Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thank Goodness for Sundays! I'm not sure I could make it through each week without the battery recharge of Sunday. My responsibilities at the Branch keep me busy, so it's not a total day of rest, but the Spirit does refresh me to a point where I think I can get through another week.

The Branch is so small, we each make the rotation to speak about once a quarter. Today Sister Dye was up again. I just love that woman, she never fails to sing us a solo during her talk and the Spirit is so strong with her, you can't help but feel uplifted. Next I had a pretty good lesson with the Young Women. They are finally opening up and talking freely with me, about lessons and other things, so I think we're making some progress. Finally,my favorite activity of the month Branch Council. NOT, I would rather do almost anything than attend this meeting. It is painful. In fairness to the St. Croix Branch, I have to admit that in any Branch or Ward I've been in ,in my travels, where I have had a leadership calling that required me to attend these Council Meetings, they are always painful. I suppose this is for my good also and I am learning something, but it is still hurts. OUCH!

Time to go fix dinner for my husband, who told me yesterday that he's getting bored with all the eating out that we are doing. My answer to that would be "Bummer honey. If I gotta herd cats and you gotta eat..."

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