Thursday, July 28, 2011

Let myself sink into the cesspool of self pity yesterday. Don't know why or even what that was about. If you could see my eyes rolling you would be dizzy. Finally let myself sit down and edit a few pages and thought; his stuff is good,what are you being such a boob about.

Feeling like I needed a break; I suggested to Rick that we watch a movie after dinner. Let me back up a bit. When my daughter was coming down for a visit, I had her scour the Wal Mart $5 bin for some of my favorite movies. We were on the phone while she was scouring. She found a movie that I had only seen once along time ago- The Other Side of Heaven ( look at that I got that italic thing backwards, since evil blogger won't let me fix it as easy as Word, we'll just let it go, you get the idea). ANYWAY...That's what we watched last night The Other Side of Heaven. Really put my life in perspective. It doesn't hurt, that I have met the real person who is the main character. I think I will have to add this movie to my list of WATCH THIS MOVIE AT LEAST EVERY 90 DAYS. So far that list includes Parenthood and Captain Ron - don't ask.

Rick just called and said he is on his way home, the job site was shut down today. It seems OSHA is on the island and owner didn't want to be risk a visit. That's comforting. Anyway... he'll probably have to work Saturday, so we're goin' to the beach today. YES!!!


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  2. Hon...when you are down and blue, give me a call and we talk and I will make you laugh!!!