Sunday, July 24, 2011

The baptism of Nikki Turner was spectacular. Aren't they all? There was a crowd. Most of the Branch stayed in support of her. Her parents came and I really believe they were touched by the Spirit. Her father in particular had a lot of questions. It would be so wonderful, if they could join her in being baptized. We'll have to pray about that.

I had a great class in YW today. Brandon, a friend of Nikki's, who is not a member, but who had been attending Seminary, came to support her. He didn't want to go to Priesthood and I didn't have the heart to throw him out of YW. Our lesson was on the Blessing of being a part of the House of Israel. It was a great discussion, with Brandon taking the lead on many of the topics. There just might be one more young person almost ready for baptism.

There is also a lady who has come to church two weeks in a row. She is from UVI and claims that she was doing some research on religion and came across the church on the computer. She came last week to check it out and came back this week because she felt good about it. Now if our Mission President can get this message and leave the young Sister Missionaries here for a few months. Great things can happen. Have to pray about that too.

The treatment that the Branch President has decided to punish both Rick and I with is very stressful. This morning I had severe stomach cramps before going to church and a terrific headache while there. Once we left, it felt like a ton of bricks had been lifted off my shoulders. I have got to find a better way to cope. I am so grateful I did not let it stop me from being there to teach and be a part of this very special baptism, but it is still stressful. I know this is my problem and I have to find a way to deal. The Branch President will have to find his own way to deal with his stuff.

I still say Thank Goodness for Sundays!

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  1. why are you being punished by the branch president?