Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fireside and Meetings last night, after we went out for a bite to eat, got home late, went to bed, you get the idea.

The fireside was wonderful. Sometimes,here on St.Croix, it's easy to wonder if you zigged when you should have zagged on the way to church. The members are so kind and loving. They have such a strong spirit. The leadership is so tough and judgemental that there are many days that it's really hard. Last night having a General Authority come to teach us was exactly what Rick and I needed.

Rick had the good fortune to be counseled and taught by Elder Anderson in a Branch Presidency meeting and I was able to meet with Sister Anderson and Sister Alverado to be taught, counseled and express my concerns for the youth. It felt so good. Now the question is; Can this carry us through the next six months? I hope so.

Rick finished his portion of the edit on my book this morning. I have 24 pages of corrections yet to enter in the computer and one glaring error to correct (it's more than an error. I will need to rewrite a section to add some important details) and then I can sit down and read it through like a "real book". I can hardly wait. I'm also anxious to send it off to my "editors" and see what they think. That ought to be interesting.

We're having a lazy Saturday. Rick is currently taking a nap. When I'm done here, going to wake him up and we will head out to the beach. I need some time bobbing around in salt water.

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