Monday, October 10, 2011

It's been a crazy weekend. Woke up yesterday with a monumental headache and fire in my upper chest. Felt like the beginning of bronchitis (haven't had that in about seven years). Went back to bed and started slugging the Kyani. We had gone to the beach on Saturday and after only about forty-five minutes int he water I started to shiver,not a good sign.Somewhere in the night I had cocooned myself in the sheet and could not stop shivering. Rick got our blanket and I wrapped up in that and fell back to sleep. Long story short, I'm sure I had a fever and my body was trying to work through this mess. Slept on and off all day Sunday, went to bed at nine thirty and woke up feeling pretty good this morning, little headache residue but, not too bad.

It's a good thing I feel better, because we're back in hunter/gatherer mode. Yep, the fridge is not working. Again. Property Manager is off island. Repairman is supposed to be here within the hour (never did say what hour,just within the). Food in freezer is thawing and stuff in fridge is warm. Gotta love it.

If your interested, I started a new blog. It should be interesting to see how I keep up with two blogs. You can find the new one at It is going to be where I post thing primarily about my books. That way I won't fill up my Journal with all of that stuff. Of course, really big news, like finding representation or a publisher will probably go in both places.

I have noticed that there are still a lot of hits on this blog, with absolutely no comments. I suppose some of my rants have offended you at one time or another. This is my Journal, I am not Politically Correct here. Heck, I'm not very Politically Correct anyplace. I don't believe in name calling or hurting someone's feelings but all of this crap about Political Correctness is turning us into a bunch of liars.

I read an AOL news article the other day where Johnny Depp had to apologize because he remarked about a photo shoot for a prominent magazine had him feeling like he was being raped. I understand that maybe someone thought that was disrespectful to a person who had been raped, making that kind of a comparison, but if that's what he felt, why should he have to apologize. I can think of more than one instance where I felt like I had no control over my own body, no dignity, no privacy. Where one consent led to numerous violations of my person. All this at a time when I was too sick and weak to fight back. (Try cancer treatment).

I'm sick of watching political candidates being attacked for their religion. We all want them to have religion, but must it only be our form of religion. We expect a separation of Church and State and then we constantly bring up "their" church. What is that about? Would I like you all to enjoy the same religion as I? You bet. Would I like you to do that in name and word only and not truly live it? No way. One of my favorite things is when I lose it over something and my humanness shows through; I tend to get the comment; "and she says she's a religious person." Yeah, well, I'm a human person first. I'm still working on the better part of me and I'm sure, I will be for along time.

Racism, the next big issue. Don't even get me started. It seems to me that we have got to stop looking at the color of peoples skin, the slant of their eyes, the length of their nose or the speech patterns they use to determine who we want to be our friends, let alone who we want to led us. Whether friendship or leadership shouldn't we look at qualifications, sincerity of heart and their ability to be honest.

Honesty, this is my final rant for today. I don't care who you are, or who you think you are; everybody lies. I try real hard to be honest. sometimes the best policy for me is silence or ignoring a question all together. But, every so often I'm caught with that 'deer in the headlights"look and I tell an untruth. There are a few places where I never lie. I can honestly say that, but then there are still some of those sticky situations. Here's the thing, are you really trying to be honest? Do you think our world leaders are? Do you think your friends and neighbors are? I do know some people that I can say I do believe they are trying and doing a pretty good job of it. But on the whole I have to say; "Everybody lies."

OK,I have probably offended everyone somewhere in there today.Sorry. Not for anything I said, but I am sorry if your feel offended.

My plan is to post here Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and post on the Far Away Series site on Tuesday and Thursday. I'll leave Saturday and Sunday up for grabs. Let's see how this works out.I do have a problem posting every day. I try not to post on the days when I'm feeling really negative. Can you imagine what that would be like? YIKES.

That's all,from a place where "thinking is always optional".


  1. But what's more inflammatory to particular groups than someone's religion? Or race, if you're biased that way. There are parts of this country where those are both really hot issues. Still. Blows the mind sometimes, when it feels like we've progressed so far, only to find that maybe we haven't.

  2. Sorry this looks so screwy. Farawayeyes: that's me answering comments on this post. That blog is linked to my gmail account,of course google accounts recognize their own first. Talk about prejudice.