Monday, October 24, 2011

Room with a View

I've been having a good time reading other blogs tonight. Everybody is creepy with Halloween coming. More Ghost stories on tomorrow.

For today,right here, right now, I want to show you the view I roll over and wake up to every morning. Yeah that's it right over there. Is that spectacular or what?

Our condo is a two story job. Living room dining room and kitchen combo upstairs and two bedrooms with two baths downstairs. We rent the place furnished. Very little here is actually ours, but no matter. I own that view.

Upstairs in the living room and then again downstairs in the master bedroom there is a wall of windows, floor to ceiling with gigantic patio doors. We throw those patio doors open and  never close 'em. There is a galleria(deck) on each floor that is covered,so rain only comes in during a hurricane when the wind is really howling. It's like camping out every night, with a nice comfortable king size bed underneath you. We can hear the surf all night long.

Believe me I know how lucky I am and yet luck has nothing to do with it. I moved here from a ranch in the middle of nowhere Idaho. We lived in the middle of 800 acres. You could not see another house from ours. About a mile and a half of the main road and the county did not plow for us. If it weren't for a good neighbor with a big tractor we would have been snowed in until spring. It would not have bothered me a bit. More than once we snow shooed out to the highway. I was a tenant there too.

In Colorado we lived on a 400 acre ranch about a mile and a half outside a famous ski area. We lived in the old homestead house. It was about a hundred year old place. This was the homestead of a wealthy man, two stories and a great place. Compete with it's own ghost (not telling that story until December). Tenants there too.

I've been blessed beyond my capacity. We have had the good fortune to live some incredible places. These are all properties that sold for,or were on the market with a price tag in the millions. Now I'm not that rich or that clever, but I am willing to 'think outside the box'. The bottom line is that we're all tenants, ain't none of what we think we own, goin' with us in the end. 

Because we have been willing to 'think outside the box' and sometimes live 'off the map' we have lived some incredible places and it is not over yet. It's true I don't have the security of home ownership, but I am also not trapped, like so many of our friends have been the last few years with the current economy in the US. I also don't live in that little starter ranch style 1000 sq ft home we bought when we were first married. Of course, even that place was in the highest (in more ways than one) incorporated town in North America at 10,300 ft above sea level. That's Alma,Colorado, for those of you wondering, so I guess it wasn't so ordinary after all.(as a side note my husband was the mayor there. What a trip!)

I'm not posting this to brag or anything like that. I know what we do and the way my husband and I have and are still living is not for everybody. We did this when we had kids at home too. I'm grateful Oprah went off the air, because I'm sure one day one of them might show up to complain.  For me it's a great ride. I wanted to post this so that the next time I get on a self pity jag and start complaining, particularly about life in the islands,somebody slap me, please.
This is where I have breakfast every morning.

Lovin' livin' where 'thinking is optional'.


  1. Sounds like you are really enjoying you life with many adventures... The view is GORGEOUS!

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    It's nice to meet you...


  2. Retired Ha! Welcome to the life of the self-employed. We'll work forever. But,look at the places we work. Not necessarily complaining.