Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm so mad I could spit. Yesterday, I told you one of my main distractions was work on my story, well all week I have been distracted by a "very short story contest", that I wanted to enter. this morning I got up early and took an excerpt from my book and reworked it into a "very short story" (less than 500 words) for this contest. I'm sure it was a good exercise, BUT when I went to post it at the contest, they stated that "due to the vast number of early entries they closed the contest early". ALRIGHTY THEN, is not exactly what I thought but it's what I'm comfortable writing here. (and now I can't figure out why this won't stop writing in italic, except for the fact that I have decided that blogger hates me)/

Anyway....I'm going to publish that very short story here, so any of you who are still reading my blog, feel free to comment, but be gentle, I'm a little insecure about my writing. Go figure!


“Hey Benni, thanks for lunch, I’m so depressed, I need you to talk to me,” Clare said, as she slid into the booth.

“It’s about him, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, you know he was a photographer?” Clare said.

“Yes, I knew that.”

All that adventure and the beautiful women….He would be alive today if….” Clare said.

“Clare the world is full of beautiful women, what is needed is more genuine women. Women who are not afraid to accept their true callings as mothers and wives, women who are willing to learn and grow into those callings, women who want genuine feeling and emotions, not cheap counterfeits.”

“Don’t you think I want those things?” Clare asked.

“I don’t know. Look, you wondered why there was no man in my life for almost twenty years; well it was because I had a true love. After he was gone I was angry and heartbroken, I thought about looking for someone else, but I realized another man was not going to replace him. Although, I might fall in love again, it would not be the same love. So, I made a decision to cherish the genuine love that I had and not accept a cheap imitation.”

“I can’t understand why he went to that place. Everything was good between us, even the sex,” Clare said.

“It always comes back to sex. Sex and love might be bound together but, don’t mistake one for the other. While sex might be an expression of love it can’t create or replace it. Love can stands on its own, but sex alone will eventually leave you feeling hollow and unfulfilled. True love doesn’t require any payment; it’s free and unattached to the physical.”

“I feel so alone and afraid, I need someone to fill my life,” Clare said.

“You have a choice, you can replace the photographer with some guy, you can replace love with sex and you can replace your potential for genuine happiness with things or; you can live in peace knowing that you have experienced true love, let that settle into your being, and see what happens. Time really does heal all wounds, but we like to pick a scab, thinking it will speed up the process. In reality that only creates more of a scar.”

“So where do I go from here?”

You stand at a crossroad where pain, loneliness and sorrow meet peace, tranquility and devotion. Only you can decide to turn the corner and accept your life.”

“So you’re telling me I’ll never have that kind of love again?” Clare asks.

“Not at all, but in order to find a worthy man, you have to be spending some time making yourself worthy.”

“Will you tell him? Can you do that?” Clare said.

“He already knows.”

“Miss are you waiting for someone, or do you want to order now,” the waitress said.

“No I’m alone and I’m ready,” Clare said.

There you go, that's it, at least I had the courage to submit it somewhere.


  1. I like it. Not what I would call a short story, but that is because I think of three little pigs as a short story these days. But I would call it a great conversation in a much bigger story that I really wanted to keep reading to understand what will happen next.

    Great dialoge.

  2. You captured my attention and curiosity!!! I want MORE! I hope you will be sharing this book with your friends...give a synopsis of what this book is about and the challenges in the book....MORE PLEASE!