Friday, November 11, 2011

The Law of Attraction and All That Jazz

Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? I do kinda, sorta(talk about a vague ambiguity). Anyway, I have got to change something about my life.

Remember I told you a few weeks about about the fact that we were having 'current' (electrical power) problems and somehow this ate my fridge. We spent some time living in 'hunter/gatherer mode' living in one condo and storing our food in another. Well this past week we had another 'current' problem. We had a serious interruption of power for about twelve hours. This is not supposed to happen, because the condo project where I live has monstrous generators that kick in automatically when the power goes off. 

Anyway...something went kerflueey and the generators never came on and it took twelve hours to fix. When it came back on I started a load of laundry and promptly forgot about it. A few hours later, when I went to put the clothes in the dryer, the washer was full of water and my soggy towels and nothing else was working.  Yippee! Apparently,the big bad 'current monster' ate my washer.

I waited until Rick got home that night hoping he could figure out what was wrong. Rick re-injured his back (initial injury occurred when we were in the DR)and was no help at all. I was going into Christiansted with some friends the next day, and stopped by the Property Manager's Office to ask them to get the repair man out and they said they would. This was on Wednesday. Today, Friday, with a load of soggy towels still sitting in the washer and not smelling too good (remember, I live in the Tropics) I decided I had better walk down to the condo office for some tokens (they have a laundromat here,but the machines take tokens not coins).  Well it is Veteran's Day and the condo project was closed. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I mean I understand Banks, the Post Office and other Government Services, but the Condo Project. 

In the VI we take our Holidays seriously.

OK, now I'm getting a little crazy. That happens when I feel helpless. I try to call the Property Manager and see what's up with the repairman, to find that the phones on the island are not working. I take my cell phone up into the parking lot to try to call and can't get service where I normally do. HAS THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE MOVED OVER A FEW DEGREES OR WHAT?

Calm down I tell myself. Your a grown up. You can handle this. No I cannot. I'm a writer in the middle of NaNoWriMo and I have no clean clothes. I am losing it. This is what happens to me when I'm completely sucked into my writing. Normally, it's not this bad, but this thing with trying to write a novel in thirty days is a little over the top. Add to that, all of a sudden this book is writing itself. I have to go into the NaNoWriMo site and take down my synopsis, because the book that is being written does not look much like it.

Do not get me wrong, I'm having a good time, but I really stress about the clean clothes thing. After all, the laundry is the last vesture of domesticity that I'm clinging too during the month of November. If that goes, who knows what will happen. I could be left open to all forms of insanity and wildness.

Long story made short. I decided to go to the pool and think this laundry thing over. My motto; when in doubt go get neck deep. The President of the Condo Association happened to be there visiting with some other folks. I went and asked him, if he might have any laundry tokens. A pleasant conversation later one of the couples there, who are owners of a condo here, down for the month of November, invited me to bring this load of laundry over to their place and wash it. I had met these people a few times before but did not know their names. Do you think I took my laundry over to their condo. You better believe it. No one ever called me shy and I really needed clean clothes.

The end of this story. I have clean clothes. We spent the evening visiting with these people.They are from New Jersey. I now know their names. We all had a pleasant time. 

I have got to stop being so crazy. I have got to stop attracting some of this stuff from the lunatic fringe to me. I have got to get back to my book and tell this story.

When I was posting Ghost Stories on my other site people kept asking me; Are these really true stories? Yes they are. This story above is the truth and nothing but.
Would I lie to you or worse make something up? Actually, I might make something up, that's what I do, but I would tell you it was made up.

Living in the VI, you have to adapt. I think I'm doing pretty good and then something like clean clothes (I value my washer/dryer more than my fridge and stove) completely throws me. No matter where you live, you will do better if you learn to think outside the box. Do something like going to a complete strangers condo to do a load of laundry. Hey what better way to make friends. Right?

Some people might even call it crazy. Then again...

I love this commentary, actually it's an Apple Ad. No matter, it's coming from a place where 'thinking is optional' and it's all about the doing. Go ahead call me crazy, I don't mind.

Enjoy your weekend. I'm going to the beach. Neck deep in salt water, my favorite place.


  1. Ha! Sorry to laugh at your troubles, but you write funny. I'm moving To Mexico...Akumal...on the Caribbean in March. I'm sure I'll have stories to tell.

  2. Good Luck Em, if you look close enough, there will be stories.

  3. Buy new shorts and a tropical t-shirt, then sit back relax and finish NaNo.
    (I know, once hubby's on the case, I get extra nervous about the results. sigh)

  4. That's so weird! I am in Massachusetts, and I've had some weird power problems too. I blogged about it today, actually!