Monday, November 28, 2011

Procrastination my daily ritual!

Believe it or not I started at 4 this morning. Long time friends and relatives are scratching their heads about now. I'm still hard at it on the NaNoWriMo Project. Total words at this very minute 75,709. I've decided I'm going to send it in for verification tomorrow if I've finished the novel or not.  After an earlier brush with the NaNo site's technology, I don't want to risk any last minute snafu.

I will finish this one, but I have got to get back to some semblance of what passes for normal around here. This puppy has cost me $75 in late charges this month (I let three different due date for bills pass right by while I was 'writing'). Other than Thanksgiving, I haven't cooked a really good meal and Thanksgiving only happened because Rick tricked me into inviting guests. I have done the laundry (that was one of my crises') but it's been a weekly pick your things out of the 'clean basket' cause the drawers are empty kind of deal. I'm lucky I don't find myself sleeping on the beach somewhere.

I have to admit, I am married to the best guy around. He puts up with me. He puts up with all of my hair brained schemes and supports me completely. He was leery about this NaNo thing and it turns out rightly so. But, all the same he reads the daily's and adds the commas. What a guy! I don't say it often enough or public enough, but I love You, Honey. You are my better half. As a side note,he claims to be waiting patiently for that 'best seller'. He's even picked out his sailboat and promises to name it after whichever book pays the bill. I love that he has that kind of confidence in me.

This story has taken so many twists and turns it is nothing like the one I planned to tell. It's way better and closer to my heart. I will get this one published. That's a promise I make right here, right now to you and myself. Superstition be damned, I said it out loud.

You may have lost patience with me. I really have neglected this blog. I've been a bit more diligent about the Far Away Series,so if you really want to catch up with me go here. Also,if your interested in the real ghost story that inspired my NaNo Project, check in there, because I'll tell it next Tuesday December 6. If you don't have that link it is:

Remember 'thinking is always optional'.


  1. My wife was really patient with me, because I was busy with the release of my first book in October of last year and then slid right into NaNo the next month. If I hadn't reappeared in December, she might've killed me though.

  2. Alex: It's good to have a patient spouse. Generally it's the woman who is more kind and patient,man did I get lucky on this count.

    My Dad has been gone 11 years this Thursday and I can still hear him telling me; "I hope you know how much this guy loves you. You're a nut, and he puts up with you. Whatever you do don't lose this one." Daddy told him, he had a 'no return' policy.

    I love both my husband and Daddy fiercely.

  3. I keep wondering why I have to'verify' on my own account. Then I realize I'm signed into the other account. Babs in Paradise ~ Far Away Eyes the same person YIKES!