Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Don't know why I seem so busy lately, trying hard to find my routine. Rick finally got a job and a good one to boot. Unfortunately, it's another temporary one, anywhere from two to eight months according to the owner's of the company. He is still working on the job for the Territory and since we knew that wouldn't actually start in the very near future, this could be the perfect, fill in the gap. Whatever comes of it, we are soooo grateful. He's surveying again, so it's something that he is real comfortable with. We are both immensely relieved.

As I had stated many times before I really wasn't worried that we would find work, I just wasn't sure about how desperate we would have to be. Once again, we felt the prayers, encouragement and help of our good family and friends, getting us through this hump in the road. We are so fortunate.

Getting ready for a visit from a friend. Excited to have some company. It's kind of strange, when we moved here everyone joked about being our new best friend (hinting that they would love to come and visit) but only our family has taken us up on that. It's exciting when you live some place new and exotic to want to show it off to your friends, so I am really looking forward to this visit. It will also provide a nice relaxing diversion to the changes taking place in our lives with Rick getting back to "full time work".

Need to get moving to get everything ready. Having had very little motivation the past few weeks for any sort of housework, I really need to swamp this place out. It will feel good when it's done, I hope.

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