Monday, November 1, 2010

Well I haven't been here for a few days, Halloween was a little uneventful except for the weather. At 8:30PM, we had a major squall blow through here. The wind was howling and the rain crashing, it was kind of scary, only lasted about 45 minutes. Then again at 2:30AM there was another one, it woke us up and lasted long enough that, we figured that we better turn on the news or the computer or something and make sure there were no warnings or anything going on. This time it lasted about an hour. Once I knew all was well I went back to bed, it took Rick longer to fall asleep. Then this morning nobody wanted to get up, I slept until 8:40AM, very unusual for me.

I'm really enjoying my writing class, probably couldn't tell it by my blog. There are some exercises that we have to do that seem so hokey, but it's amazing the thought process they evoke and the things that they can pull out of you. I just have to keep writing and be sure to spend some time every day actually doing it. I suppose the blog counts, but it's not as creative as I like to be, after all I really only want to post the "truth" here.

Weather is still a little stormy like, nor really raining but pretty windy most of the day and the clouds keep rolling through. Supposedly still the outer bands and remnants of Tomas. The weather guys keep saying it will reorganize and head for Haiti but it doesn't look like it to me. At least it's beyond us, but I still hope Haiti can dodge this one too.

I do want to say that although Halloween was uneventful we had incredible meetings at church. There were quite a few people there and the Spirit was really strong. Our talks and lessons were great, it is amazing what this little band of saints can pull off.

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