Tuesday, May 24, 2011

For weeks, no maybe it's more like months now, I have been just about begging those of you who have not yet signed up as followers to do so. Then I go and disappoint everyone by being such a slug. My first line of defense is that it has not all been my fault. Blogger has been on and off the blink over the past few weeks, so there have been some times that, I simply could not get onto the site Primarily the fault has been mine.

Some of you may know that I have been working on writing a book. Well it's going very well but due to the obsessive nature of my personality I have been consumed. It's funny how you start with an idea and then you create a few characters and suddenly the whole thing has a life of it's own. I mean seriously, my characters have actually refused to say certain things that I thought they should be saying, then there is the scene that I have pictured exactly in my head and it just won't translate. This along with the nights that I'm up until three or four AM because I can't stop yet. Compare those to the days that I sit at the computer and procrastinate, because I just can't get going. Well you get the idea. I'm enjoying this venture immensely but it is work. All this is happening while I'm taking classes,so.....some days I have used up all my words and I can't stare at this screen for one more minute, let along remember how to spell one more word.

Also, I'm the Young Women's President at Church, so every Tuesday we have an activity for the Young Women. Having an activity means that we drive 2/3 of the way across the island to pick up one of the girls whose mother works nights, and without a ride she wouldn't be able to attend, anyway then we come back to the church which is mid-island, then we take her home and then we finally get home. I really don't mind, it's just time consuming.

Anyway, we had a combined activity tonight, that's the Young Women and the Young Men, it was a success. We simply had a game night, meaning the kids came together played a few games and ate pizza. These are some really good kids, who are into their school work and trying hard to do the right thing, but all the same I would not go back to High School for anything.

Finally, I'm hoping that blogger will cooperate and let me post the picture of Rosie that I have been promising. There's also a picture of the other half of my Easter gift from E. Bunny. Rosie is a big help with our garden and you will all be glad to know that we are eating our lettuce daily.

Well that's all folks. Once again I have repented and will try to write daily, but we'll just have to see how that works out.

Sorry guys,no picture tonight, between blogger and what we simply call "islands" it ain't gonna happen. I'll try again tomorrow.

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