Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dreams or Maybe NIghtmares

Today I was agonizing over what to blog about. So, instead,I started working on my Blogfest list. I can only devote so much time to it. I decided I would checkout five new blogs a day. I also decided to just start at 1 and work my way down, but then you know me. I did my five and saw one more that I just had to look at. HOLD THIS THOUGHT FOR A MINUTE.

Now, I have been going on about NaNoWriMo (don't ask,just google it),probably more on my other site, but, I know I have mentioned it here. Anyway, this is a month long writing project, where you write a novel in a month. The month of November in particular. I have been chomping at the bit to do this. The story idea is making me crazy. So crazy in fact I have been dreaming about the place where it takes place for over a month now. It's a place where I used to live. A very special ranch in Colorado.

When I sat down one morning to make some notes about the story, I wrote the last chapter of the book. I posted that on the above mentioned blog.  It's a few days old now, so if you want to look at it you will have to scroll down. the version posted was NOT edited,so be warned. I can't get this story out of my head and I keep thinking about this place and all of my time in Colorado.

NOW, BACK TO THAT THOUGHT YOU ARE HOLDING; today in my blogfest searches I click on this blog and there is a picture that looks familiar to me. It is a view of one of my AHA moments. That point when you reach the crest of Kenosha Pass and look into the beautiful basin that is know as South Park (Yeah,it is the same at the totally irreverent TV show by the same name. I lived there. I can identify all of their original characters with real people. This is the truth.) I was stunned. I thought Holy Crap. This is like straight out of my dreams or nightmares. When I scrolled down,it was even more incredible. Go there. Take a look. You will have to go to the right hand side of the blog and click on "My Memory Box". There is a beautiful story behind this trip. Read her blog and check it out. Leave her a comment and tell her I sent you. By the way this lady lives in Norway. Are you kidding me?

If you know me at all, you know I do NOT believe in coincidence. I have got to tell this story. I almost can't wait for November 1. I'm wondering what is up with all of this.

On a more sad note, today my wireless mouse died. This is a major bummer. I'm losing my mind trying to use that screwy mouse pad on the laptop. Ah, how quickly we forget.

On a happier note, we are going to get off island for a few days next week.  We are going to the BIG island in the Caribbean, Hispaniola. The Dominican Republic half, actually. I can hardly wait. Caribbean equivalent of a road trip. It will only take two planes.

Can't wait to see what's in store for me tonight when I close my eyes. Hopefully, a few new chapters for "The Ghost's Story".


  1. Wow. What a great story proving the power of the "global village" internet. I know Siv, and this is very cool.

  2. I'm still making my way slowly through the blog hop list--I'm pleased to meet you, and I am fascinated by your island life!