Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm back! The phone was turned off on Friday and we were absolutely crazy in this move for the entire weekend. We were not officially out of the house with everything cleaned up and done, finished and rolling down the road until 12:30 am Tuesday morning. Spent all day Tuesday at Rachel's house doing laundry and trying to find the things that we need. Both Rick and I are absolutely exhausted and trying to recover. Rick has to teach his class today, work at the "site" on Thursday and Friday and then we have another garage sale to host on Saturday. Next week we're off and running again. I can hardly wait until June 3rd when we leave for St Croix. Trying to have some fun with Macy but there is always so much to do. It's also really hard to be in someone else's house. Last night had to do one of the really hard things about this move; give away our dogs. Panama, the Golden Retriever went to a really good home, his new dog parents are probably better dog parents than we are and they will love him and make him a part of their family. Scout is staying with a friend until we can find him a home on a ranch or farm where he can have the run of the place. It's really hard to give them up even though we know it's for the best. Had the realization yesterday that we will have to give up the last of our horses sooner rather than later, even the two that we had hoped to keep. It breaks my heart of think of giving up "Baby" but I have no doubt that it's what I need to do. It's hard when you feel as though no one supports your dreams, but that doesn't make them any less real for you.

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