Monday, June 13, 2011

I want to start out tonight by apologizing to any and all of you who read my blog. I was reading some of the blogs that I follow, particularly those that are by editors and writers and everybody's advice is to practice your skills whenever and where ever you write. By the looks of my normal blog posts, I have not been doing that. I have been really sloppy. Sometimes that's because it is late and I want to get the information down, sometimes it's because there is so much to tell and sometimes it's because, well because I'm just being sloppy. So, I'm going to try to be better, I'm going to practice my craft here as well as everywhere I write.

Today, I went with a Realtor to look at another condo. It is in the same complex, but another building. The unit was not as nice as the one I live in, but the owner is willing to fix it up. I should say that he is willing to have us fix it up, but I'm not exactly clear who would pay for the fix up. There are two drawbacks to this unit; First, there is no washer/dryer and Second; it's a really long walk to the pool and an even longer walk back from the pool and all of that is up hill.

Rick doesn't even want to consider it, he thinks I won't be happy there. The rent would be a little cheaper, but I'm not sure if it's cheap enough to make up for what we would have to give up at this unit. I hate these type of decisions.

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