Monday, June 20, 2011

AWOL again for two days, but this time I have a good excuse, well an excuse anyway. Saturday, we had a big day planned. Cooking all morning to have my food ready to take to the Annual Father's Day dinner at the Branch. Edited quite a big of the book, while Rick was on terminal hold with HP, in who knows what country, trying to get a replacement keyboard for our laptop. We decided to take a quick trip to the beach, before we had to go to the dinner that night.

Wonderful time at the beach, as usual. We left to come home, drove about three miles down the road and I was seized, that's right, I said seized, by the most horrible headache. Felt and acted like a migraine, but I have never had one come on so sudden,no warning, no messed up vision, nothing, just sudden blinding pain. I was immediately sick to my stomach also. I must have dozed on and off,most of the way home, because I have absolutely no recollection of that trip. When we got home, I remember thinking, I would surely puke when I tried to get out of the car, but I guess I didn't. I must have made my way downstairs and peeled off my swimsuit and got into bed. I really don't remember any of that, but when I woke up at 9 that evening. My swimsuit was on the floor, and I was in bed with about two pounds of sand.

We had a load of food for the dinner and Rick had invited a friend from work to go with us, so he had to go. Apparently he had a conversation with me about it and I grunted something about leaving me alone anyway, so he went and came back around 9, shortly after I woke up. Of course, I was hungry and of course, he didn't bring me anything from the dinner, so he made me a grilled cheese sandwich and I went back to bed. The next morning, I still had a residual headache, much milder than the first, but I was afraid it would come back with full force so Rick went back to church alone. I went back to bed and slept for another 4 hours. Spent the afternoon, laying around dozing on and off, and still had a faint headache.

Finally late last night I did make Rick a nice Father's Day Dinner, we visited for awhile and then went to bed, where I slept another 9 hours. Today, I feel fine. I'm thinking that maybe it was some sort of virus, you know the kind that attacks your weakest part. No shock there, that in my case that happened to be my brain.

I have go to get some work done today. I have got to get this book edited, well at least I have got to get through the first self-edit and onto to the next. I am having trouble staying focused. My brain wants to start on the next book, is that crazy or what. I wish I had the thousands of dollars it would take to turn it over to a professional editor. Except, I'm having a hard time turning it over to Rick to read, let alone someone who will probably rip it from one Sunday to the next.

I just finished reading a self-published ebook that was pretty bad. Went against absolutely everything, I have learned in my classes. This is a book by a guy I met on twitter,where authors shamelessly "hawk their wares", anyway, I'm thinking he had a good story, but he needed some education about writing. At the end of the book, in his short bio, it says he has a degree in Creative Writing, from UC/Boulder; are you kidding me? This is not helping my insecurities.

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