Friday, May 7, 2010

Just so we all know we are on the same page, Thursday's post was really for Wednesday and this post is really for Thursday. Have I lost you yet, I fear that I am losing IT! Just gotta get through this garage sale. It's a little scary to be selling so much stuff. We have priced everything at about half of what it costs new, so that we can sell it, but soon we will have NO STUFF, and although we will have a bag of money, we really can't afford to replace even half of the STUFF we are selling. So the question is; How important is this STUFF? I hope not too important. I'm not selling anything that has real sentimental value, but then most of that stuff doesn't have any real monetary value. I suppose you can see just how exhausted I am. Well once we are through the garage sale, I think I can return to temporary sanity. Still haven't purchased our airline tickets yet, but that takes way to much focus. Hopefully by Monday.

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