Friday, October 21, 2011

Audacity and Living Out Loud

Yesterday at I started talking about an experience up in Montana at the Little Big Horn National Monument. If your interested go there and check it out. Here today I want to talk a little bit more about the weekend at the horse sale in Billlings, Mt.

A few weeks before this trip to Billings the monthly copy of Western Horseman Magazine showed up. On the cover was a reprint of a painting done by an artist from Cody,Wyoming. It was a picture of a young Montana Cowboy. My traveling companion (daughter)on this particular trip was seriously enamored with this guys portrait. The artist recognized him on the cover. I remember his first name was Nate,but that's all I can remember.

Anyway...we're sitting at this sale, catalogs in hand,not really interested in the next ten or twelve horses coming up,when my daughter says. Oh my gosh, that guy from the cover of Western Horseman is here. Sure enough. After the gavel fell on the last sale the auctioneer mentions him and his recent fifteen minutes of fame. Daughter says, I'm gonna meet him. Now I've know this woman for all of her years. She has no trouble talking to horses, dogs, cats, even squirrels, but people, men people, are more a crash and burn situation. I'm trying to be supportive,but... Well, she gets up goes over to him, introduces herself, shakes his hand (That's a scary thing in itself. Have you ever shook the hand of a horse trainer?) and invites him to go have a drink or something like that.

Before I go any farther and tell you the outcome,I want to be sure Bubba knows what happened next. What happened next the Encyclopedia of Life under the word Audacious her picture popped up with those little track lights running around it. That should happen to every woman, at least once in her life. She should be in a situation, especially a situation with a man, where she says "it's now or never". "Nothing ventured,nothing gained." Where she decides life is for living out loud. Hey Bubba, I applauded you that day and I applaud you now. Never forget that. Never let those lights go dim. You are meant to be AUDACIOUS. Life is meant to be lived OUT LOUD.

The rest of the story...Ole Nate is flattered (he should be Bubba is a pretty little blond Rodeo Queen - it's true,even if she hates that description) and married. I think he might have introduced Bubba to his wife and son. No mater. It's not about the out come,it's about the process.

Everyone of us is a work in progress. Keep moving forward, keep progressing,that's the goal. The only way you can coast is downhill and who needs that.

I am a proponent of Audacity and Living Life Out Loud. I also Hope You Dance.

Happy Weekend! I hope you spend it some place where "thinking is optional".

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  1. Thank you....I did not get to read this on the day it was posted...and believe me I tried. However, the real reason is I needed it today. I am not having a good day, not at all, and I really needed something like that...yes I am crying right now, but not because I am sad, but because I really appreciated that little pick me up tonight at 8:33 10/24/11