Sunday, October 2, 2011

Interesting week for me. Wish I had something really interesting to post. Make that something clever to post. I like being clever, probably because it's a rarity for me.

I could tell you Rick made me go grocery shopping yesterday. Oh, the horror of it all. I had four things in my cart at Plaza Extra when I realized here I am in Plaza on Saturday afternoon and it's the first of the month. Food Stamp Day. The place was a zoo. It took us about 45minutes to checkout and I was in the express lane. Next stop Cost U Less. Oh, Just Shoot Me. It turned out not to be so bad. Not very clever though.

Today was General Conference for our Church. As usual it was amazing. We went in the morning and sat with the other Saints and watched via satellite at the Chapel. The place with the Worlds most uncomfortable chairs. fortunately, Conference is so good that two hours in those devices of extreme torture was not as bad as it could be. The Branch holds a Pot Luck between Sessions and that makes it worthwhile sitting in the heat in the horrible chairs. The Cruzan sisters love to cook and the food is incredible. I'm still not sure what most of it is, but since I don't eat meat I'm not eating cat or anything like that (just kidding, they don't eat cat down here). We did come home for the afternoon Session, which we could watch on our computer.

This is the only time I get homesick. I'm not homesick for the States, but I get homesick for the Church as it can be. Guess maybe that's a part of the reason I'm here, to help it be what it can be. I'm such a slacker, it's really hard.

Working to improve my attitude. I have no doubt that "Attitude is Everything" and if you don't have a good one, you aren't going to get far. Sometimes, I think I secretly want to have a bad attitude, for just a little while. I probably should not have put that in writing.

Sent an email to my editor saying "Let's do it. I'm ready to make whatever changes you deem necessary" and I haven't heard back yet. It figures, I'm ready to go and now she is going to make me wait cause I drug my feet last week, thinking. See that's why I say;

Thinking is optional.

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