Friday, June 24, 2011

Sorry about yesterday, it was "cat herding" day. I almost couldn't believe it,my cats didn't need no herding. They were amazing, they knew exactly what they needed to do and they did it. Now, I think I know what is making the cats so nervous that they couldn't or wouldn't do their job. Since all the Voodoo women went back to the states or points elsewhere, the cats are taking control and it is an awesome sight to behold. Apparently, I'm more tanned than I thought.

Next up...I'm reluctant to blog about this, but I need to say some things out loud and hope that my delusion that there is someone reading this (since I average 500 hits in a 30 day period, I know you're out there even if you refuse to officially follow) will help to keep me honest and on track.

I've got another diet(of course,your not surprised, there is always another diet). I had told you before about the 4-Hour Body eating plan, well it was working and I never felt better (except on the "eat anything you want" days), but it stalled out, so it was hard to stay with. I did lose 11 pounds and interestingly enough I didn't put that right back on. Well I found something new, that expands on that plan. There is a product involved; it's not network marketing and I am not selling it BUT, I do hope to have a button on this site soon that you can click on and get more information.

This diet is strict, but it's not for the rest of your life and it is supposed to help you reset your "set point" you know that pesky weight that your body wants to go back to no matter what you do. I have decided that I know how to lose weight, but unfortunately I also know how to find it and find it fast. I need something that will help me KEEP IT OFF.

I started on Wednesday 6/22 and I am still in Phase I of the Protocol. Get this; Phase I is the first 3 days where you are encouraged to eat between 4000 & 5000 calories(that's right, no typo there), even I am having trouble choking that down, but I am giving it my best. Phase II gets a whole lot more strict, but it's supposed to be effective. Phase III is kind of the Maintenance portion. It looks interesting. It was recommended to me, by people I trust, so, if your interested, watch me work my way through it and see what you think.

I intend to devote my Wednesday posts, that will be week 1, 2, 3, etc. to letting you know (1) how I'm doing (2) what I'm losing (3) how hard or easy it has been. Then you can decide if you want to give it a try. Of course,the real test is 2 years after, if I can keep the weight off, but maybe if it works out good, you won't want to wait that long.

Keep watching for the button,should show up somewhere to the right on the blog. Once it's there just click and take a look for yourself and don't forget to tune in on Wednesday's to see how I'm doing. You get your own personal little testimonial from someone you trust, or maybe not, cause more and more it's looking like I am that person your parents warned you about.

Just so you know, today is the last day of Phase I (LOADING) so I'm making brownies for breakfast. Also, after two days of extreme loading I lost 1.4 pounds. How can that be? Whatever...I say if this is what's it's gonna be BRING IT ON!


  1. I am looking forward to getting the details of this diet...I NEED HELP!!!!!

  2. and I cannot wait an entire I will start phase 1 now!

  3. OK's been THREE days...what is going on???????