Saturday, September 10, 2011

Interesting day. We have been under a Tropical Storm Warning and Flash Flood Warning "High Alert" due to the approach of Tropical Storm Maria. The locals are freakin' out. I think they saw a two headed chicken or something. Everyone is predicting a big hurricane. Stores are boarded up and there was a curfew imposed on the island at 3PM today. So far,it's a little windy and we have had a few showers but nothing out of the normal weather for this time of year. The Weather Channel is refusing to downgrade Maria but it looks like it is falling apart. If they downgrade a storm they might lose a few ratings points.

We're wondering if we should bring the patio furniture in before we go to bed. I really don't want to be doing it at 2AM in hurricane force winds, but then I don't want to be doing it early either, if it isn't necessary.

Ah life in the tropics. Trust me, this is a place where "thinking is optional" by all.

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