Friday, September 23, 2011

The slacker is back. Today at noon-Atlantic Time, I finished writing "Far Away Dreams" or Book II. One more to go. Do I have it in me? I guess we'll see.

This story consumed me. I would forget to eat (Not necessarily a bad thing.), didn't cook much (A bad thing according to Rick), the house is a wreck (eh!) and there were times I could not sleep (Not necessarily a new thing). I have to admit I feel a little bit like a fraud. I started Book I with a general idea of wanting to write a story about Mermaids. I started out with no outline, having no idea where I was going or what I was doing. Simultaneously, I started taking college course, again. (One day I'll actually get that degree. Nah, they still want me to take those math classes.) I started reading blogs and studying like mad to learn how to write. I mean, I want to learn how to craft a good story, something you can't put down. Characters you become invested in. I want you to feel my passion and learn about the things that are important to me. I want to make you cry. I want to prick your conscience. I want you to laugh out loud with tears streaming down your face. I want to embarrass you. I want you to feel the heat of my love scenes without going to far and crossing the line that offends your imagination.

Anyway...back to being a fraud. I don't know where these stories are coming from. I start writing with a vague idea and it gets away from me and the characters start talking and ideas start coming. It's crazy. Sometimes I worry about myself. Some of the ideas that became incorporated into the story were NOT my idea. They wanted to be there and there was no getting around it. These are all ideas that I am very familiar with, with a twist, of course, but I did not intend to include them as part of the story. What is that?

Book I is with an editor. I haven't heard a peep from them in three weeks. I'm anxious. At the same time,no news is good news. I terrified they will say this is the biggest piece of crap I have ever read. Rick likes it,but unfortunately he doesn't really count. He counts on me for dinner. (Most days.) There is no way he would say it was a piece of crap. Book II is better than Book I. Maybe that's not fair. Book I is so much setting the stage, developing the characters. In Book II they get to take off. More action, more danger,more everything.

I have confidence I have a good story. I hope I'm good enough to write it.

I don't promote my blog. Primarily it's my Journal. I write here for myself and I don't worry about where the commas go (That would be because I have no idea where they should be. I'm just a storyteller.) I do know that some of my followers picked me up from my Twitter page, so anyone, everyone, let me know what you think.

Next step slash and burn on Book II, it ended up at 110,119 words, probably a little bit too long. When I hear back from the editor, hopefully I will be able to make "minor" changes and start to sell myself by querying agents. Wondering who I can get to help me edit Book II. Editors for Book I are working for a week stay with us in the Caribbean. I'm sure they will want $$$, that I don't have for Book II. Can't really blame them. Finally, I guess I'll start on Book III (Hopefully the final in this series.) The characters are already calling to me. I'm not sure where they are going, but I know they want to get started on the journey.

When someone asked me what the books were about I told them: "Strong women with strong values. Ancient customs and rituals. Value of family; first the immediate family, next the global family. And Mermaids,of course." My take on mermaids may be a little different and shocking to some.

Titles were the hardest. I have finally settled on "Far Away Eyes" for Book I and "Far Away Dreams" for Book II. Of course, if I find a publisher who is interested, changing the title would not be a deal breaker for me. Changing some of the story would.

For me; Thinking is still optional.


  1. Awwww I really liked Sea Star! May be I will change my mind. As a work in progress I think it would be really hard to name all the books until they are all done. It always seems to come together in the end and make sense....I do always like in a story that "aaha" moment when you read the title right there in the just seems to connect me to the story better, that is of course just me....that is why I like Sea Star.

  2. When you read it, you will like this better. More subtle.