Monday, May 9, 2011

Sorry about the Saturday Night rant, I made it through Mother's Day just fine, it was actually a very nice day. Church was really good, almost as though everyone knew I didn't want to hear the syrupy Mother's Day stuff, so they did herald Mother's but in a more real way. I enjoyed it.

On another note...I started another diet (sigh) on May 1st, don't really want to bore you with the details but it is working quite nicely, thank you very much. I'm not hungry, have more energy, and basically feel really good. It's pretty strict for six days a week and then you have one day when you can basically eat anything you want (yes anything and in any amount). Well I decided to save my "binge day" for Mother's Day and today I actually feel sick, you have to learn to pace yourself. I mean it was a Holiday and all and we had a special meal but I really over did it on things that I only thought I wanted. It is amazing what you can do without and not truly miss. There are a few things that I ate yesterday, that today, I feel as though I never want to eat again. Thanks a good thing, right?

So far today only able to choke down some Apple/Cinnamon Herbal Tea, anxious to get back to my slo-carb diet, it really felt so good, but I have got to get my stomach and intestines settled down before I put ANYTHING into them. It's overcast and humid today, so I'm going to do some housework, sit here and write and try to feel better. Pool later on. Aren't you glad you asked?

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  1. if it works, please share! you know me, always looking for that magic way to lose 100 pounds! A friend of mine just lost 100 pounds on the hcg (or whatever it is called) diet...really worked for works on the stored fat!