Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Daughter and her daughters have been here 1 week now. Having a good time. I think daughter is disappointed with me. I'm happy to help outwith the children,but I'm not willing to take over and have her sit around and do nothing. When she went diving I watched the kids and we had fun, but when she's here,I believe it's her primary responsibility. Trying to see that she has a good time and feeling like I'm failing miserably. Oh well,what else is new.


I had to give up on my HCG Protocol. When I got sick, I was told that if I was off the product for no more than 3 days, I could go along and start taking it again. Well, It took me more like 6 days to get things working well enough to take the product and eat the way I should. By that time,my daughter was here and it seemed prudent to wait until she left to "start over". Working hard to keep what I lost off, not sure how that is working out, but so far so good. I will plan to get back up and running again next Wednesday. Hope I can work this out and stay at it for the required time. Until then. Let me know how your doing.

Once the family leave, I'll be back,but for now this is the best I can do.

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