Wednesday, June 29, 2011

OK, so I'm a major slacker. Let me tell you 'bout it.

This past weekend was our Branch Conference here on the island. It began with a big Service Project on Saturday at the American Red Cross. We were helping them paint and clean the place up. The morning was supposed to be carried by the Youth, so naturally I was involved, the afternoon was supposed to be carried by the Single Young Adults, of which we really don't have any. The Branch President has someone coordinate this Service Project who left for seven months three weeks prior, oh yeah, another just shoot me deal. Anyway when they were trying to get prices to have lunch catered, and no one would volunteer in a Branch Council Meeting, I volunteered so we could get out of the meeting. Well that turned into getting the prices, ordering all the food, and picking it up on the day of. This along with the fact that I had to pick up the kids and get them coordinated had me a bit overwhelmed (did I say a bit???). the time we got to the Red Cross, I was grumpy to say the least. Started painting with some of the kids and they turned my mood around, right quick. It ended up being fun and it was great to see the few kids who came out have a good time and admit that they felt good about themselves. Afterward, Rick and I took some of them to the beach, there we really had a good time. Unfortunately, we got home late and I still had a lot of cooking to do for the Pot Luck Luncheon we were putting on the following day for the Mission Presidency, who were here from Puerto Rico. Fortunately, our Branch Conference Meetings on Sunday were fantastic and although I was exhausted, I felt Spiritually fed. We didn't get home from church until after 3PM due to the luncheon and meetings. I think I sat down and didn't get up until it was time to make dinner and then after dinner I went to bed.

Monday it rained hard all day. The car broke down to the tune of $450 and Rick had no work. Enough said.

Tuesday I was trying to make up for everything that I didn't do on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I really and truly intended to blog,but... I'm back, making every effort to stay true each day. But, I better warn myself right now on July 7th, my girls arrive and they won't leave until July 19th; I PROMISE that I won't miss my Wednesday diet Update Blogs, but I may be a little tied up on the other days, I try to write something but it may not be much.

I am in the process of editing my first draft of the novel and it has become the new "magnificent obsession". This is a lot harder than writing that first draft. I really have to treat it like a job and force myself to do so much or spend so many hours each day at it. I do plan to take those 13 days the girls will be here off, so that I can go back and read it like a "reader" not "the writer", Yeah right, we'll see how that works out.

Now, the part of the blog that some of you are waiting for THE DIET.

I'm through the first week, Yippee! It was not hard. I only had one day that I was hungry. I lost 11.6 pounds and 6.5 inches. YES!!!!!!!!! Now when your thinking about that weight loss,keep in mind that the first three days of this week I was trying to eat between 4000 and 5000 calories a day (I did lost 1.4 lbs during those three days, How is that possible?), so the real dieting didn't start until day 4 through 7. The only day I was hungry was Monday, which would have been day 5 of the whole week or day 3 of the real dieting part. I may have been bored and depressed as much as hungry, because if you remember that was the day of the rain, the car and Rick.

Normally, I work out 6 days a week, in the pool, well last week I missed Saturday, because of the Service Project and Monday because it rained hard all day, so I only worked out 4 of those 7 days.

My plans for this week. You bet, I'm staying with it. Planning on working out 6 days out of the 7 and going to try to add a walk three times a week. Stay tuned to see how I do at week 2. I promise I'm working on that 'BUTTON" that will take you directly to the site for this Protocol, keep checking.

Today the sun is shining. The magnificent obsession is waiting. Rick is working. The car is fixed and I lost 11.6 pounds, what more could you ask.

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