Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I posted yesterday that a realtor was showing the place, so I've had questions about us moving. This place has been for sale since we moved in. The economy isn't much better here than in the States, especially with respect to real estate, so we're not too worried. We get 24 hours notice when they want to show it and sometimes it's a pain.

I thought I was feeling better and I am better than I was Monday, but only about 60%, so I'm moving kind of slow. I am laying low today and tomorrow, cancelled out on my meeting, because I am not going to be sick when my girls are here. Going to get some fresh "coconut water" later today. It is amazing stuff, really helps.

Today is the end of week 2 on the HCG Protocol for me. I am sad to report that since Monday I have not been able to take the HCG (well I probably could have taken it, but since everything that went in came out rather swiftly, it didn't make any sense). I have not eaten much since Sunday, but I have not been able to gag down vegetables and protein. I ate a few crackers and some rice pudding yesterday. I know, not on the Protocol but it was what I needed. Hope I haven't screwed this up too badly. I need to get with my mentor and see what I should do. If I can just go right back on or if I need to start over. Anyway, there is some GOOD NEWS, I have continued to lose and am now down a total of 26.8 LBS. I did not have the energy to measure myself this morning, but will do that later or first thing tomorrow. So, that's it there in a nutshell. I was hoping to make it a 30 lb. lose by the 2 week mark and I might have made it, if I hadn't gotten sick. Whatever it takes, I'm getting back on track, as soon as my system will allow it. It's working.

For those of you naysayers, who want to think I got sick because of this, all I can say; not true. This particular brand of flu is going around the island. Unfortunately, I know several people who have had it and I was not smart enough to stay far away from them.

There was a lot of sad news yesterday, globally,locally and personally. Be grateful for what you have. Hold your loved ones a little closer. Tell those people that you love, that you love them. Smile at everyone. Be Cruzan; tell everyone you see (yes everyone, even those you pass on the street) Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night, whichever applies.

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