Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A most interesting day spent reflecting on many things. I had the feeling of being especially blessed. I think lately I have been too preoccupied with how we are going to pay this months bills to look out across the Caribbean Sea and remember how blessed I am to live in such a beautiful place at this time in my life.
The last two days almost everyone we know in the states has been locked down by the weather, either extreme amounts of snow or temperatures in the double digits below zero. When I read their comments on
Facebook or they call or email me, I can't help but think again how blessed I am not not be a part of that (I spent the 12 months previous to our move down here unable to get warm).

Rick had the opportunity today to talk to some friends in the states to ask for their assistance with things that we left behind and everyone was so kind and concerned and willing to help, again I felt tremendously blessed to have such good friends and family.

I was also reflecting on some of the sacrifices we have made to come to live in this wonderful place, they were not easy and at times some of them still are not easy, but the things we are learning and the blessing that have been bestowed upon us far outweigh the sacrifices. It occurs to me that you need to look at your life as one big learning experience and try not to miss anything, if you do, it might all be wasted (not necessarily your life, but at least, that experience). I really want to learn everything that I can and I don't want to miss a thing, so sometimes the really hard things are the most important.

Rick and I have been talking over the past few weeks about what are the most important qualities you can have and I have come to the conclusion that honesty and integrity are at the top of my list. It is so much easier to be honest than not, if for no other reason than you don't have to keep track of the lies. So often when I know people are lying to me, I can't help but think, do they really think that I am that stupid; the answer is almost always; yes they do. Sometimes that makes me angry, but when I am more rational, I really think; how sad. Almost everyone I know, who is a parent, has a policy with their children, that if they just tell the truth, they won't get in trouble, yet many of these same people have no qualms about telling lies themselves. Do they think that their children don't know that they lie to others? If so, they had better think again, children are smarter than you think and they are also more observant than anyones knows.

Integrity is the next big quality, it kind of goes along with honesty in that I think integrity, simply put means, doing what you say you will do, standing for what you say you stand for and being the person you profess to be in every aspect, at all times, under every condition. It's not easy and sometimes we simply cannot fulfill our duties but then I think we have to own up to it and not simply make excuses. I get really crazy with excuses, just say, hey I blew it and I'm sorry and I will really try to do better next time.

I really believe that when people lack integrity and or tell lies they think that they are pulling something over on someone else when really the damage they do to themselves is irreparable. Contrary to what they think, most people are not that stupid and they know that they have been lied to. Sometimes they make a big deal out of it, but often they just let it go and the liar has less and less credibility with them. Does the person who lies or one who shows not sign of integrity really think that God doesn't know? Surely they can't think that He is that stupid, maybe they just don't care what He thinks.

Coming back to the start of this particular thought; I don't think that our Heavenly Father is a strict disciplinarian who even considers punishing us, but when we do something wrong he simply cannot bless us and who wants to go through this life without blessings.

Just a thought!

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