Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sorry. I have been AWOL again. Working so hard on the edit of my book and I can only spend so many hours a day in the horrible chair at my computer. It frosts me to think that I have two "Executive Office Chairs" in a storage locker in Idaho. Better not go there.

Ran into a situation yesterday that got me to thinking (I know that's dangerous). Anyway, is it right to do something, just because you can. Some people have so much money. The folks I'm talking about really want to make a difference and do something good, but they don't seem to think their ideas through. One more reason to be grateful for poverty, it makes you think and think again about decisions involving money. In the long run, it has made me think and think again about most decisions, especially when they involve somebody's life other than your own.. It's not always good.

I better shut this down. I'm having a "blue" Wednesday. One of those "Stranger in a Strange Land", kind of days. I'll get over it, but for right now, it stinks.

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