Saturday, November 13, 2010

Second post for today, because I am feeling and doing much better. I think just the act of saying that I would work hard to remove the negativity from my life has been a tremendous help. Also, no negative phone calls today. Also, had a great day with Rick, we went to Fredricksted, saw some friends and even went to the AT&T phone store to do some phone shopping for him ( you have a minimum wait of 45 minutes there) but it was all good. Praying for the strength to resist the negative has been a great blessing.

Talked to Rachel tonight and she is so ready to have this baby. I really feel for her, I know things are a little tough right now, but I also believe that they will be better soon. I'm starting to get excited about going and being with her and Macy and the new baby girl.

Started to get excited for Christmas too. Have to admit that's a first for me, cause I usually like to enjoy Thanksgiving to the fullest before I begin to even think about Christmas. Things on the island are starting to get festive with the Holidays in mind, so maybe that's it. We noticed today Christmas decorations up on the light poles all through town, it's kind of funny to see large snowflakes (I suppose winter themes just go with Christmas,no matter where you are). Today I bought a Christmas CD, all familiar Christmas songs with either a reggae or calypso beat. Kind of fun.

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