Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Summer Solstice, longest day of the year, longest day of your life in 2011. Are you feeling it? Are you living it? I'm reading this book (when am I not reading some book), about a kid at a Prep School in a Religions of the World class. The instructor is teaching Buddhism and he talks about living in the moment. Made me think; Am I living in the moment?

You know, not waiting for what will happen when..... Are you thinking, when I have this...When I am this age....When my kids do this....When my kids are this age....When I retire....When I have enough money...and so on, and so on. Well people. Those times never come, if you are not living in the moment, enjoying the now, being present for your life...YOU ARE MISSING IT!

Sometimes, I have to stop myself and give a little shake so I can come back to the here and now and get on with it. I want to experience it all, even the pain and not miss a minute. Life is a classroom. All we are going to take with us, when we checkout of this life, are the relationships we make and what we learn (a little secret "babsism" ~ we learn from those relationships, there is something you can learn from every personality you meet)when I think of the people, who taught me, all I can say is WOW.

Rick and I are currently planning a trip to the Greek Isles (it's where the next book takes place,and you know the "write what you know" stuff. I have got to go there). Anyway, Rick keeps wanting me to look at the place on Google Earth, I refuse. I don't want to do anything virtually - I want to do it really. Live life "out loud" and as"big" as possible, that's me.

Back to that Summer Solstice thing. I love this time of year. Herein the Caribbean the days don't lengthen out like they have some of the places I have lived, but it doesn't matter, you know it's happening, you can feel it if you try. I have some friends who are supposed to be in Peru at Machu Picchu on this very day, and to them I say WOO HOO, "stand on that mountain top and celebrate life. This life is all you have and it's a time to prepare; as good as it gets the best is yet to come.

One week ago today; Rick told me I was formidable. I hope so

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  1. Thanks for the reminder. This morning I was absorbed with my list of things to do. Your article brought me back so I went out and did some gardening and enjoyed watching the Robins doing their dance in the birdbath. Good luck with your editing. Lille