Thursday, November 4, 2010

Energy is back and I actually got quite a bit done today, mostly paperwork and writing at the computer, but hey, it's an improvement over yesterday. I'm enjoying the writing but not the paperwork, ugh, I hate that stuff (not as much as grocery shopping, which I have to do tomorrow) it just tends to bog me down.

Weather is still cool and really windy. Watching the weather channel today as Haiti prepares for Tomas. It's only a Tropical Storm now but expected to reach hurricane status by the time it gets there. I can't even imagine what will happen with all of those people still living in tents. An interesting fact that I just learned about Haiti, although it's a tropical island, there are no tress, the mountains are barren, because they have cut down all the tress for building and other reasons. I just have to ask myself, how could a country be so uninformed and have gotten in such a mess. Many people here on St. Croix don't have much sympathy and say that it's God's will or wrath, that these things are happening in Haiti. I just can't believe that, nor can I believe that the world really isn't helping much. Keep praying for them.

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