Saturday, May 28, 2011

Posted that short story in my writers group for comments and even let Rick read it. I appreciate your kind comments, but it's obvious it fell short In other words nobody really got it. I did learn some valuable lessons from this experience thought. Primarily, when you working within a very tight framework (I can't even say Hi in less than 500 words) you have to leave in what is important and get rid of some of the prose,no matter how much you love it.

This VSS was excerpted from my book where it is a conversation between a mother and her teenage daughter. Obviously, in that context it would read a little differently and I have no word constraint, but interestingly enough, today when I finally wrote myself up to the point where this conversation should go,I don't think I'm going to use it, I came up with something better. Still want to make a distinction between love and sex and with an emphasis the importance of women's true roles in life. Oh and you can "just shoot me" if you don't like my viewpoint. It is only my viewpoint and this is my book and my blog after all.

Anyway...Rick had to go into work this morning for a few hours but we are planning a beach Memorial Day Weekend. He reminded me that this is the first Memorial Day Weekend we've had in a long time when it wasn't either, cold, rainy or snowy. Yeah! It's about 82 and sunny here in the islands.

OK now I've Facebooked, Tweeted and fooled around here. I think I've taken distractions to a new level, so it's time to finish up one more chapter before Rick comes home and the weekend begins. Before I go let me see if today blogger will let me post the pictures of Rosie and E. Bunny. OK, the pictures are added, but E. Bunny is a little cock-eyed, I didn't rotate the picture, but he'll have to stay that way, at least you get the idea, I'm out of time.


  1. AHA!!! Love that story line...I thought it was a conversation between two unrelated women and didn't quite get the point....great and sex...important message there! Love the CUTE!!!!!

  2. and that view...I am jealous!!!!!