Monday, November 21, 2011


Just checking in for a quick rant. I promise.

I've been posting updates on my NaNo project, well last night when I went in to update my word count the site wiped me out and posted a 0 word count for me. It's November 21 and I have a 0 word count in NaNoWriMo.

If your not a writer or not doing NaNo this year that probably doesn't mean a thing to you but I am seriously disturbed about this (Yeah,more seriously disturbed than normal).

Oh well, I've got to get back and write more words that NaNo refuses to count.

Maybe what disturbs me most is that I really do not think of myself as a head hunter/number chaser in any sense of the word. If that's really true why is this making me so nuts? Probably better if you don't try to answer that.

You know what I always say...


  1. Alex,I knew it was you. Thanks. My friend Donna Weaver just showed me something on twitter that has me feeling pretty stupid to be upset over this.

  2. That is so weird. resubmit. You've already got more than 50k words. I'd just get your certificate in case it tries to glitch on you during on the last day! =D