Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Insecure Writers Support Group - Who Me?

I'm such a loner that it doesn't occur to me to look for support. Looking or not it seems to come. You know that old saying about "mad dogs and Englishmen", most days I'm both. What I'm trying to say is that so many of you take such good care of me, even though I don't have the good sense to ask for help. 

I write goofy things on this blog, of course, it's like my Journal so what ever is in my head that day shows up here. That's not always good. This would be the reason I started the Far Away Series Blog where I try to sound a little more sane and promote my writing. At either site it feels good to write and write I do. Often I post something and think; 'oh, this will really mean something to so and so'. I can't wait to see what they comment. Well most often so and so never comments, but someone completely off the wall will say the sweetest thing or be touched by something I've said. That's what makes it worthwhile. That's why I write.

I stated in an earlier post how we all live for the applesauce (applause-old theater joke), those comments are the applause, whether good bad or indifferent (BTW - there is no such thing as an indifferent comment, if you cared enough to say it, you cared enough.). Keep them coming. They keep us alive. They keep us in touch with each other and with our own reality.

I am such a loner that sometimes I don't even recognize that I am outcast. No matter. If I do not know it, I am not it. Likewise; if you do not tell me that you love me, I will not know it.

I was speaking to a friend from Idaho last night who is still astounded to hear I have written two novels and am working on a third in this month of November. Ahh, the things we assume we know about someone, but forgot to ask. My husband says that I like nothing better than the sound of my own voice. While I do love that sound, I like even better the sound of your voice telling me about mine.

NaNoWriMo is working out good for me so far. I have to keep reining in the muse, it likes to get ahead of me. (Bird by Bird, I keep reminding myself). It's important to tell the whole story, in the right order. I knows what's in my head, but you don't. Well,maybe some days even I don't know.

When the in securities get to big, scary, dark, overwhelming, nerve wracking, about to gobble you up, get yourself in some water. That's what I do. I know it sounds crazy, but it works. If you are lucky enough to live at the beach, salt water is my favorite. If you have a pool nearby, go there. If nothing else take a shower or bath. Let that velvet flow of water wash over you and rinse all the scary stuff away. Your muse will thank you. You will thank you. Try it, you'll like it.

OK,I admit maybe this is the craziest advice you will find in any blog on this support group, but it's practical advice, something everyone can do. You don't need to wrap your head around it, just wrap some water around yourself.

OK, maybe I'm more than a little crazy. Remember I live where the commas don't, and thinking is optional.


  1. YOU..a loner? YOU...insecure? Well, that's news to me! The way you write, the way you worship, the way you face hard times? I have always admired you and always are my hero and certainly not a loner or insecure!!!!! Love you!

  2. You are too kind. Some days I am the nastiest of loners and when it comes to certain things, like my writing, I am completely insecure. BUT, you are helping,so keep up the praise. Love you too.