Thursday, August 11, 2011

Property Manager calls me this morning before 8 to say; "oops, I forgot to call you yesterday,but there is a realtor who wants to show the place at 11." Are you kidding me? I'm supposed to get 24 hour notice. Well I told her the place was a "pit" and they could come if they wanted to but it wasn't going to do the place justice. I suggested she put them off until tomorrow. Then I got up and started cleaning. Forty buckets of sweat later the downstairs is clean and they decided not to come tomorrow or ever. Oh well, the place really needed a scrubbing. Tomorrow, I tackle the upstairs.

Working on the final self-edit of the book and I can't believe how many boogers still exist. Most of this isn't rewrite by typos and junk like that. It's amazing what you miss. Hopefully by Monday, I will be sending it off to the editors. Finally, today I got some positive feedback from one of the"writers sites" that I posted my first 250 words on. The first comment I got was from a woman who questioned my technical aspects of drowning. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? After that I had three additional posts that were positive offering some constructive criticism. Sheesh!

Didn't make it down to the pool until late in the day, boy,did it ever feelgood. It was a hot one.

Watched the movie "Red Riding Hood" last night. They turned it into an interesting love story. The kind I like. My question to Catherine Hardwick (the director) is; why does everything you do have to come across so dark and brooding. Sure this was another story about werewolves but can't anybody smile. I mean these two people are so incredibly in love and they could look happier, at least when they are together. OK, ok, OK it wasn't a smiley friendly movie, but come on.

That's me on me. From a place where thinking is always optional. (I love that by-line).

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