Saturday, July 16, 2011

I have been way out of touch. The girls are still here and we have been off doing stuff almost every day. Even when we are not off doing stuff, I have been otherwise occupied.

Finally Rozi is getting used to us. She is still pretty attached to her Mommy, but I can generally get her to take a nap. At night, it's Mom and Mom only.

Rachel and I went to see Harry Potter on Thursday night (yeah that's right. Thursday. That's when it opened here in the VI). It is incredibly good, can't wait to go see it again. Rick and I are going on Monday night. Lucky me!

Got through the first round of edits on the book. Rachel read it and said she really liked it. Not sure if that's a really good review (I mean, would she tell me if she thought it was horrible). Rick is up next and then I'll go through and put their edits in. Rachel's are mostly suggestions, hopefully Rick will help me with grammar. Mine stinks. I'll be back hard at it, on Monday after the girl are gone (they have an early flight out Monday morning).

Friday morning I start back on my HCG Protocol and I have to say I can't hardly wait. We have been eating way too much. for the most part I feel miserable.

Monday, I promise and I have a lot on my mind to blog about.

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