Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Today was an energy less day, a day in which I had no energy. I felt like maybe I was coming down with something, maybe I was just coming down with a bad case of laziness. I should have been writing, but it just wasn't there today. I even had trouble with my class assignments and usually those are able to generate some real excitement. I did read a lot today, maybe that will count for something. It was pretty overcast most of the day, maybe that's the reason, the clouds just drained the energy out of me.

Tried to look at the elections results, it was very confusing. I know who the governor is here in the VI and was able to pick out some of the other winners in the states, but it seems like there should be a web site that you could go to and just see who won, race by race. There probably is one, I just don't know how to find it. I did find some of the "losers" comments to be interesting. It must be very hard to be in such a public race that seems to basically be a popularity contest and then lose. It's too bad some of these people compound their embarrassment at losing by making ridiculous statements about the election in general. Oh well, at least the political ads will be over for a while. Now if they would just take the annoying signs down from along the road. I'm really tired of seeing some of these people staring out of their cardboard frames at every intersection. There outta be a law!

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