Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Finished the self-edit today, printing it out for the editors and now my printer and my computer are conspiring against me.

Started on Book II and the ideas are tumbling out of my head (that's a scary thought,what will be left rattling around up there). I have got to go to bed. I hope I can sleep. Apparently, thinking is no longer optional. More on the flip side.

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  1. Hi my dear friend; as you know, we are back from CA; mom really enjoyed her 90th birthday! Heard rumors today that your book was published so I finally sat down and got caught up on your blog. I see you are at the editor stage so I guess the rumors are not true...but that will happen soon, I am sure!!! It was so nice to get caught up on your blog!!! Excited to hear that Book II is on the way...is it a continuation of Book I...same characters, etc? I cannot wait till I can read your firt book. I like the title Tide Pool....