Sunday, May 29, 2011

My thoughts for today. for our Fifth Sunday lesson at church we talked about our conversion to the Gospel. Just about everybody in our little Branch are Adult Converts, my personal belief is that we are all converts, even those born into the church and baptized at 8 years of age, you still have to be converted someday. It was an interesting and enlightening discussion, some of the testimonies of these people are incredible.

This got me to wondering. How many of us really GET IT! I mean get the meaning of life, the why are we here, where did we come from and where are we going. Yeah pretty heavy stuff. I for one, am still working on it. I think it's a life long process, perfection that is. If you GET IT,or even think that maybe you are working on it, what are you doing?

On another subject, I have to express how proud of my husband, I am. He has been the unofficial acting Branch President here on St.Croix for the past three weeks when our Branch President was in the States. Certainly I'm biased, but I think he showed an incredible amount of maturity and love for these wonderful people. There are a lot of hard things here and it's even harder to try to get even a fraction of them done, while also working full time and seeing to the needs of your family. Today, more than one of the Sister's expressed to me, what a good job they thought he did, and how much they have come to love him for the help and time he devotes to others.

I am generally the first one to point out his failings (to him, not to the world) and this is in an effort to help him be better, trust me, he does the same for me, but I have to admit he did rise to the occasion. Another reason to be grateful, is that maybe he proved that he can it, so that he will never have to. You know the old "lessons learned".

Tomorrow we're invited to a BBQ, have to go back out to Cane Bay to check out the annual Sea Kayak sale and I was hoping to spend some time at the beach at Cane Bay, also Rick has to go into work in the morning and I have a Visiting Teaching Appointment at 10. All this and I'm obsessing about my "day off" from my book. We'll see what we actually fit in tomorrow.

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