Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fortunately the weather has been beautiful. Unfortunately, I've been spending a lot of time chained to my computer working on the edit of my book. This is now become more than my magnificent obsession.

I'm feeling good that I completed the book, but now I have to get it out there and before I can approach agents or publishing houses, it has to be polished to a high gloss. At this point I have been over it so many times I'm starting to get sick of the story. Doesn't do anything for my basic insecurities about whether it's any good or not.

Rick is working his way through it and working on my punctuation and basic grammar (that would be because I have none, I just love a run on sentence. I mean why not make the whole book one big sentence, I use commas, so what's the big deal). He keeps telling me that it is amazing, but that might be a cheap ploy to get me to make dinner more than two times a week. Anyway...we are hard at it. I promise, if I get some of it to even a low gloss, I'll post it here, but only if you all promise to be honest, but kind.

I should have a little diversion this week cause...Yippee-aye-o-kayee, getting ready for some more serious cat herding. The end result of this particular round-up, probably won't be as much fun as the "Turtle Watch", but hopefully it will be as rewarding. Hoping for NOT another "just shoot me experience".

Well, enough of this. If you couldn't already tell, I'm tired, it is definitely getting on to my bedtime. Do want to mention a book I read recently that was really very good; "Looking for Alaska" as YA novel, kind of a gentler "Catcher in the Rye"for those of you from my generation. On second thought, maybe it wasn't any gentler, maybe I'm just older, kinder and hopefully more gentle.

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  1. I am sooooo excited about your book Barb....I have always wanted to write a book but have never figured out how to are amazing. If you need any help editing, let me know!!!