Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You know me; no TV, no newspaper, ah but I do have the Internet, purveyor of truth and news. Yeah, right. You also know I read a lot. Actually I read anything and everything. I read a lot of YA (Young Adult) primarily because that's the genre I'm currently writing. A lot of that is about Dystopian Societies (you know what the world will be like after the apocalypse), think Hunger Games.

My thought for today is: "Are we already there?" and "Would we know if we were?"

I mean checkout the news: Riots and looting in Great Britain. The worst drought and famine in East Africa where thousand of children, yes people, CHILDREN are dying daily. Another headline that says, "Taliban who shot down Helicopter carrying Navy Seals is dead. Like now we should feel OK, justice has been done. Countries going bankrupt, including the US. Politicians sexting -- Oh yeah, that's better than lying cheating and stealing. Are you kidding me? People in Haiti STILL living in tents (well not really tents, more like a drop cloth thrown over a few tree branches. Actually, I've seen a few makeshift homes like that here on St. Croix). Foreclosures, Joblessness and Wall Street Investors losing their shirts, pants and socks. Giant meteor, asteroid or some other space debris heading toward Earth (I kid you not that's on AOL, with an expected arrival date of Oct 2012)

Are you scared yet? You should be. Well maybe not. It's all a part of the plan, well not exactly the plan but at least the prophecy. I'm a firm believer that "if you are prepared, you need not fear". Just how do you prepare for some of these things. Spiritual Preparedness is the only answer, at least, in my opinion. I mean think about it, each and every one of us is living under a death sentence, it began the day we were born. Oh yeah, you think you can escape it, prolong it, make it easier, less painful or whatever, but the end result is still the same, you will be dead. Now me, personally, I believe in the Resurrection, which means that as inevitable as death is, so is Resurrection (as in the reuniting of our spirits with our bodies, as far as I know it has only happened once so far, but that was an example that it will happen for all of us). Just so we're clear on this, that Resurrection is for everyone who ever lived on the Earth, not just the "Good Guys". Hah, you were wondering who gets to decide who the "good guys" are, well that will come after the Resurrection, that's the part you want to be worried about, that's were you get your reward or lack thereof.

Me, I'm looking for my mansion,the one that has been prepared for me. I don't really care how big it is or how well appointed, I'm just hoping it's in the right neighborhood. I want to live next door to my Father. Actually, I'm building that mansion, board by board, shingle by shingle. bought a few nails today -- Visiting Teaching (also received a big bag of mangoes from my companion)--hopefully a few more boards tomorrow, not sure how, but I'm sure the way will present itself. Worry about the World, it's all we've got. Worry about your neighbors, they are your brothers and sisters. Do what you can to help the children, they are the only future we have.

High Tide Low Tide by Bob Marley, give it a listen and see what you think.

In case your wondering, edit is complete. Just killed a few more tress and printed the whole thing out one more time. Now I'll sit down and read it through, just like anybody's book. Then I'll fuss, and fret, and stress over it for a few days and send it off to my two kind hearted editors. Working on a title. Let me know if you just saw the title which one would you be more intrigued by and be likely to want to read: 1. Tidal Pool 2. Ebb Tide 3. Spring Tide 4. None of the above.

Just a few thoughts from my world, where thinking is always optional.

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