Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Realizing how derelict I have been in writing. The last few days have been so full,of what I'm not sure, but by 9 I'm ready to hit the sack and read for awhile. Both Monday and Tuesday I didn't make it to 10 before the book was slapping me in the forehead. Today we had errands to run all over the island, amid all the flooding and flash flood warnings, it was kind of exciting. It did feel good to get back to the safety of our condo this evening. Rick had to go out again to visit someone and unfortunately they were too flooded out for him to get to their home.

Trying hard to get things in order so I can make this trip to Idaho. Not exactly sure where to start. I guess I'll take the advise of Scarlett O'Hara about "tomorrow being another day".

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