Sunday, May 9, 2010

Taking the day off for Mother's Day and Sunday of course. Going on down to Rachel and Don's to spend it with them. Having a difficult time with a lot of things; First, I really miss my Mom, after 30 years it doesn't hurt any less. Second, it's a little scary to be selling all of our things, some of it, it feels good to be unburdened by, but some of it makes me think that I will never be able to have some of those things again and some of them I really enjoy. I suppose this is a lesson for me, to think about what is important and it is not THINGS. Third, I am really tired and I really am sore and I really feel old and I really, really don't like that feeling. Oh well.....Happy Mother's Day to all of you reading this, I hope you will spend it with the people you love and enjoy and cherish the time you have with them.

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