and "password" and I am up and running. The best part is, now it's true High Speed Internet. I can get video streaming and music without going through the whole download first business. It is amazing.

The next crisis is that my cell phone no longer works at the condo, "at all". Not even down by the pool. Oh, I get maybe five minutes before the battery runs out. I took the phone in to Sprint, to see if I needed a new battery and they said no. Apparently, the site closest to my condo has been vandalized (people have been stealing the copper wire and selling is at recycling places), so my phone has to work so hard looking for a site, it runs the battery down. Lovely. It still works on call forward if I keep it plugged it, but that means YOU HAVE TO CALL ME.

You may or may not have heard, but Tropical Storm Emily is bearing down on us. The Weather Channel is all excited and keeps predicting that it will reach Hurricane Status. Of course, we are hoping NOT. Decided that we needed to go to the store (you know how I love grocery shopping) tonight and stock up. That was a sobering experience. The place was packed. The shelves were empty. Every check-out was open, and we still waited almost an hour to get through the line. I spent way too much, but we are prepared. I'm going to have to find a way to get some of this money back out of the next four paychecks, but I think we'll be OK. Better safe than sorry.

People in the islands don't take the Hurricane Warnings lightly. I get really aggravated with the media. Particularly, The Weather Channel. They are so excited at he possibility of another disaster. Of course, all of their emphasis is on the potential impact on the States, we really don't matter.

Also,had to buy another tire today. The roads on St.Croix literally eat your tires.

Well that's all folks. Hopefully, I can keep you posted. If we're down for a few days, that could be the storm or it could be the friendly folks at Broadband VI fiddling with the new service. I'll let you know.