Saturday, August 13, 2011

My condo, like many in the islands has ceramic tile floors throughout. Pretty slick (no pun intended) and easy to keep clean. really clean you have to move all the furniture. anyone who knows me well knows that happens on a weekly basis. NOT. Thirty years ago, maybe. Today, not a chance. Anyway... the process is pretty easy, use my handy little vacuum sweeper to get the dust bunnies and then mop. It's moving all the furniture first to one side of the room,mop,let dry,move back repeat on the other side, times six and your done. Anyway...about once a month when we do the whole floor thing, Rick helps me out. We did this, this morning, finished up by about noon. Only took about thirty buckets of sweat apiece (it was really humid today). Sat around a cooled off and then we went to the beach.

My kind of Saturday. Even I can be coerced into cleaning house, with a promise of a trip to the beach.

At the beach thinking is always optional but, for me I think best in the water. Started writing the second book, in my head, of course. Big part of writing this second book,is that a large part of it is going to take place in Greece on the island of Ios, so I need to get there for at least a few weeks to get the feel of the place to write it properly. Help me if you can, think of a way to make this possible. I know it can happen.

Tomorrow in Young Women I unveil my goal for the Young Women and myself over the next twelve months. That is to make a trip to the Dominican Republic to Santo Domingo to attend the Temple. The Mission Presidency is "on board" with this, so I have some big support behind me. More important than that I truly believe that this is what the Lord wants me to do. That said, I have no idea how it will happen. It's about $400 for a RT plane ticket to the DR. Everyone needs a Passport, because it's another country. I have one, but I don't know if these kids do that another $125 each for a US Passport(the people here are US citizens even if we do have limited rights). I will present this in the Ward Council tomorrow and I'm sure there will be a lot of "scoffing" but I'm going to ask them the same thing I'm asking anyone who reads this. Pray for us. These kids need this in their lives. As Latter Day Saints, we are a Temple going people, it is what our beliefs are centered around. I'm not smart enough to figure it out, but I know that the Lord knows the way and he will open up a path for us. Anyone, who wants to support one of these Youth in this Temple trip, I can tell you how to make a donation through the church, so let me know, but also know that I'm not really asking you for money, just your prayers that we can see this dream fulfilled.

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